George-Two Years

Yesterday, I sat at our pinning convocation and watched parents say goodbye to their college students.

I had some tears rolling down my own face as I watched and thought about the fact that George was turning two today. It felt like he would be in those stands next week with all my students. Emotional wreck-party of mom.

How has two years gone by since this little nugget came into our lives?

George has no time for me to be sentimental…


Weight: 30 lbs? He is definitely starting to lean out and is getting much taller. We don’t have to lean over to hold his hand and walk anymore.


Health:  We haven’t had too many issues. We still think that he is working on his molars, so there have been some rough days of drool, and one day of a fever for no reason. But mostly these have been the healthiest two months we have had with George in a long time!


Diet: His diet is so unpredictable. There are days where he will barely eat anything, and then other days where he tries to eat everything in the fridge. He loves his cheerios, yogurt, raisins, and clementines (but not oranges). He loves jelly, and he will open a PB & J just to lick off the jelly. He does not like eating with kid silverware or eating with a tray on his seat. He needs to be doing everything that Tom and I are. Most of the time he will eat any spaghetti type of food or anything chicken. He has actually slowed down with his fervor for the food packets which is terrifying because that is the only way to get him to eat veggies. Although he will put some veggies on his fork…and then feed them to the dogs. That’s also how we know he is done because he starts feeding everything to Grace and Crosby and then throws his plate on the ground to share. Unfortunately he will do this even when the dogs aren’t around…


Clothes:  George is in 2T clothing mostly, but we are starting to get out 3T shirts. He is going to have a long torso like his mommy. He is still in size 5 diapers, but we do size 6 at night. He is in a size 7 shoe.


Sleeping:  He sleeps at night from 8pm-about 7:00 am. He sleeps through the night pretty regularly still. He goes down really easy at night. Naps are a little tricky. To be honest, we reverted back to using the pacy. One, he knows the word “pacy” so it is hard to say no to his manners when he asks for them. Also Tom and I made an agreement that we would cut him off once his molars came in. If he has a pacy at nap he goes to sleep within seconds, without it takes almost an hour. I will let him have the pacy for just a little longer, and he does put it away once he is done sleeping so I guess that is a win. He has yet to climb out of his crib, however I did catch him straddling the railing a couple weeks ago. He hasn’t done it since, but he may be in shock by my scream I let out when I walked in on him. Not.Ready.


Likes: He loves the outdoors. He likes to ride his scooters (yes plural). He loves watching Daddy mow the lawn. He loves any big truck or tractor. He is obsessed with legos and his fire truck. He loves taking his shoes and socks off in the car. He loves his chores of dishes, laundry, and getting the dog food. Really the only one he actually does is the dog food. The other two he is working against me, but I am encouraging the help he believes he is giving. He LOVES Mickey. He gets so excited when he comes on with his clubhouse. George also loves watching Doug with Tom.  He loves to wave to Tom in the window when he goes to work, mostly because I let him stand on his bookcase..


Dislikes: Mornings. Other people playing with trucks and tractors. Eating at the table. Forcing him to stay still (example above).

Milestones: His speech is getting more recognizable. His word bank exploded these last two months, so it was hard to keep up with all the words he knows. He learned how to say tractor, and by golly it is the cutest thing. He also has a few sentences like I go and I do it. We think that he has no understanding of what “no” actually means because he says it after everything. He can point to most of his body parts, and he likes to pick our noses when we ask were the nose is. He can put on his clothes by himself now. It doesn’t look pretty but he can do it. We finished swim lessons, and it ended much better than it started. The last few classes George was jumping into the pool by himself!


Quirks: He is still super shy and doesn’t like big crowds. However, when he warms up to you, he loves really hard. When he is really investigating something, he lays flat on the floor to get a really close-up look. He is a very hands-on guy who loves to see every detail. He has started lining things up-crayons, cars, puzzle pieces. He just puts them all in a row. He is so sweet at our sitter’s house, he has to say goodbye to all the other little boys (who are all younger than him) and he gives them hugs. It makes me want to cry every day watching this sweetness come out. However he is an awkward hugger and keeps them in his embrace for a very long time. His run is the best. He hunches over and swings his whole body. Absolutely adorable.


