We Deserve This

This has been a long time coming.


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Insert crazy spastic dancing here!

It has been stressful and tense watching these guys play.

But boy has it been exciting!!!!

It was heartbreaking last year to get so close, but not get that crown. We were determined this year to prove it.

Several times people didn’t give us the a second glance. Many people thought it was over before games were won in the final innings. (I am looking at you Governor of Texas.) But this has to be my favorite pre-mature move…


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Even last night, the announcers many times (until the 9th inning…sort of) were favoring the Mets and what Matt Harvey had accomplished with his pitching. And there are still people today saying that the Mets “should” have won.

But never count us out. We WILL win.

How many games have we been down in the final innings just to make amazing comebacks? The last two games being the most recent evidence of how we can rally. In seven of the eleven games we won during the post-season, we trailed by at least two runs during the game before earning our title of the “Comeback Kings.” In six of these games, we were losing going into the sixth inning. THE SIXTH INNING? Who does that?

The Royals, that’s who!

We do things like this play from Hosmer. We mean business. Never turn your back on us.

And watching this is making me cry all over again.


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All the feels for this team. While I was alive the last time they won, I was only five months old. So I have practically been waiting my entire life to remember these moments. It is so beautiful to witness this story.
It is truly the essence of what we hope for for great sports teams.


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This team is why I love this sport. They never gave up, and they never lost heart. I am getting goosebumps all over again.

It is a team that backs each other up. Every post-game interview I saw in this season the players talked about each other more than they talked about themselves. They really value what they have as a group and how each piece fits together. They are aggressive and scrappy. It’s like watching a Major League Sandlot.

And they will give credit where credit is due.


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They have become a family, which is evident in time of need. Not only as a team, but the city has adopted them as family as well. (I am as invested in the Zobrist pregnancy as if I was going to be the aunt to that baby. Just saying they could adopt me in to that family. I am creepily obsessed with this family. #resignBen #keeptheZobrists)

Let’s talk about how a rookie made his first major league appearance in a WORLDS SERIES GAME a few nights ago for the Royals. Or how Colon’s last at bat was 45 days ago, but yet he definitely made one of the best plays for the team last night.

This team just gels well together with every player. Everyone does their part when needed the most.

This team is special. They have the stuff that you can’t teach.

Our city is special. It has been so wonderful to see our town come together and be there for our guys in Blue.

It is about time that others see the magic as well.

KC Pride forever and always.

What a remarkable ending to the season!

It was exhilarating watching everything unfold last night. Well worth the little sleep and screaming with the chance of waking up a sleeping baby.

I just feel giddy! It still is a little surreal that it has finally happened! It was awesome to see my newsfeed light up with blue like the weather radar after the fireworks! I love seeing things like this and this again, again, and again!


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We love you Royals.

Way to take the Crown!

Well deserved.


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Did you watch the game last night? (Here is something for you if you didn’t.)

Have you cried from a sporting event?

Post Season in Missouri

For the second year in a row, both Missouri teams are in the post season play.

12139995_10100914318865031_8511307385566631455_oOur family is divided. My in-laws root for the Cards, but in our house we obviously are rooting for the Royals. We have made that no secret.

I am excited to see my team make it again, and maybe we will see them take it all the way this time.

Maybe we will relive the 1985 series between the two Missouri teams.

It is hard to believe that this was just a year ago when we went to the post season for the first time in 29 years. We took advantage of those sleepless new baby nights to watch them play. It was a remarkable time in our lives.

IMG_5488Those baby wrinkles were magic.

And now my bouncing one year old will hopefully bring some more magic.

12113352_10100914319034691_6174924856826151898_oGeorge has got this guys.

We are excited for October baseball. We haven’t had many of these to celebrate in our life time. So we eat it up when we can.

12113513_10100914318600561_5373501788853113333_oI am excited to see the heart.

I am excited to the stolen bases.

I am excited to see team spirit.

I am excited to see the city spirit. Seriously what major league team does pep rallies in the middle of a work day and turns their whole city blue? Kansas City that’s who.

I am excited for others to finally see what we in KC have always seen about the Royals.

Let’s play ball!

This video gives me goosebumps.

If you didn’t see this video, our team spirit spreads far and wide!

Take the Crown! We are forever Royal!

But first George takes his cousin…Royals all the way!

11113861_10100914319159441_4071806865817407007_oWho are you rooting for in the hunt for the World Series? Any other True Blues out there?

Going to Kansas City

This past Friday, I was able to go to a Royals game. Jump out of my seat excited!

If you have been here anytime at all, you know how I feel about my beloved hometown team.

