First Impressions of ABC’s Monday Night

Last night’s line-up on ABC was just what a night of television should be.

Full of surprises. Full of drama. Full of dancing.

If you have been around here long, you know that I love Dancing With the Stars, and the Bachelor franchise is my guilty TV pleasure.

First up Dancing With the Stars.

This has been one of the best seasons I have watched, and I have watched them all folks. I think this is the first time the three couples in the finale have been this close. There is just something special about this season. It has been very magical and very tearful. I think I have cried almost every episode.

In my opinion, the mirror-ball trophy could go to any one of them. And I would be completely fine with any of them winning. Usually, I have a clear favorite and will be upset if one of the other three win. Not this year. I have voted for them all as the leader at some point of this competition. (After the first couple weeks, I do actually vote by the dancing.)

They have all shown vast improvement, and bring a different strength to the show and to dancing.

They all had stellar free styles, which in the past have made clear winners. Anyone remember the Stacy Keibler free-style flop?

I think that Allison and Riker are my favorites to win, but then I feel bad and want the other two to win…So I have no idea who I want to win.

Then the Bachelorette premiered.

This wins the most awkward award. They started the night with two Bachelorettes, Kaitlyn and Britt.

It was almost painful watching them meet the men coming out of limo. Having the guys choose which woman to meet first hurt my heart…And then some of the guys would say the same thing to each girl who could HEAR the conversations. They were standing so close. How about those guys who only introduced themselves to one girl and then walked in the house. Awkward.

Britt said that Kaitlyn was cheating when she went in the house. There are no rules to this show. Don’t you know that by now Britt? Do you remember that trip in Iowa you made or when you snuck off for alone time with Chris? You are just jealous that you didn’t think to do what Kaitlyn did first.

Then this guy Ryan, who they ended up kicking off the show. He was saying and doing some really inappropriate things. He was joking about rape, picking fights, and touching the women inappropriately. I am glad the show’s executives decided to end his night for him. Although, my radio show is convinced that he was a plant, so there’s that.

It was a very interesting twist to the first night. I think Britt said that it was really hard to be genuine because she felt like she was trying to win everyone over in a few minutes for their vote. Well first of all you are on the Bachelor so yea…But I do agree that it added a weird element that kind of rocked the boat. But you know ratings…

My first impression rose would go to…Joe (moonshine guy) or Shawn B (the guy with the nephew drawing).

And talk about a cliff hanger! I was hoping to know who would actually be the Bachelorette, but no.

I am team Kaitlyn myself. I don’t know if I could watch a whole season of Britt.

Who would your first impression rose go to? Who do you want to win DWTS? Will you be watching tonight to see how things turn out on either show?

Friday Filter: My DVR Listings

Hello my name is Stephanie, and I am a T.V. addict.


I have a problem.


image via

I watch A LOT of T.V. When I look at this I wonder how we have a life outside of it, but we do I promise.

Here is my daily line up and some quick thoughts about the current season so far.


  • Once Upon a Time- This is one of my favorite shows, and the first few episodes haven’t disappointed me. I am loving the fact that Emma and Hook are finally getting their chance. Has anyone else noticed though that while everyone else in Storybrooke wears clothes of today except Hook? He is still wearing his pirate get up while everyone else changes. Anyway, I love the creativity and how they layer all the fairy tales.
  • Walking Dead-I couldn’t watch half of the season premiere because it was too gory. I am glad that the group is back together. But where is Beth? Carol is whooping up on folks. Love seeing a strong female lead, but she can be scary at her determination to save her troupe. I have heard through interviews that this season is absurd, and they are almost to the point that they couldn’t air the content because it was so ridiculous. Even though it is gory, I am SUCKED IN. Also I don’t think the dude with the “cure” is going to live.