Nicknames:  Boogie, Booger, Gdubs, Gman, Little man, Georgie, Georgieman, and Boogs. Tom calls him Lawson a lot, which is his middle name.


We parents are:  doing really well. The past few months have been fairly stress free, and we actually went out on a date…by ourselves. George loves us both hard in very different ways so that is cool to see how that is developing.

The dogs are: loving George with the extra food they get. He still tries to ride them. He also says goodnight to them and gives them kisses before we go to bed.


George it has been such a joy to watch you grow and become a little person. We are so happy to be on this journey of life with you as your parents.

35 Before 35 Update

At this point it is hard to do more than a couple on this list. But I marked off a big one this month!

1. Crochet something else besides blankets or scarves at least once a year (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

2. Do a photography challenge (Took pictures once a week George’s first year)

3. Visit 5 cities I have never been to before (8/5)

4. Tour at least one a winery, brewery, or distillery

5. Send at least 5 snail mail a month

6. Become a “professional” photographer

7. Run at least 10 races (any distance) (6/10)

8. Go camping with Tom

9. Pay for the car behind me in a drive through

10. See Tyrone Wells live as many times as possible

11. Tour Fort Defiance here in Clarksville

12. Water ski with my dad

13. Do a 5K with my mom

14. Take a swing dance class with Tom

15. Read at least one fun book a month and one professional development book every three months

16. Take a pottery or stained glass class

17. Do one new recipe each month

  • Green Beans, Chicken, and Potatoes One Pan Wonder-Guys. This needs to be in everyone’s recipe book. This is ridiculously easy and SOOOO YUMMY! The only downside is that it takes a while to bake, but It takes 5 minutes to set up so you can do other things. It just isn’t the best time wise after work.
  • Peanut Butter Cheerio Bar-Another ridiculously easy recipe. I did substitute the cheerios for a bran cheerio like cereal. I need more fiber in my diet and this is  much more delicious way than eating spinach all day. I also added dark chocolate chips. We are making these every week now.

18. See both a Clemson and UCM football game live

19. Find a place to volunteer on a regular basis

20. Go hiking

21. Ride in a hot air balloon

22. Go to at least 20 “new to me” restaurants. (37/20)

  • Pizza Haus-This is a pizza joint down the road from us. Greasy thin crust that layers on the toppings. So very good!

23. Stay at a bed and breakfast

24. Spend a day without electronics (phone, t.v. and computer)

25. Do something unique and new for my birthdays

26. Explore Nashville while we live here

27. Watch at least 10 movies that I have not seen before that won Best Picture at the Oscars and at least 20 documentaries (not necessarily Oscar winning) Movies (3/10); Documentaries (7/20)

28. Sew an item of clothing from scratch

29. Do a personal devotional/bible study on my own

30. Be a mascot for an event

  • I still need to write about this experience. I had a blast even thought I was drenched in my own sweat from the suit. Worth. Every. Second.


31. Go on our honeymoon (preferably somewhere tropical)

32. Host an annual NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship game party

33. Go on a mission trip

34. Be on a recreation volleyball team

35. Become a mom

Bachelorette JoJo Finale

The finale was this week. I wasn’t really into it, but when you put in this much time you have to see it to the end.

