Friday Filter: A Tribute To Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a huge player in my childhood. He played roles in movies that my brother and I would watch on repeat.

This week millions of us were saddened by his death. It is tragic that a man that brought smiles to so many was suffering so much.

It brings to mind that you never really know the trials that a person faces so always be kind.

To honor his life, I thought I would just share my favorite movies in his vast repertoire.

Robin Williams movies

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He was the voice of Genie in the Aladdin series. This was a house favorite, and we knew all the words. Never had a friend like me.

He made me wonder if any of our board games would come alive when watching Jumanji. What would it be like to live amongst wild animals?

In Dead Poets Society, he inspired me in my teaching endeavors. Every day is another day to come alive and be something.

We all need to remember to have a child like spirit and enjoy life as he learned in Hook. And who doesn’t love screaming “RUFIOOOO?”

Robin WIlliams movies 2

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My all time favorites are Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams.

I don’t think I really have words to express how I love these movies.

Mrs. Doubtfire came out when I was in elementary school, and I felt like I could relate so much since my parents were divorced. His antics in the movie were like a hug and always brought a smile to my face. My favorite scene has got to be the cake face mask.

Patch Adams is a fantastic film also showing me how laughter and positivity can do wonders for the soul. My favorite scene is when he makes himself into a clown using medical equipment for the kids.

The way that he acted reached deep inside our hearts. He was brilliant. His flare is something that cannot be matched.

I am sad that he couldn’t be healed by the laughter, and I hope that his family finds peace at this time.

What were your favorite Robin Williams films? Do we share any?

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