Friday Filter: New Premieres

Here are three shows that have been taking over my DVR.


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“Turn” on AMC

This is based on America’s first spy ring during the American Revolution. Felicity was my favorite American girl doll, so I was fascinated by this time period every since I was little. Tom also loves the American Revolution, so when we saw commercials for it, we knew we had to tune in. It has not disappointed! It is a beautifully done show. The costumes and settings are dramatic and vivid. The acting is pretty spot on. The story line is very interesting as it shows how little events can turn someone one way or the other in the war. It also does a good job of showing all different sides of the war:  British over-running towns, soldiers captures, the original Rangers were actually working with the British, how dangerous collecting information can be. I also like that it shows that there are good and bad people on both sides and how values become ingrained into people. From what we can tell, it is fairly accurate. Obviously they are going to take some liberties to infuse drama, but a lot of the basics are based on reality. It really is a fabulous show to watch, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it!


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“The Bachelorette” on ABC

This is one of my guilty pleasures. It is an absurd show, but I just get a kick of it. I always get invested in the love story whether they end up together or not. The drama divas are the reason I have been watching this franchise for over a decade. My current favorite guy is Chris the farmer. Anyone else have a favorite?


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“So You Think You Can Dance” on FOX

I love when this comes on during the summer! It is a wonderful premise of showcasing unknown talent and grooming them to be America’s favorite dancer. It is basically the dance version of American Idol. I am interested to see how the change the format of the show this year. I like how they did it last season where the first part was with the same partner from the season and then they paired them with a different all-star each week after the half way mark. The routines that the choreographers come up with is phenomenal. There have been some doozies, but some that have just wowed the pants off of me (not literally). I already cried on the first episode…so many emotions. I just love watching people pour their whole self into a dance number, and to watch these individuals grow throughout the process is very special. And who doesn’t love the Hot Tamale Train? (Oh yes, that’s my husband…)

Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have any other summer favorites that you are watching?


Friday Filter-New TV Premieres

So with three snow days this week and having no energy, I checked out a few new shows. I am so glad I did! Each of these are so great. I really hope they continue.


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This show is hilarious. It follows a family that just went through a divorce. The twist is that the dad is blind. His son has been his guide for most of his life, but with the divorce the dad now depends on his new companion, a dog. The mom tries to be much cooler than she is, so the whole show is basically the kids being the adults in the situation. The antics that the whole family gets into are pretty funny. It is a quick and smart show. They cover the topics of blindness and how it impacts more than just that person. You will also see regular teenage/tween growing pains, but also parents trying to figure out how to be partners as parents but not be married. The son is my favorite. He narrates the show, so you see more of his transition than the other characters. You should check it out!


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If you have seen the movie with Hugh Grant, the premise is very similar on this show. I would say that since this is a sitcom, it moves much faster and is a little more light-hearted. A mom and her son moved next door to this bachelor, and the boy latched on to manly role model as a neighbor, much to the chagrin of his mother. The bachelor first tries fighting the relationship not wanting the responsibility of caring for someone else, but you see the kid slowly (and hilariously) breaking down those walls. Did I mention that their lifestyles are completely different? The bachelor is as bachelor as you get, whereas the mother son duo are vegan drifters who have a very rosy outlook on life. Watching the son and his neighbor interact and teach each other things is just delightful. Much like the previous show, it is a quick show but super funny!


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This show is very different. It revolves around a new consulting firm that uses psychological methods to meet the needs of their clients. It is a new twist that I am really enjoying. They look at how little things like how you dress or where you sit in a room can affect how someone views you and the decisions they make. Two brothers are the creators of the firm, and their personal stories provide different layers to the story. One brother is a bi-polar professor who was recently fired from a university for having an affair with a student. The other brother just finished a jail sentence for white collar crime. So you can imagine what kind of drama these two can create. I would call this a dramatic comedy. The  premise of the mind manipulation really intrigues me, so I will keep watching for a little bit.

So those are just a few more shows to keep my DVR busy.

Have you seen any of these?

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Friday Filter-More TV Premieres

Thought we were done? I told you I am obsessed. But don’t worry, we still find time to do other things.

