Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Last weekend my sister-in-law and I made a day date and went to see Pitch Perfect 2. We both loved the first one, and we love most things singing related so it had to be worth our time.


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My initial reaction was that it was good, but not as great as the first movie. I think it is one of those things that you built the first one up so high, that it is always hard for a sequel to attain that same magic.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed my time in the theater with my large ICEE. It had some funny moments, and some great music.

I enjoyed the sentiment of closing the college chapter. I think a lot of us have been there that this is a hard transition. You have found a place you love and that you belong, and it can be hard to say goodbye to that and all the friends you made. And we all may do it differently. Hopefully we aren’t like Chloe and just avoiding it though.

I did enjoy all the cameos. I won’t spoil it for you, but some of them were pretty hilarious.

I loved that Beca and Jesse were still together. Too cute for words.

Fat Amy didn’t disappoint.

I also loved the “original” song idea, but it almost seemed very Glee-like.

I will say that I thought they could have done better on some of the other song choices. I wasn’t as awestruck as I was with the first. I think they did an awful job highlighting the Trebles-I didn’t like a single one of their numbers.

And where were Benji’s magic tricks? I can only remember him doing one! I missed his awkwardness from the first film. I understand it was a flash-forward to their senior year, and that people change, but that was honestly my favorite part of the first movie.

I also was really uncomfortable with all the “woman” hater comments from John the announcer guy. It seemed a little over the top to me.

Ok so it sounds like I am really critical of the movie.

It was funny, and it had good singing. So with a movie like this it’s about all you can ask for. I was entertained!

I may not watch this one on repeat like I did the first one though.

Just saying.

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2? What were your thoughts?

If I Were Famous…

The Oscars are this weekend. I LOVE watching the Oscars, even though I have to admit that I have seen very little of the films nominated. Who is excited about Neil Patrick Harris? This girl is. Except following Ellen’s performance from last year will be a little rough I imagine.

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Anytime there is a red carpet, I wish I was famous and wonder what life would be like to go in front of cameras all dolled up. Sidenote:  a real dream of mine is to be one of the ladies who is the award presenter/guider. You know the ones that don’t say anything but just stand there with the award and look pretty and point people where to go. You don’t really have to be famous to do that do you? How does one make that happen?

Anyway, It makes me wonder though what kinds of things I would want when I travel if I were a celebrity. Have you heard of a rider? A rider is a list of demands that celebrities make when say they are on tour. Each destination must meet these requests. I am not really sure what happens if they don’t. Perhaps they don’t perform or do the interview? These requests are supposedly to make them feel more at home and like themselves.

Anyway here are things I would want in my dressing room.

1. Chocolate Donuts. And not anything fancy from a real bakery. I want these:  the Hy-vee off-brand. I eat 5 every morning so these would definitely be comfort food. (Also in writing this, I discovered I could order these online…dangerous.)

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2. A big white robe and big fuzzy slippers. I want to feel like a cloud is hugging my body. Make it happen people.

3. Candy of the Twizzler and Ferror Rocher variety.

4. I would assume I have my own stylist team if I am famous enough to insist on a rider (which would be the one reason I would want to be famous), but I would like to have a masseuse waiting for me at every destination. Traveling is rough!

5. Panera Mac & Cheese and McDonald’s Fries. Because I need carbs when I travel. Who am I kidding? I need carbs all the time.

6. Straws in every drink. I am a sloppy drinker without straws. Seriously, it’s like I have never drank out of a real cup. I am an adult who needs a sippy cup. It would be even better if the straws were those fancy vintage looking ones, but I won’t be a diva about it. Just give me a dang straw so I don’t spill all down my front.

7. Hot towels. You know like when you get them right out of the dryer hot. Isn’t this the best feeling ever to be wrapped up in a warm towel after a shower?

8. A full smoothie station. Just have all the fruits and vegetables and ONE (brand) coconut water please. I would also ask that they are all local products from that particular area. Support small farms!

9. Listerine. I don’t know about you but when I travel I always feel like my teeth are more gross than normal. I need to clean up that dirty mouth.

10. A box of puppies. (And someone else to handle them). Because why not? There really isn’t much else that can bring joy quite like puppies!. Bring me all the puppies! (I would also insist that these puppies/dogs come from local shelters. This way these dogs can have a mini field trip from being in a shelter and maybe I can convince people with my celebrity status to adopt them. Fame for the win!

I may demand other things if were actually famous like J-Lo who has to have everything white, even her food. But as a non-A lister now, I think these things are pretty reasonable to feel comfortable. But let’s be clear besides the straws, Listerine, and donuts, these are not really things I have at home on a daily basis. Unless you put Grace and Crosby in a box, then maybe I have number 10.

So it makes you wonder if these riders are really what their lives are like at home or if they can just demand these things because they are famous. But then it makes you wonder why do we cater to these demands in the first place? But that is a discussion for another day.

Oh if I were famous…

What would you have on your rider? Are you going to watch the Oscars?

Friday Filter: A Tribute To Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a huge player in my childhood. He played roles in movies that my brother and I would watch on repeat.

This week millions of us were saddened by his death. It is tragic that a man that brought smiles to so many was suffering so much.

It brings to mind that you never really know the trials that a person faces so always be kind.

To honor his life, I thought I would just share my favorite movies in his vast repertoire.

Robin Williams movies

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He was the voice of Genie in the Aladdin series. This was a house favorite, and we knew all the words. Never had a friend like me.

He made me wonder if any of our board games would come alive when watching Jumanji. What would it be like to live amongst wild animals?

In Dead Poets Society, he inspired me in my teaching endeavors. Every day is another day to come alive and be something.

