Fit for Me 44/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minutes on elliptical.

Saturday-30 minute yoga. I used a video from YouTube. Free!

Sunday-I did a 45 minute hill workout in our driveway. George didn’t want to take a nap so I just put him in the stroller and pushed him up and down our massive hill of a driveway. The plus side is that I could leave the dogs out as well and they chased us the whole time in the fenced yard. Exercise for all!

Tuesday-30 minute on a stationary bike.

Impressed by:

Actually doing 4 workouts. Yess!

Struggled with:

I could have done some other workouts on Friday and Monday, but I sat on my butt instead.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did four workouts!

What is my goal for next week?

I am doing some family photos this weekend out on some trails, so I want to get some mileage in afterwards since I am there.

Fitness Thoughts:

Ok so this isn’t about my fitness, but it is about my heart and how it has grown so much for my city!

This video is awesome! There were an estimated 800,000 people at the Royals Celebration in KC!

Just click on it to direct you to the video from

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