  • JoJo admitting loving both. It is a bit concerning that she thinks about the other guy with each one. So is that really love?
  • Her mom has a really good point about both of JoJo and Jordan being the center of attention and them being too alike.
  • Jordan said “me” a lot and not in the right way grammatically.
  • Why do we still put so much emphasis on asking for permission to marry the girl? While it is nice in theory to feel like you have their blessing, but why isn’t it both ways with the woman being expected to do the same with the in-laws? I say that, and I didn’t ask Tom’s family…
  • Do you think they pick out the gifts for the families on their own? How real is that part?
  • Wait Robbie, you wanted to marry her on your first date? How is that real?
  • There was not as much emphasis on the brothers this time as with Ben. And still nothing from her sister…
  • When Robbie and JoJo were talking about being in love, you could see the skeptisism on her family’s faces.
  • I think her family is spot on with Jordan being a good NYE date.
  • Robbie’s speech to JoJo’s parents was very sweet.
  • I still think she is going to pick Jordan because the heart and lust sometimes get confused.
  • JoJo gets her bluntness questioning honestly. Her family is so straightforward.
  • JoJo’s sister is just there for a free ride. She has said nothing…
  • Robbie is so forward. They are cute, but there is something that is just dinging that something fake here.
  • That boat with Jordan…That seems so romantic and special.
  • Jordan seems to talk football announcer play by play when he is doing his interviews..
  • I do think Jordan has a point that it wasn’t right to ask JoJo’s parents when he doesn’t actually know how she feels. This is so weird.
  • Why is she pushing so hard for Jordan when she has all these doubts?
  • JoJo reading Jordan’s letter…I don’t know how to read her.
  • I thought she was going to pick Robbie before Jordan’s letter now.
  • Um they both have really nice handwriting.
  • Well part of this process is that someone has to feel the pain. Remember you last season?
  • AHHHH Robbie is first!
  • Why do they let them talk first…she needs to stop Robbie.
  • She has said that to everyone that she wanted it to be them…Luke, Chase, Robbie…
  • It has been Jordan since day one, and we all know it.
  • Robbie was a gentlemen wishing her happiness and good luck.
  • No telling him you loved him does not help!
  • I do love watching proposals. Somebody get proposed in front of me please!
  • Well I wish the best for them and apparently they are moving in together but they have some hurdles to overcome.

 Did you watch the finale? What do you think of this season?

A Book Lovers Dream

It’s no secret that I love books. One of the most important things I am trying to pass on is that love of reading to George.

I am excited to be sharing about Usborne and all the book greatness that it has to offer. They have been part of our journey to make George a reader for over a year now. I was super excited when my sister-in-law became a consultant so we could ride this addiction together! And I love supporting her small business endeavors. So here I am hosting a party to share the goodness!

But books…this is all about them books!


Are you familiar with Usborne? They are the 2014 Children’s Publisher of the Year – widely respected in the industry, but more importantly, widely loved by KIDS! Their books are also backed by a lifetime half-price replacement guarantee, for whatever reason. If your kids are anything like George, books tend to get well loved (aka destroyed) so I really love that I can replace his favorites easily and cost-effectively.

Did you know that growing up in a home with a large collection of books has a huge impact on educational attainment? A child in a home with 500 books will complete an additional 3.2 years of college and earn nearly $1 million more in their lifetime. Isn’t that crazy? Usborne has really motivated us to have books EVERYWHERE. We have a bag full in the car, he has a reading tent in the living room, a whole bookcase full in his room, and we even have about 10 in his bed. We are well on our way to helping George in that million more earned.


Did you know that reading imaginative and relatable fiction helps children learn to read for comprehension? Not only that, but by taking an objective look at how characters relate to others, it actually helps children develop empathy. Check out Usborne’s selection of fiction here! (We love the Dirty Dinosaur!)

I love how these books make it fun to LEARN! Peter Usborne, the founder of Usborne Publishing, has said that books should be magnetic, stylish, and promote wondering…and they DO! George has learned body parts and animal sounds and how to say things like “tractor” from these books. I am attempting to collect all the Big Book series!

Want to know the secret to keeping your kids occupied while you make a phone call? These books will keep your kids occupied and happy while they PLAY all day long. We have gotten the Wipe Clean books for our nieces who just started school. Super fun!

Our personal favorite books for George are the “That’s Not My Series” and the “Noisy” sound books. He has learned so much from these books, and I honestly attest his obsession to tractors/construction vehicles to these books. George even sleeps with the “That’s Not My” books. We love the phonics book series-they are fun for me to read with their sing songy rhymes. We use the Muddle Match books in the car because they are more interactive, and they have taken George a lot longer to beat up. We are also going to be going after all the astronaut/space stuff here soon because Tom loves space and that is a great way for them to bond. There is a lot of research out there about the importance of the father reading to their sons, so having a subject that Tom loves encourages that more.