I believe this is the last one for awhile. And looking back my shows are all over the place theme-wise…

Hart of Dixie

This show is a gem. I love it’s light-hearted stories and silly drama. It is about a NY doctor who was transplanted to a small town in the deep south. Some of the things that she experiences are things I went through when I moved to SC, so it is pretty funny to watch. Although until I moved to SC, this Missourian never really thought of myself as a Northerner. My dad turned me onto this show, sweet huh? He says that he sees a lot of me in Dr. Hart, which is probably true. Except, I could never pull off her heels on a daily basis. There is a continuing love triangle between her, George and Wade. I think she should be with Wade, but I see a lot of Tom in him, so it makes sense why I like him more. There is a lot of hilarity in the small town of Bluebell. Small town traditions at its finest. My favorites are the antics of the Belles, which is the women’s social society, which were shook up in the first couple episodes when Lemon and AnnaBelle up and quit. The disgrace! This guide says that my personality matches that of North Carolina, so it seems only natural that I would love a show about the South.

The Biggest Loser

This show is a feel good reality show. These are people looking for a second chance to become healthier and more active. I become a sap and feel really connected to the people on the show. To me, it is really inspiring. For the past few years, I have moved my schedule around to watch this as I train so I can watch this show as I run on the treadmill. For someone who was not a runner a few years ago, this show was really inspiring to do something about my own inactivity. It was like the trainers were yelling at pushing me through the screen, and it was a huge motivator to keep going with my running. It is only the second week, so there is not a lot of drama yet and they seem to be working well together. There are some seasons that I feel that the contestants are super selfish and overly dramatic in a bad way. I haven’t seen that yet this time around. I love seeing what creative ways the trainers get the contestants moving. It has really showed me how to be creative with my own workouts and the important thing is your life style. I do like that they focus on changing the lifestyle, and it is not just about dieting. They seem to do a lot about educating about healthy foods and exercising so these people can go back home and succeed without the trainers. It’s just a feel good show that I love to watch!

Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this show last Christmas when Tom was deployed. It was exactly what I needed as a distraction. It is ridiculous and awesome. I usually have no idea what is going on, and they keep me guessing every episode. Just when I think I know who A is, my hypothesis is proven wrong. They are making you believe that Ezra is A right now, but I just can’t believe it. I still think there is someone else controlling the game. And big shocker this week on the Halloween episode, Allie is really alive! WHAT? How does this happen? In all seriousness, how does she look that good and not disheveled after a couple years in hiding? This show is silly and totally not realistic, but that is why I love it. It will suck you in with the mystery and how things are overlapped. The intricacies of the details are numerous, and often times I have to play an episode over again so I can see an important piece of the puzzle. You have to come back each week because you have to figure out A! I think this was just a Halloween special instead of a premiere, so we’ll have to wait a bit for another episode.


I really liked the first season this show. It was perfectly awkward. The last season, I wasn’t so keen on. As like many MTV things, there is now a lot of focus on teen sex. It still has some pretty good moments, but I am not as invested as the first season. I will probably come back just for Tamara. I love her quick witty remarks, and spastic abbreviations for everything. The first episode made me really disappointed in Jenna. I thought she was better than what they have made her. So we’ll see how this affair goes. This is a good show that just gets your mind off of things. Its so random and awkward in its teenage angst. And who doesn’t love watching awkwardness when it’s not you in it? I think we can all relate.

The Walking Dead

Ahhhh! This show makes me have a heart attack or puke almost every episode, and yet I am addicted. I have only watched the first episode, so some of my question may be answered once I get through this week’s episode. In the first episode, they came back after 6 months from the huge chaos that the Governor let out. It was nice for them to ease back into the storyline to show how they have progressed over the last 6 months. (They never show how they get through the winter in this show.) There really wasn’t anything crazy until the last 15 minutes, which I am ok with because I watched it by myself this time…ahhh! This show scares the daylights out of me. I have had so many zombie and ambush nightmares in the last month. I really want them to stay in this life that they have made for themselves at the prison, but with the last 5 minutes I know this won’t happen. So is the zombie stuff like a real disease now-airborne or passing through food? I think there was something between Violet the pig and Patrick. That will mess things up fast. This show is pretty raw, and besides the zombie action, I appreciate the realness of the emotion. It really pays homage to the spectrum that we as humans can possess on the emotional/compassionate scale. It has sparked some interesting conversations. It is fascinating to see how morals evolve through the season, or stay the same for some. It brings up a great debate on whether character and what moral fiber will last at the end of the world as we know it. I love these debates, and I love this show, as long as I can fast forward through the scary parts or Tom tells me when it is a jumpy moment…

So that is all of them, I think. I hope you enjoyed it.

Send good thoughts our way today! Tom is having minor outpatient surgery today, so positive thoughts in our direction is welcomed.

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Friday Filter-More TV Premiere Reviews!

I am really enjoying reviewing the premieres. Here is another round of goodness. These are both brand new shows.

