Cara Box Reveal

cara (car-rah) noun : beloved friend

Thanks to Wifessionals for creating a pen-pal box swap that allows for friendships to grow.


I was paired with two lovely ladies the last couple months.

Stephanie is a fellow Army significant other. Her soldier is coming back soon from deployment, and I could not be more excited for them! Such a joyous time to be together again! She is also an avid runner, who is training for a marathon. Power to ya girl! It was really kind of ridiculous how much we had in common beyond just first names. It was great to be a support for each other this month.

Tiffany hails from South Carolina. (So obviously we chatted quite a bit about Clemson and the area around it.) She is expecting her first child to arrive in the next few moments. She is a beautiful momma, and I love seeing her updates! We also chatted a lot about photography, and she gave me some great tips and sights to look into. She was so sweet and encouraging to have this month!

I sent Stephanie a box, and you can check it out on her site. I did make an ear warmer for her so I will share that later on this week.

Tiffany did such a wonderful job with the box she sent me.


the goods

1. Ironically, I do not have a Clemson coozie. Love!

2. Baking decorations-so cute! I will have to save these for next year since I didn’t come up with a recipe fast enough last week!

3. Note book and pencils-to feed into my school supplies addiction.

4. Fall kitchen towels-I know you all know that I love fall!

5. Dog treats-They were very happy about these!

She also wrote a lovely note for me. Perfect!


The dogs pretty much devoured their gift in seconds.

It was so great to get to know these women and hear about their lives. (And to getting a goody box is an added bonus!)

I look forward to keeping in touch with them both! You should check them out too!

My Container Store

With the Cara Box exchange, I really wanted to make everything for Lesle.

Here was my train of thought.

She had said that she loved labeling and organization throughout her blog, so I thought I would create containers that had really cute labels on it.

See doesn’t that look cute?

That is not how they turned out. Here was the sequence of events.


I had tried mod podgeing scrapbook paper labels I made, but my sample one looked atrocious. The mod podge I used did not dry clear as I had thought. It was cloudy and streaky, and just plain ugly. The pictures don’t show the injustice of the mod podge, so it is not even post worthy. But the jar still works, so we are still using it…in the closet.

So nix the label idea.

I decided that I was going to paint chevron stripes on the remaining containers I had because that was something else Lesle had mentioned.

I bought the new chevron painter’s tape they have at Lowe’s. Genius! Fairly pricey, but so worth the headache I had endured before trying to do chevron.


So I painted my merry little way all over the jars.




Then I tried peeling off the tape.


Curse of the ugly jars. The tape just took off the paint with it. I will admit, I should have used different paint, but I was still upset. It basically turned to rubber cement on the jars and was easy to rub off.

So try three…

I started scrambling through my craft closet to see what I could come up with.

I found some decorative buttons and frilly ribbon and pulled out the go-to hot glue gun.

And this was the final and perfect product!



I think they turned out pretty swell considering how many try overs I had. And bonus, I used these to hold all the other goodies I sent her:  tea, crocheted scarf and dog treats for her dog.

So it maybe wasn’t the labeled goodness I had envisioned, but hopefully she can still use my Pinterest fail to be organized in the house!


Cara Box Exchange

This month I entered into a gift exchange where you are paired with two individuals who are in similar life situations as you:  25-29 married. You spend a few weeks getting to know each other, and then you send each other a gift with some encouragement.


This month I was paired with two lovely ladies, Amanda and Lesle.

Lesle and I chatted about our hubbys, our sweet little dogs (both rescues), and the love of tea and wine. I sent her a gift, so you can check out her blog for that package. I did make a lot of the stuff, so I will be highlighting it here in the upcoming weeks too for how-tos.

I also loved getting to know Amanda. She and I have similar personalities and both have husbands who are big goof balls. We have so much in common in was a little ridiculous reading her stuff at times!

It would be no surprise to me if I continue to chat with these ladies, for they are kindred spirits for sure. It was such a pleasure learning more about them!

And who doesn’t like creating and receiving gifts?

Amanda sent me this lovely box of things!


2013-08-30 08.02.39


2013-08-30 08.03.31

She was so thoughtful about getting things for my crafty side! And for my love of wine! I love the picture. I need to find a frame for it so I can hang it in my bathroom ASAP. Tom made fun of me for how giggly I was when the box showed up on our doorstep. So fun!

She also wrote me a lovely personal note, which may be my favorite part of the whole exchange.

It’s not every day that you are able to meet other women/wives randomly from across the country. So thank you to Kaitlyn, for putting this unique exchange together.

I will be sure to participate again in the future!