Royal Blue Fever


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We are in the World Series.


I have been waiting my whole life to be able to say that. (Considering I wasn’t talking the last time we went, really my whole life to say those words)

I have spent so many nights and afternoons at this park. I have walked the bases and seen the renovations of the stadium. In the off days, my brother and I even learned how to ride our bikes in the parking lot.You could say I grew up in the shadow of this stadium.

When people talked trash or looked down at my team, I still wore my blue proudly. I still believed. Every spring, I had hope that “this” year would be our year.

And last night, my predictions finally rang true.

Right here in the park that I love.


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The games over the last two weeks have been INSANE!

It is a good thing my blood pressure is finally under control, because I could have had some serious issues watching these games. We held our breath each night as we stared down midnight almost every game.


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The defensive plays we witnessed were just ridiculous. They ran into walls, flew over the stands, and slid all over that field to make the play. As many of them would say, they did what they had to to take home the win.


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It has been such a blast watching plays like these. They have made the game electric.


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The spirit and heart that this team has is unparallelled. They have such great chemistry as a team, and you see it through every play.

Look at this joy!


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So we went from being a joke and not having a chance at the wild card game, to making a post season record with the most consecutive wins in the post season.


Not many people can say that they haven’t lost a post-season game since 1985. Wait, I no one can but my Royals.

My team always, now America’s team.

And if you weren’t aware Paul Rudd’s Team and Eric Stonestreet’s Team.

I bawled when Moose sailed that ball over to Hosmer for the last out that sealed the deal. Then I cried again when they gave out the American League Championship trophy and Ned showed some real emotion.

I also think it is pretty cool that the team goes to our downtown Power and Light district after these games to celebrate with the fans. You don’t see that very often from these big leaguers. What can I say, Kansas City is one of a kind. True spirit.

I cannot wait to watch them take on the World Series and what good baseball we can see.

If you want to see a recap of our post-season, this is the best video I have seen.


And again just saying. You’re welcome Kansas City for procreating the magic baby.


Also this is great, because maybe by next week George will fit into some of his Royals onsies. Maybe…

Have you been watching the postseason? Who are you rooting for between the Cardinals and Giants match up?

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