Super Fun Night is a new show starring Rebel Wilson. She is the reason I thought to try this. I loved her in Pitch Perfect, and all the interviews I have seen her in, she is just hilarious. The first couple episodes have been moderately funny. It follows Kimmy (Rebel) who is a lawyer who seems to be an odd duck in most situations. She lives with her two best friends, and when the three are together they really remind me of moments of the Spice World movie (yes I watched this). So it is pretty corny, but it has some good moments. It does connect with me though because you can tell that Kimmy is trying to prove herself and overcome some confidence fears. She obviously does it in a more humorously graceful way. It’s only a 30 minute show, so I will probably keep watching but I am not sure that it will keep going. Don’t quote me on that though; Rebel has a pretty big following.

I am convinced that they attempted to do a spin off of Once Upon a Time too soon. However, that didn’t stop me from tuning into it this week. It follows Alice in her search to find her love, who happens to be Genie. He disappeared and is being held hostage by Jafar. There is some agreement between the Queen and Jafar to get something from Alice and Genie. There are some hints of the original Once, but it is a separate story. This one is a little more fairy talesque and dreamlike with the hues used. It reminds me of a mix between the Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the layout. I think if they continue to show connections to the original, they will continue to keep people coming. It is pretty good, but again, I wonder if they are trying to have too much of a good thing.

There are a few more shows that will be starting back up at the end of October. Goodness my schedule is full!

Friday Filters offer a review that are my own opinions. I was not contacted by anyone associated with these works or compensated for my review. My review has not been influenced by anything other than my love for entertainment and art.

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Friday Filter-TV Premiere Week 2

Here is round two of my initial reactions to season openers!



This is my favorite show that is currently on TV. It has drama, romance, and humor. I love cop dramas, and this show puts a different twist on it with an author who shadows NYPD as the main character. I wrote about my obsession here, and I am beyond ecstatic that there is new content in my life. AND SHE SAID YES! (Sorry I spoiled it for you.) However, with the long distance relationship, obviously they are heading towards some hard times. There is some new hilarity going on with the added layer of the FBI. I just love the quirky flirtation. I think that Becket will end up back in New York by the end of the season. I think they are showing a different side of Beckett now though with the engagement/relationship with Castle. She doesn’t seem so rough at the edges, which is nice to see her a little softer and showing some smiles. And you can tell that this distance is making Castle cukoo. He doesn’t like being left out of the loop or “waiting in the car.” This provides some opportunities for great one liners/moments. It was a fantastic first episode, and it mentioned the new book, which I need to get…Seriously is this real life?


This is a phenomenal show. Who doesn’t love Connie Britton? This is the second season for the show, and there is no way they are dying anytime soon. The season premiere was great. It was just enough drama to keep you entertained, but not too much that you feel that it went overboard. They did a few flashbacks to show the early days of Deacon and Rayna. Loved it! It was great insight on their love but how Deacon’s issues with alcohol poisoned their future. I am interested to see if Juliette will use the information she found out from Rayna’s daughter against Rayna down the road. Juliette has some genuine moments, but most of the time she is so blinded by her need for attention that she doesn’t always make the best decisions. I also don’t want Scarlett and Avery together, so I hope they don’t go back to that. It seemed to me that they may have foreshadowed her going back to Gunner since they sung together at the Blue Bird. Have I confused you enough? This show is full of sex, drugs, and country music. It’s a country prime time version of a soap opera. I will say it is really fun being this close to Nashville too. It’s like I am really living in the world…yea? Ok maybe not, but it’s still fun none the less. I will say that I want to see more of Rayna’s daughters singing. They are the best!

Grey’s Anatomy

I am so over this show. I have been watching since it aired 10 seasons ago, so I feel like I need to watch it until then end. I think the actors are great, but the story lines seem to be one uppers each week. “How high can we go this week? What outlandish crash/disease/scandal can we come up with?” Don’t get me wrong, I am invested (which is why I come back week after week), but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. The season opener was no different. Heather (who I remember from the movie Andre) and Richard were electrocuted, so in the midst of the mudslide everyone is on edge with personal emotions all over the place. Ridiculous. All I know is, I would never want to work at the hospital. You either get cheated on or you die. That is some bad luck. Kepner is my favorite doctor. I just love her crazy spasticness and how she loves big. I really wanted her with Avery but I can do with this other guy too…I just want her to be happy. She is even more fun when she is throwing her positivity on everyone. That hospital needs a little happiness.

There are several shows that came out this week that are in the DVR waiting to be watched. Apparently, everything is on Thursday nights this year, and I could only commit to watching one last night. Problems of a T.V. junkie…

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