I haven’t been to a game in exactly two years. It was the first time in all the years that I can remember that I missed a season and had to watch all from home. I just cannot even begin to describe how awesome it was to be back at Kauffman Stadium.

A place I have spent many summer afternoons and nights.

A place I have consumed hundreds of pretzels and cups of soda.

A place I have hung out with friends from every stage of my life.

A place I have watched the greats and lows of baseball.

A place that will always be home to me. (I did learn how to ride my bike in this parking lot.)

This weekend was the I-70 showdown. For those of you not from the great state of Missouri, this is the game series between the Royals and Cardinals. I now live right in the middle of St. Louis and Kansas City, so I am surrounded by many more Cardinals fans than I have ever been before (unfortunately).

My sister-in-law happens to be one of those fans.

Now since I live here, we are going to try to go to one game in each city as a sister date. And of course we are going to have matching outfits.

This year the Kansas City game also happened to have an alumni event from our Alma Mater. So we were able to support the Mules and our favorite baseball team.


Friday’s game was so much fun to watch. To see the magic of this team in person is just so wonderful.

We both got to enjoy some KC food magic in the form of popcorn. This cheese popcorn is the bomb!


And of course it was much sweeter that we (my Royals) won, and also won the series.


They have done some great things to make the park even more beautiful. I am so happy to be back so I can make it to more games. You really should check out a game here if you ever come to KC.

I can’t wait to take George later this summer!

As Tom stated this weekend, “My family is so into the Royals that all of our eyes are blue.” (True statement.)

Did you watch some baseball this weekend? Have you ever had cheesy popcorn?

Forever Royal

Today is the opening day for the Royals.


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Who is excited?


I think all of Kansas City has been counting down to this day since Game 7 ended in October.

Last season was such a whirlwind season for us Royals fans. I wrote about it here, here, here, and here. Obviously I love my Royals and my hometown. (I may have teared up a bit rereading those posts.)

Last year was the first year I have not been to a game at Kauffman, so I am excited that we are now only a quick 2 hours away. I already have several trips planned to see my boys in blue! I CANNOT wait for the game at the K!

So here is to another fun filled season with America’s team!

I also am looking forward to taking our good luck charm to his first game. I am still convinced that this little slugger’s birth was what pushed us into the World Series…jk (only kind of). We have lots of baseball goodness planned for George in the upcoming months!


All is right now that baseball is back!

Let’s Go Royals!

Are you as happy as I am to have baseball back? Does your team play today? Are you Forever Royal? (If not, you should be!)

Royal Blue Fever


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We are in the World Series.


I have been waiting my whole life to be able to say that. (Considering I wasn’t talking the last time we went, really my whole life to say those words)

I have spent so many nights and afternoons at this park. I have walked the bases and seen the renovations of the stadium. In the off days, my brother and I even learned how to ride our bikes in the parking lot.You could say I grew up in the shadow of this stadium.

When people talked trash or looked down at my team, I still wore my blue proudly. I still believed. Every spring, I had hope that “this” year would be our year.

And last night, my predictions finally rang true.

Right here in the park that I love.


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The games over the last two weeks have been INSANE!

It is a good thing my blood pressure is finally under control, because I could have had some serious issues watching these games. We held our breath each night as we stared down midnight almost every game.


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The defensive plays we witnessed were just ridiculous. They ran into walls, flew over the stands, and slid all over that field to make the play. As many of them would say, they did what they had to to take home the win.


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It has been such a blast watching plays like these. They have made the game electric.


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The spirit and heart that this team has is unparallelled. They have such great chemistry as a team, and you see it through every play.

Look at this joy!


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So we went from being a joke and not having a chance at the wild card game, to making a post season record with the most consecutive wins in the post season.


Not many people can say that they haven’t lost a post-season game since 1985. Wait, I no one can but my Royals.

My team always, now America’s team.

And if you weren’t aware Paul Rudd’s Team and Eric Stonestreet’s Team.

I bawled when Moose sailed that ball over to Hosmer for the last out that sealed the deal. Then I cried again when they gave out the American League Championship trophy and Ned showed some real emotion.

I also think it is pretty cool that the team goes to our downtown Power and Light district after these games to celebrate with the fans. You don’t see that very often from these big leaguers. What can I say, Kansas City is one of a kind. True spirit.

I cannot wait to watch them take on the World Series and what good baseball we can see.

If you want to see a recap of our post-season, this is the best video I have seen.


And again just saying. You’re welcome Kansas City for procreating the magic baby.


Also this is great, because maybe by next week George will fit into some of his Royals onsies. Maybe…

Have you been watching the postseason? Who are you rooting for between the Cardinals and Giants match up?