  • Dancing with the Stars- I don’t know how they do it, but every year they seem to get more competitive. I feel that this group is pretty even with the contestants right now, well except Michael and Chong. I go back and forth on how I feel about Juliane being a permanant judge. She isn’t as bad as I thought, but I still am not sure about the change. I think it also screws Bruno over a lot because they run out of time before they get to his critiques. I am rooting for Alfonso! I also like Janelle, Lea, Jonathan, and Bethany. I have dreams that this blog goes viral so that I could be a star and be asked to be Derek’s partner like Bethany’s video blog status. A girl can dream right?
  • Castle- MY FAVORITE! It will be interesting to see how this memory loss unfolds. I have no guesses. But that is why I love this show. The mystery keeps me coming back, as does the humor and wit.
  • Jane the Virgin- To be honest, I only started watching this because the female lead was a guest on Ellen, and I fell in love with her. It is pretty charming.


  • Awkward- Still stupid high school drama. Really I am there to see Tamara and her crazy fast talking. I just love her. It is a 20 minute show of ridiculousness, and I love it. It will be interesting to see if they choose to go past this season since they are all seniors. Rarely does a high school based theme carry over to college. (Can anyone say Glee train wreck?)
  • Forever- This is a new show this year. It is a mystery show which is no wonder why I like it. The main character however cannot die. He works at the NYC morgue to study death and hopefully find out why he has immortality. All while solving cases with the NYPD. Perfect. I enjoy this twist, and I am interested to see how he keeps his secret. Although is there a cop based drama that is not in NYC?
  • New Girl-While I am sad that Nick and Jess are no longer together, I understand why it had to happen. You don’t want to jump the shark to soon with the highlighted relationships. Winston is my favorite character though. I just can’t get enough of him!
  • About a Boy- Another 30 minute comedy that I love. I think the boy is a genius. He steals the show every week. The things that he and his mother (Minnie Driver) do are beyond ridiculous but so fun. This show will have you laughing the whole time!


  • Nashville- I love this drama, plus it is fun living right up the road from Nashville. It is really odd though when the news comes on right after. Sometimes I forget that it isn’t the show. I am a Rayna and Deacon fan, so I am going to be really upset if this wedding with Luke goes through. I am loving that Derek Hough is guest starring in some episodes along side Hayden’s character. Also you can totally tell that she is pregnant in real life.


  • The Biggest Loser- This is a great reality show. I think it is great to give these people another chance and some focus to get their life back on the healthy track. They really do get results. There isn’t a whole lot of drama between the contestants which is nice. I hate when they have that. This Comeback Canyon with Bob is genius too! I love the twist it provides to the show. Also, I want Jen to be my trainer. She is gorgeous!
  • Grey’s Anatomy- I am over this show. I am only staying with it because I have watched from the first season. I mean really, Meredith has another unknown sibling?
  • Scandal- I am still on the fence of how I feel about this show this season. It is kind of all over the place. I am team Jake though. Olivia needs to stay away from Fitz. With the Gladiators all over DC now, it has definitely made things interesting. My only hesitation is because the story lines are so nuts sometimes.
  • How to Get Away With Murder- I have no idea what is going on half the time with this show, which is why I watch it every week. That and Dean from Harry Potter being one of the main characters. A lot of mystery shows follow the cops, so I like that this is following law students. It definitely adds another layer to the story which is fun to watch. Plus who doesn’t love the firecracker of Viola Davis?
  • Parenthood- I cannot believe this is the last season! I love the family emphasis on this show. Why some of the things are definitely over done for ratings, for the most part they keep things fairly realistic in the emotion department. I love the cast too; the acting is spot on. I don’ t think there is an episode that I haven’t cried though.
  • Bones- I started watching this show on Netflix this summer, and it is possibly one of my favorite shows now. I LOVE Temperance. Her relationship with Sealy is just the bee’s knees. This is another murder mystery show, go figure that I like it. I love the twist of following the science and anthropology behind each case. And it is a funny show, and smart. I am guaranteed a laugh each episode. I am still in shock at the loss of Sweets. I bawled when I realized he was really gone, but I am happy that he (John Francis Daley) is pursuing another dream of his. If you aren’t watching this, you should be.