They do some really cool things with books. I recommend looking at the shine a light books, busy books, and the ones where you build stuff. I am constantly amazed at the ridiculously cool things that they do with books! It is making me relive childhood all over again through George.

If you want to see our wishlist for ideas, here are the books we are interested in.

Ready to shop? I have a party running for the next week so I hope you get as excited about the books as I do! Be sure to think ahead to any upcoming gifts you might need for birthdays, homework helpers, or boredom busters too! I love stocking up on books to save for presents all year round. There is really something for everyone!


Have you seen stuff that you would love in your kid’s hands? You can shop my party here until August 14th.

Once payment is received, the books will be on their way to you within 48 hours!

Let me know how I can help! I LOVE giving personalized recommendations, and I could speak about Usborne for days!

In addition to these videos, here’s a mini catalog you can flip through to get ideas. Every time I go through the catalog, my wishlist gets longer and longer…


 Thanks for your interest! If you’d like to host your own party via Facebook to earn FREE BOOKS or would like information about working with Usborne Books & More, contact Emily (my awesome sister-in-law) by clicking here. She’s a teacher so she knows a lot about how to prepare students for reading. She’d be happy to answer any questions you have about specific books or offer recommendations!
Thanks for reading about Usborne and consider supporting my party. You wont be disappointed!

August Goals

This last month was crazy busy and wonderfully summery. It was a great month filled with memories for us.

But I will be honest, I did not get much done from my goals for the month. However, I think I nailed the one for me which I think dictated not getting anything else done.

But for giggles, let’s see how I ranked up.

  • Fitness-
    • Do BodyPump once a weekend. I didn’t do this one. We had so much going on during the weekends that I just couldn’t find an hour that I was able to do this realistically. In taking my last goal to heart, this took a backseat to reading a book on our patio every weekend. I do want to do this though because I think it will help with my running. 
    • Start 10K training. I did this, and it has been going really well. My weekend workouts were more focused on this than the BodyPump.
  • House Tasks-We did nothing on this list. What can I say, we enjoyed our lives this month.

    • Finish Living Room Wall
    • Fix the flower beds around the trees
    • Clean the craft room
  • Something with George-Introduce him to sidewalk chalk. I honestly forgot about this until this weekend. He had a lot of fun at swim lessons though! And we took him to a tractor pull which I think can replace the chalk experience.


  • Something with Tom-go to dinner and a movie. We were going to go this last weekend, but the movie times never worked out for us. The downside of living in a small town.
  • Something for mepermission to be lazy. We did have a lot of plans this month, but anytime we had a free afternoon, I spent it out on our porch reading books. Our house is barely clean (I just did laundry and dishes…) but it has been so great to just enjoy myself and give myself some me time that isn’t at 9pm in the evening.



  • Fitness-
    • Do cross-training a couple times a week.
    • Keep up with my 10K training.
  • House Tasks-

    • Organize George’s toys-its time to go through them again. We just have too many out, and so many that he doesn’t play with. We need to pair it down.
    • Build a new porch-We want to get this done before fall and before we have a pit of leaves in the trench.
    • Stain the deck-Once the porch extension is done, we need to stain the whole thing.
  • Something with George
    • Introduce him to sidewalk chalk. Trying this again…
    • Celebrate him turning TWO!
  • Something with Tom-We had a great month last month, but maybe this will be the month for a dinner and a movie? This rotating schedule is the pits in the way of making plans. When Tom has a free weekend it’s like we are trying to make up all the lost time and pack everything in for George and Tom to bond, which leaves our bonding out on the limb. Not this month! (Right?)
  • Something for medo some research to purchase more natural make-up. I use a tinted moisturizer right now, and I am wanting something with a little more coverage. I have been super cheap about my facial care. I think it is time for me to splurge a little with what goes on my face. I haven’t purchased foundation in a looonnng time since I have been using just tinted moisturizer for probably the last decade so I don’t even know where to start. I do know that I want a little more than drugstore and something natural, but also easy to do. I am not into any of that contouring business.  Any suggestions?