Fit for Me 20/52

What I did last week:

Wednesday-I walked the dogs with George for a mile. I need Tom’s schedule to even out!

Thursday-I did a leg workout at home after George went to bed. I also started my plank and push-up challenge.

Sunday-I walked the dogs and George for almost 1.5 miles. I keep pushing the limit! Our Tula got here, so I got to test it out for the first time on a walk here. George loves being carried period, and he falls asleep almost immediately. I feel like he stayed put a lot better than our cloth carrier on the walk.

Monday-20 minute ab workout as I was watching the awkwardness that is the Bachelorette.

Tuesday-So we go a little bit further each time we venture out as a pack. George and I walked the dogs close to 2 miles last night. What?!? We are getting pretty good at this.

Impressed by:

I am impressed that I am able walk the troupe without several injuring any of them or myself. I get a little more confident each time we go out together. (But I am hoping that now that Tom’s schedule has switched, he can take over dog duties.)

Struggled with:

Granted I didn’t do my planks and push-ups everyday, but I really don’t feel that I struggled with anything this week.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

My goal was to start the push-up and plank month challenge. Well I did start it, three different nights. I would remember one night and then forget the next. So Monday and Tuesday was the first time I did it two days in a row. Hoping to hit day three tonight.

What is my goal for next week?

I want to do a workout at the gym. I hate paying for the gym membership and not using it. Unfortunately our schedule hasn’t allowed me to get to a gym class as easily with George and dog responsibilities. But this next week it is going to happen!

Fitness Thoughts:

I got cat-called twice last night on our walk. I have a few things that run through my mind as early twenty year olds hang out their car windows hollering and whistling at me. First my mother side says “Do you not see that I am unavailable to you…there is a child strapped to my chest.” Then my feminine side says “That is disgusting, and really do you think that is appropriate to act like we are in the wild trying to mate?.” Then my basic woman and human side (and maybe the mom side again) says, “Yessssss, I still got it.” Let’s talk truth…it was flattering at the same time it was disgusting.

44be28350d816cf395181f1f6e9cbad1image via

6 thoughts on “Fit for Me 20/52

  1. I might be in the minority, but I HATE being catcalled. It makes me kind of scared. I feel vulnerable and oogled and I just squeeze my little pepper spray tighter when it happens.

  2. Two miles with puppies and baby?! I wanna be like you when I grow up!! I feel lucky if I can do that with just Duke (he likes to stop every 5 seconds and makes the whole walking thing really annoying). Also I have to say I completely understand your thoughts about the whole catcalling thing—my first reaction is usually to punch said person in the face but I also have that teensy part of me that’s doing a happy dance cuz, ya know, I still got it. šŸ™‚

    • Some days the dogs are like that too. Then other days they are practically pulling me and I am wishing for the stop and sniff days. Most days we are somewhere in the middle.

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