Every Day

  • Ellen- Full of laughs every day. Hopefully someday I can be on her show. I entered every military/pregnant contest last year…

Not On Right Now

  • Bachelor- I am so excited Chris is the Bachelor. Whoop whoop Iowa love!
  • Switched at Birth- It will be interesting to see how they do the college storyline. And maybe they will mention something about the Royals!
  • Pretty Little Liars- I don’t trust Ally.
  • Chasing Life- This is a cute little show about a woman in her twenties who gets cancer and how she and her family deal with it. I don’t think cancer is cute, btw, but this show is. But that is to be expected for ABCFamily.
  • Hart of Dixie- I need some Southernness in my life! And I still believe that Zoe needs to be with Wade.
  • So You Think You Can Dance- I loved that Ricky won this last season!

Do you watch this much TV? Do we watch the same shows? Any other shows that you think are great?

Friday Filter: Dancing With the Stars Recap

Holy Moly! This week’s episode was one of the best premiere’s I have seen.

The new contestants are phenomenal!


image via

The only one who was not pictured here is Amy Purdy, and that is because she was performing in the ParaOlympics at the time.

Even on just the first night, the bar has been set pretty high on quality, enthusiasm, and competition.

My current favorites are obviously DJ Tanner and Winnie Cooper (I mean Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar). I also am loving Amy Purdy, Merle Davis, and Charlie White hot off their Olympic wins. My unknown favorite is James Maslow (what a cutie). Plus I am loving the dynamic between him and Peeta.

I love this show for two reasons:

1. I love dance. This is mainly about ballroom which fascinates me.

2. It shows how real these famous people are. You know I love a good story.

I already cried on the first episode. I can’t blame it on pregnancy hormones. I would have cried at Amy Purdy’s dance regardless. Speechless. Secretly, I am so glad she was paired with my love from another life, Derek.

I know the fan page blew up with the announcement of Erin Andrews co-hosting with disgust. I honestly thought she killed it. I think she has a knack for announcing and just really enjoyed her.

I am not sure how I feel about switching partners. I think that is one of the great dynamics of the show is seeing how they bond and grow as a partnership. We shall see how this new format of switching partners goes though.

I am one of those nerds who uses two email accounts and their Facebook to vote. I feel better about it especially in the beginning, because I can divvy up my votes with more people. I mean I have 6 favorites. Who does that!

We’ll see if they stay the same throughout the season.

In other TV news (spoiler alert ahead), did you see this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? Some answers were given, but SOOOO many questions arose too! I can’t believe I have to wait until June. However, I am glad we were able to see that Ezra is not A, but it would be nice to know if he is ALIVE!

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Who is your favorite? Would you vote?

Friday Filter-More TV Premiere Reviews!

I am really enjoying reviewing the premieres. Here is another round of goodness. These are both brand new shows.

Super Fun Night is a new show starring Rebel Wilson. She is the reason I thought to try this. I loved her in Pitch Perfect, and all the interviews I have seen her in, she is just hilarious. The first couple episodes have been moderately funny. It follows Kimmy (Rebel) who is a lawyer who seems to be an odd duck in most situations. She lives with her two best friends, and when the three are together they really remind me of moments of the Spice World movie (yes I watched this). So it is pretty corny, but it has some good moments. It does connect with me though because you can tell that Kimmy is trying to prove herself and overcome some confidence fears. She obviously does it in a more humorously graceful way. It’s only a 30 minute show, so I will probably keep watching but I am not sure that it will keep going. Don’t quote me on that though; Rebel has a pretty big following.

I am convinced that they attempted to do a spin off of Once Upon a Time too soon. However, that didn’t stop me from tuning into it this week. It follows Alice in her search to find her love, who happens to be Genie. He disappeared and is being held hostage by Jafar. There is some agreement between the Queen and Jafar to get something from Alice and Genie. There are some hints of the original Once, but it is a separate story. This one is a little more fairy talesque and dreamlike with the hues used. It reminds me of a mix between the Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the layout. I think if they continue to show connections to the original, they will continue to keep people coming. It is pretty good, but again, I wonder if they are trying to have too much of a good thing.

There are a few more shows that will be starting back up at the end of October. Goodness my schedule is full!

Friday Filters offer a review that are my own opinions. I was not contacted by anyone associated with these works or compensated for my review. My review has not been influenced by anything other than my love for entertainment and art.

