Heyyyyy, Hey Baby!

So we have some news.


I have so many things I want to share already so stay tuned for how we shared the news with family, how we decided to start growing our family, and what’s different this time around. (I just need the energy to do some typing, which is hard to come by these days.)

George has had some mixed reactions about the news…


In all seriousness, he has no idea yet what is going on. He does kiss my belly and we say goodnight to baby every night, but he is just repeating me at this point. So if anyone has any pointers on transitioning the older sibling, we are all ears.

And yes, we had to do these pictures on two separate occasions because George is a two year old and hates that his mom takes pictures of him all the time. Well lucky for you George, someone else is coming next spring for me to practice on.

Book Review-40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood

I am always searching for a good devotional, so when this book came along paired with adult coloring pages it really seemed to be up my alley.

This book was tailor made for moms. From what I could see it was a love letter/words of encouragement from one mom to another. The scriptures and devotionals picked were like your own cheering section at the end of the day that we are all doing ok.

I love to color, and I have a really hard time calming down and just being. I, however, find most “adult” coloring books to be too complex and stress me out even more. These coloring pages were fairly simple, and they allowed me to let go and relax at the end of the day. I will say though that I usually do my devotional right before bed, and I did find it hard to do the coloring there. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to color a page, and I found myself dozing off before I could get done if I did them in bed. (This has nothing to do with the author, I am just an exhausted mom.) So I do the coloring while I am watching my TV shows after George goes to bed, and then I read the devotional portion right before bed and write my joys and concerns for the day in the margins.

I have really struggled with making time for scripture and knowing how to pray, so devotional or guide books like this help me in my walk with the Lord.

Each page (or day) had a scripture, a brief explanation of application, and a simple prayer. I like this approach because it helps things come alive for me. As I said then I will add my thoughts for the day in the open spaces.

This is a great devotional for moms who need to focus on self-care but find it hard to do so. It’s things like this that can keep us grounded and be the best for our families. The idea of combining a stress relieving activity with a devotional was genius in my opinion!


You can buy your own copy here.

Have you tried adult coloring books? What is your way to focus on self-care?


September was a beautiful month full of goodness. Here was what we were up to that kept me away from the blogging world.

  • George got his first haircut.


  • I joined the choir at church.
  • I started teaching a college class, which I want to write a post about.
  • We traveled to Iowa for some of my former students’ wedding.


  • George experienced his first tailgate. It was a yummy success in his book.


  • George started a new obsession with trains.


  • We went to Silver Dollar City, which is a family theme park in south Missouri. It was George’s first time there.


  • My sister-in-law and I started teaching the high school Sunday school class. Yikes!
  • My dad came and visited.


  • We went to a Chief’s game. Another George first!


  • I ran a 10K with my sister-in-law.

🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 #rootsandblues

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  • We had our first visit with our Parents as Teachers educator. PAT is a really cool program that has an educator from the school district come to your house once a month before they are actually in school to talk about their development. It was really nice for her to talk with us about George’s milestones and what is upcoming.
  • We went to our local pumpkin festival. Look at how much George has changed since last year!


This month has been full of tractors and George snuggles along the way as well.

 What have you been up to lately?

October Goals

Oh hey. It’s me. It’s been a hot minute since I have been around these parts.

But, October is one of my favorite months. I love everything about October.

Before I get to my October Goals let’s see how I did in September since I have been MIA here.

  • Fitness-
    • Do yoga at least once a week-Nope. I got nothing.
    • Keep up with my 10K training-I did keep up, and I ran the race this last weekend. I matched up with my best time so I guess that is something that I didn’t do better or worse than I have before.
  • House Tasks-

    • Stain the deck-Nope.
  • Something with George
    • Play in the leaves-Fall.Is.Coming. Just arrived this week.We have no leaves to play in just yet.
    • Go to one of the state parks in our area-George and I went to Rockbridge State park and found the most marvelous creek to play in. In fact this park were we went to take our massive family pictures.


  • Something with Tom-Go to a Royals Game. Done and done. We had a fun time out with friends.


  • Something for meFigure out how to use my remote for my camera. It turns out the remote I got does not read with my camera (even though online it said it did). So I had to go buy a new one just in time to figure out the night before our family photos.