We all need to remember to have a child like spirit and enjoy life as he learned in Hook. And who doesn’t love screaming “RUFIOOOO?”

Robin WIlliams movies 2

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My all time favorites are Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams.

I don’t think I really have words to express how I love these movies.

Mrs. Doubtfire came out when I was in elementary school, and I felt like I could relate so much since my parents were divorced. His antics in the movie were like a hug and always brought a smile to my face. My favorite scene has got to be the cake face mask.

Patch Adams is a fantastic film also showing me how laughter and positivity can do wonders for the soul. My favorite scene is when he makes himself into a clown using medical equipment for the kids.

The way that he acted reached deep inside our hearts. He was brilliant. His flare is something that cannot be matched.

I am sad that he couldn’t be healed by the laughter, and I hope that his family finds peace at this time.

What were your favorite Robin Williams films? Do we share any?

Friday Filter: Movies Recently

First of all thank you to everyone for the kind words yesterday (and in days past). As I look to our future, it is very comforting to have all that support around us!

Anyhoo, Tom and I have been trying to make the most of our cable package so we have been recording a lot of movies instead of going out to them.

These are just some quick thoughts on the films we watched so far.

1. We’re the Millers– This comedy stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. It follows this eclectic group who try smuggling drugs across the border disguised as a loving family in an RV. They are not actual family; they all just happened to need something from each other when the idea was posed by Jason’s character. The whole movie is a slew of comedy stints and raunchy jokes. For what it was it wasn’t a bad movie. It was funny, but I probably won’t take the time to watch it again.

2. Captain Phillips– This is a film that is based on true events. Tom Hanks portrays Captain Phillips who commanded a cargo ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates. This movie was gripping from the first few seconds. The acting was spot on. They showed the way the crew worked together to provide distractions until military help was able to respond. It showed the immense courage that Captain Phillips had to keep the pirates from completing their mission. This was a great film, and both Tom and I enjoyed it. It deserved the Oscar nods it received, although I am surprised Tom Hanks didn’t at least get a nomination for Best Actor.

3. Gravity– This was another Oscar buzz film. This one starred Sandra Bullock (who is my favorite actress). Sandy was an astronaut who was the lone survivor of a disaster in space where their shuttle was destroyed. It went through all the emotions she went through as she accepted her fate and how she was going to possibly re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. There is a definite reason that this film was awarded the Oscar for Cinematography, Directing, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing, and Film Editing. Some of the moments were just crushing as we waited for the next movement. Absolutely breathtaking. I will say that for me it resembled the movie Cast Away just a little bit.

4. Schindler’s List– I have never sat down and watched this film until now. I know, I know, and I call myself a history major. This film tells the story of Oskar Schindler and how he helped save the lives of thousands of Jews during WWII. He started out as a business man intent on creating his success via “slave” labor. He started seeing that as he was profiting people were dying. So he decided to do something about it and used his business sense as a weapon to save some lives. This film is a masterpiece. It was carefully constructed to depict the harsh realities of the Holocaust. It is very harrowing. It is a must see for everyone. It’s no wonder it won 7 Academy Awards of the 12 that it was nominated for (including Best Picture).

I have also been making my way through the Harry Potter franchise again. I only have the last one to re-watch. Say hello to my Saturday! So good!


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Have you seen any of these movies?

Friday Filters offer a review that are my own opinions. I was not contacted by anyone associated with these works or compensated for my review. My review has not been influenced by anything other than my love for entertainment and art.

Friday Filter-Film “Changeling”

I know I am a bit behind in seeing this movie that came out in 2008. Thanks to Netflix, I can get with the program though.


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This is a film about a mother’s love. Angelina Jolie plays a single mother in the 1930s who comes home one day to find her child missing. She reports it to the LAPD and does a crack job at investigating. They find a boy who matches the description loosely, mostly just meeting “lost boy,” and says that he is her lost son. She insists that he is not, and that her son is still missing and to keep the investigation active. LAPD doesn’t want a scene or bad press, and ensures that the boy just underwent “dramatic” changes while he was lost and sent him home with her. The mother doesn’t ever believe this is her son, and continues to try to get the LAPD to see her truth. They end up sending her to a mental ward just to shut her up.

I won’t give any other parts away. You will have to watch to see whether she ever reunites with her son or not, and for what other surprises are thrown in.

I think why I waited so long to watch this is because I am not particularly fond of Angelina. I don’t really have a reason because she is a decent actress, she just doesn’t strike my fancy. It comes fairly close to my hatred of Nicholas Cage.

I will admit though, that I really enjoyed this movie. It was gripping and emotionally intense. It was a mystery story that kept adding layers as you go through the plot line. You have themes of a parent’s love, women’s issues, corruptness, and more.

The acting was really great. I felt the emotions they were portraying. A review I read said, “rarely is the truth pretty.” That is so perfect to describe this film. It’s not a pretty film. It is cold and dank mostly. But I still was in awe when it was over. It gave me chills.

What I was most impressed with was the way they filmed the scenes. Being set in 1928-1935, they depicted a pretty drabby time in our history. And you could see that in every way they shot the frames. There were no rosy tints or bright sunny colors. It was all blue and industrial. It really set the mood for other themes to come out more fully.

I love when pieces of a film come together. That is what is so great about the movies. Everything from the costumes, music, to the hue of the frames can affect our mood and how we react to the story. These can affect us just as much, if not more at times than what is being said by the actors themselves. So the contributors and masterminds behind this particular movie did a great job making sure all the layers intertwine for a power punch to the viewer.

Have you watched any good films lately?

Friday Filters offer a review that are my own opinions. I was not contacted by anyone associated with these works or compensated for my review. My review has not been influenced by anything other than my love for entertainment and art.