Come back on Sunday for “Autumn on My Mind.” Sunday’s is the last episode, and we want you to make a fall collage. What are the things that you love most? You can see the full schedule here.

Friday Filter- TV Review “The Office”

How do you even start reviewing one of the most popular shows in history?

I am going to go ahead and try reviewing the “The Office.”

This is my favorite Jim prank.

Tom and I just finished the final season this last weekend. We have diligently watched each season. We got behind the last two years because of Tom joining the Army. While he was at basic and deployment our favorite show went on the shelf until his return.

And now we have seen them all!

The Office ran from 2005 until 2013. It is based off the British version, just with an American twist.

It was a show about regional office of a paper company. The entire series was based on the fact that there was a documentary crew that followed the employees around. They just filmed real life.

It showed a 9-5 job and how relationships grow or don’t grow over time in the workspace. It displayed the quirkiness of real people and how they get through each day at jobs they don’t necessarily like. Except Dwight, he loves paper.

It is one of the few shows that cares about the fans, and they ended the show perfectly. You know how you watch season finales and there isn’t any clarity or they leave loose ends? Or you just hate that you spent all this time watching a show for an awful ending…ah hem Lost? Well The Office wrapped everything up nicely so there wasn’t any question where the story lines were going. It was a sweet ending to a marvelous show.

I will admit that I did not watch this show from it’s beginning. I came in several years later. I had seen bits and pieces, and thought it was dull and not my kind of humor. For years, I hated when Tom said, “That’s what she said.”

Tom and met in 2007 after the show had been on the air for a couple years. At that time, I was still against watching it and put my foot down in protest for a hot second. But, Tom is pretty persistent for those of you who haven’t met him. Plus you know when you first start dating someone, and you are willing to try new things that interest that person? Well that was me. He loved the show and eventually convinced me to watch from the beginning.

After the first season, I was hooked.

When you watch consecutively, you fall in love with the characters and are invested. You want to know when Jim and Pam will get together, which they drag you along for several seasons. You want to find out about Dwight and Angela’s secret love affair. You want to know if Dwight ever graduates from being the Assistant to the Regional Manager.

The show is super funny. I don’t know what I was thinking before…denial I guess. Let’s be honest, I was probably being too uptight about it. The good news is I obviously came around.

Jim’s pranks are my favorite. He doesn’t really work; he just tries to find ways to mess with Dwight. He was so creative! Tom’s favorites are the jello calculator and when Jim bought hundreds of feet of red wire and strung it around the office and surrounding areas.

This show meant a lot to us and our relationship. This show really helped us through our long distance while at Clemson and Iowa State. We would wait to watch it together when we were reunited for weekends. We would hole ourselves up and watch hours of it at a time, which is really the best way to watch any series. And each year before a new season would come out, we would re-watch the entire series.

It’s hard to explain the greatness that is The Office. They really did a wonderful job casting. I look at people they auditioned, and I just can’t picture anyone but those picked. Wonderful compilation of people.

The only season I wasn’t fond of was season 8, and mostly because we hated Nellie and Robert California. I think they could have done better. But maybe they were just setting us up for the end and to be pleasantly surprised.

I cried during the last three episodes. The last episode of the series Tom and I were both crying. I was bawling really.

I just felt so connected. When you are with a series this long, it’s like you live in this world. These characters become a part of your life, and they are your friends. I had to say goodbye forever to these characters. There is not an episode of this show that I haven’t seen. That was a hard pill to swallow to know that I wouldn’t see them anymore.

This is why I love T.V. I love feeling all these emotions and being connected to the story. (And in case you were worried, I know that I am really not friends with these people.)

This is our favorite show as a couple by far. It is one that we will watch again all the way through, maybe every year. Yep we love it that much. It’s like getting a hug from an old friend to watch this show; a friend that you like hugging, mind you. And that says a lot since I generally detest hugs…

If you haven’t given this show a chance, I promise watch from the beginning and give it a chance. I am so glad that I did!

Friday Filters offer a review that are my own opinions. I was not contacted by anyone associated with this work or compensated for my review. My review has not been influenced by anything other than my love for entertainment and art.

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Have a great weekend!