First Impressions of ABC’s Monday Night

Last night’s line-up on ABC was just what a night of television should be.

Full of surprises. Full of drama. Full of dancing.

If you have been around here long, you know that I love Dancing With the Stars, and the Bachelor franchise is my guilty TV pleasure.

First up Dancing With the Stars.

This has been one of the best seasons I have watched, and I have watched them all folks. I think this is the first time the three couples in the finale have been this close. There is just something special about this season. It has been very magical and very tearful. I think I have cried almost every episode.

In my opinion, the mirror-ball trophy could go to any one of them. And I would be completely fine with any of them winning. Usually, I have a clear favorite and will be upset if one of the other three win. Not this year. I have voted for them all as the leader at some point of this competition. (After the first couple weeks, I do actually vote by the dancing.)

They have all shown vast improvement, and bring a different strength to the show and to dancing.

They all had stellar free styles, which in the past have made clear winners. Anyone remember the Stacy Keibler free-style flop?

I think that Allison and Riker are my favorites to win, but then I feel bad and want the other two to win…So I have no idea who I want to win.

Then the Bachelorette premiered.

This wins the most awkward award. They started the night with two Bachelorettes, Kaitlyn and Britt.

It was almost painful watching them meet the men coming out of limo. Having the guys choose which woman to meet first hurt my heart…And then some of the guys would say the same thing to each girl who could HEAR the conversations. They were standing so close. How about those guys who only introduced themselves to one girl and then walked in the house. Awkward.

Britt said that Kaitlyn was cheating when she went in the house. There are no rules to this show. Don’t you know that by now Britt? Do you remember that trip in Iowa you made or when you snuck off for alone time with Chris? You are just jealous that you didn’t think to do what Kaitlyn did first.

Then this guy Ryan, who they ended up kicking off the show. He was saying and doing some really inappropriate things. He was joking about rape, picking fights, and touching the women inappropriately. I am glad the show’s executives decided to end his night for him. Although, my radio show is convinced that he was a plant, so there’s that.

It was a very interesting twist to the first night. I think Britt said that it was really hard to be genuine because she felt like she was trying to win everyone over in a few minutes for their vote. Well first of all you are on the Bachelor so yea…But I do agree that it added a weird element that kind of rocked the boat. But you know ratings…

My first impression rose would go to…Joe (moonshine guy) or Shawn B (the guy with the nephew drawing).

And talk about a cliff hanger! I was hoping to know who would actually be the Bachelorette, but no.

I am team Kaitlyn myself. I don’t know if I could watch a whole season of Britt.

Who would your first impression rose go to? Who do you want to win DWTS? Will you be watching tonight to see how things turn out on either show?

7 thoughts on “First Impressions of ABC’s Monday Night

  1. I dislike them both, Ugh! I like the moonshine guy too, though 🙂 I’m so glad I didn’t stay up to see who was picked bc of the cliff hanger. I was so tired and I would have been so mad!

    • I was a little upset because I ended up not going to bed until close to 11 because I wanted to know that night! (And of course I started watching it late due to G’s bedtime.)

  2. I’ve been gone for a while, now I’m back…came to find my weekly blogs about the Bachelorette!! Where are they!?!? 🙂 xoxo

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