 So October, here we are.


  • Fitness-
    • Do yoga several times a week
    • Meet my step goal at least 50% of the week-I usually have a decrease in my workouts right after a race, so I want to make sure I am still being active enough.
  • House Tasks-

    • Take care of the brush pile-We just cut up a lot of dead trees, but no we need to take care of the pile it created.
  • Something with George
    • Play in the leaves-If fall cooperates.
    • All the pumpkin patches. And if I am feeling adventurous…decorating a pumpkin.
  • Something with Tom
    • Watch a new show together. We want to watch Pitch and Designated Survivor together. They are just sitting in our DVR waiting.
    • Have a bonfire. Fall is the best for bonfires.
  • Something for meFinish You Before Me. I have been trying to finish this for awhile, I just have been so busy that my downtime is literally spent asleep. So it has been hard to read more than a couple pages at a time. It’s a good book so far, so I definitely want to see how it ends. Then I want to see the movie.


Melissa Spoelstra’s ‘Total Family Makeover’ Family Fun Night Giveaway

Begin to build your family discipleship and become the key disciple-makers in your children’s lives with Melissa Spoelstra’s new book, Total Family Makeover.

George is two. In the short time we have been in year two, we have seen George explore his emotions and who he is as an individual. With that has come tantrums and unfortunately George being a bully. There have been days where I wonder if he will ever learn to listen.

This book could not have come at a better time to give me hope and encourage me as a mom of a spirited young man.

There were a couple statements that really resonated with me.

  • My son’s behavior is not a report card on me as a parent. She went more in depth about where this will lead you, and I sat in tears realizing this is what I had become. I was comparing myself to other mom’s because my kid was hitting. I was doubting how to control this little being, and I was extremely embarrassed.
  • Along with that, God is the perfect parent, and we disappoint him regularly. I do at least a couple times a day. So how can I expect myself to be perfect and raise a perfect child? That is just setting myself up for failure to have that expectation on myself.
  • It is a different mindset of shifting how our kids respond to things to how we are actually teaching them. In other words, I need to focus on my spiritual direction in order to be able to train George.

This book has a great format too. It makes it really easy to pick up and read for the practical ideas and not feel weighed down by text.

Spoelstra weaves in scripture with practical activities for you to explore for modeling and training. I really like this aspect because I can be really dense sometimes, and at the end of the day when I am reading before bed, sometimes I just need someone to tell me the bottom line.

With George’s increase in communication and sense of awareness, Tom and I have talked at great lengths at what we want to model and hopefully instill in George as a Christian family. We want him to learn about Jesus and have compassion for the world, and these are definitely things we can start now even though his sentences consist of two words or just “No” or “mine.”

While I believe this book was intended for moms, Tom and I are really using it to give us a better foundation as parents and set the tone as a team. It has opened our eyes to different things we should be considering and habits that we should be creating now. It also reaffirmed some of the things we were already doing. To be honest though, it is hard to think about being responsible for your own spiritual development as an adult, but then to tack on the daunting task of helping a child build their own concept of God, it can be a lot. This was great to see that our worries are common and reaffirmed that we are on the right track. At the end of each chapter there are discussion questions that we can talk about and that has been great for our marriage as well. While we have been together for 10 years, we learned a lot by going through this book together.

And the examples she gives where invaluable for me at least. I love to hear what other parents do so that was my favorite part of the book.

There is a lot of scripture throughout which I think would lead this book to be a great Sunday School class option or for any new parent class that a church may do. If anything it would be a great gift for a baby shower.

This book is great. I didn’t feel like I was getting lectured to; it was more like getting coffee with a mentor. It is filled with ideas and things that just make sense. It focuses on the basics of establishing values, and to me that is so much more important than how to teach my kid how to dress himself. (Although that is a basic that eventually I would like for him to fully master.)

Disciples are made, not born. Whether your children are babes in arms or teenagers getting ready to leave the nest, making disciples at home starts with you! Give your family a makeover with this practical approach to helping your children learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Plan an evening of fun, pizza, devotionals, and games with your family! Melissa is giving away a Family Fun Night Prize Pack.


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