My Favorite Workout Youtube Channels

We cut ties with a gym about 9 months ago, but my wannabe fitness guru heart needs fitness classes.

Not going to lie I grew up watching Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Group fitness is my jam.

Some days I aspire to be a fitness class instructor. But then I remember there is now way I would remember the choreography for an entire lesson nor do I really have the skills to teach fitness form.

This would be me (as the toddler)…

So in an effort to help my fellow fitness enthusiast wannabees, here are my favorite workout channels on Youtube.

All of these channels have free videos that I have enjoyed. It can be hard to find the motivation to workout at home, but these videos make it a little easier. Having access to these still keeps me active and energized since there are so many options.

PopSugar Fitness

I really like this channel. There are all kinds of videos. You can do just 10 minutes which some days is all you have time for or full body workouts if you have some extra time. They also have short videos to show you one move or stretch. This channel does focus on full health with videos about food choices too. I would say these feel the most like you are in a workout class. The lead talks to you like you are in a classroom with jokes and motivation along the way. There is also a lot of modifications that they show you. This is my favorite video from this channel…I was dripping with sweat and felt this workout for a few days afterwords.

Jessica Smith TV

Jessica does some really good low-impact workouts. I found her for her barre workouts. While they aren’t true ballet workouts, they do have some influence. Even with the low impact, I still get a good sweat on with her videos. I usually do the ones that are 30 minutes, but she does have some shorter videos. I think I am going to do her power-walking challenge here soon.

Fitness Blender

This is a great channel. They give really good instructions so I always feel like I know what I am doing. There is also a timer on the side which I like. I love working out but I also like to know when it is going to be done so I can keep pushing myself. They have a wide range of videos so you can really diversify your workouts with this channel.

Millionaire Hoy

This guy is really energizing. I love his kickboxing videos. I really get into these. Most of his are HIIT inspired which I really enjoy. He loves what he does, and that shows through instruction. There is a double timer on these:  one for the total time and one for the move. He also has a preview box that shows you what is the next move. This is my favorite workout I have watched so far.


This is another all-encompassing healthy channel. There are workouts and videos on healthy eating. Jillian Michaels has several videos on this channel which is how I watched her 30 day shred series. I love all the options!

There are so many workout channels out there, but these are just a few that I have enjoyed and found benefits with.

Do you watch workout videos? What are your favorites?


Fit For Me 45/52

If you are new to these parts, these posts log my weekly fitness activity. I started this at the beginning of 2015 which was about 4 months after I gave birth to George. I really wanted to recapture my own health and take back over my body from the pregnancy.

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minutes on elliptical.

Saturday-1 hour trail walk.

Sunday-30 minute trail walk. The weather could not have been more perfect!

Tuesday-I usually have time on Tuesday carved out to work out after work, but due to a planning meeting for an event, those plans were squashed. We have started a new thing in our house where we have a dance party with George before bed. (It is our effort to get all the wiggles out before he goes to sleep. Plus it is really fun!) Instead of just doing the normal two songs, we had a 30 minute dance party. During the songs that George decided to ignore me, I did squats and lunges. This was surprisingly really good cardio.

Impressed by:

Being creative when my schedule isn’t normal.

Struggled with:

Not many here.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did my trail walks so I definitely got some mileage under my belt this weekend.

What is my goal for next week?

I have a very busy weekend planned, so I just want to make sure I get 4 workouts this weekend.

Fitness Thoughts:

I just want to encourage people to think outside the box if they are having a hard time fitting in workouts. I think we often view a “workout” as something that is structured in the gym or doing an actual run. Being a mom has forced me to just view working out as getting up and moving. Walk in place during commercials. Do squats while you are doing dishes. There are always little ways to find an opportunity to move your body. Just commit to being more active in your down moments. Chasing George around last night and having a random long dance party was definitely a workout even though it may not be Pinterest worthy. Not only did we get our heart rates up, we were also making memories. It’s a lot easier then people think!


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What are ways you sneak in a workout?

Fit for Me 44/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minutes on elliptical.

Saturday-30 minute yoga. I used a video from YouTube. Free!

Sunday-I did a 45 minute hill workout in our driveway. George didn’t want to take a nap so I just put him in the stroller and pushed him up and down our massive hill of a driveway. The plus side is that I could leave the dogs out as well and they chased us the whole time in the fenced yard. Exercise for all!

Tuesday-30 minute on a stationary bike.

Impressed by:

Actually doing 4 workouts. Yess!

Struggled with:

I could have done some other workouts on Friday and Monday, but I sat on my butt instead.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did four workouts!

What is my goal for next week?

I am doing some family photos this weekend out on some trails, so I want to get some mileage in afterwards since I am there.

Fitness Thoughts:

Ok so this isn’t about my fitness, but it is about my heart and how it has grown so much for my city!

This video is awesome! There were an estimated 800,000 people at the Royals Celebration in KC!

Just click on it to direct you to the video from

Fit for Me 43/52

What I did last week:

Sunday-George and I needed to get out of the house to leave some quiet for Tom to get some rest for his shifts this week. We went for a really long trail run/walk. We were out for a little more than an hour on a gorgeous fall day.

Monday-I did a 20 minute ab workout with my SWORKIT app. Boy am I feeling it today.

Tuesday-Our schedule was a little nuts with a planning meeting I had that evening, so I did some power-walking with George in the stroller for 30 minutes at the mall. Yep I was one of those people.

Impressed by:

That even despite my crazy schedule this week, I made workouts happen. It can be really hard to find the time when you are a parent. I have had to get creative and be ok with incorporating George into the workout.

Struggled with:

I feel good about this week, I don’t feel that it was a struggle after the many many down weeks I have had.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did three workout so yes I did! That makes two weeks in a row that I have met my goal. Small improvements people.

What is my goal for next week?

I want to do four workouts next week. While we do have plans this weekend, they are a little more low key to hopefully allow for some good workout time.

Fitness Thoughts:

Quitting is not an option.

Fit for Me 42/52

How are we at 10 weeks left until the end of the year? That just doesn’t seem possible.

What I did last week:

Wednesday-During the Royals game, I did a leg workout. In the commercial breaks, I would do one exercise until the game was back on. I rotated between squats, lunges, and calf raises. Commercials are really long…

Saturday-George and I explored a couple trails this weekend. We found some beautiful places, and I walked 5 miles pushing the stroller (which with George is probably around 30 lbs when you add the stroller and diaper bag weight).

Impressed by:

Missouri. Seriously it is beautiful here right now.

Struggled with:

I really cannot get myself to work out consistently. My motivation goes down with the sun…

Did I meet my goal from last week?

FINALLY! I did! We rocked two trails! One was part of the Katy Trail.

What is my goal for next week?

I want to do three workouts next week. Perfectly attainable right?

Fitness Thoughts:

Finding time in our schedules to work out can be really difficult, but I know that it is so good for me. I can just feel it in my legs lately. They need to move! I think I get bogged down when there isn’t really a whole lot of wiggle room in our schedule, and I am also a type of person who needs down time to re-focus. So I think trying to do more workouts while I am watching TV will help give me a balance.

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