My Favorite Workout Youtube Channels

We cut ties with a gym about 9 months ago, but my wannabe fitness guru heart needs fitness classes.

Not going to lie I grew up watching Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Group fitness is my jam.

Some days I aspire to be a fitness class instructor. But then I remember there is now way I would remember the choreography for an entire lesson nor do I really have the skills to teach fitness form.

This would be me (as the toddler)…

So in an effort to help my fellow fitness enthusiast wannabees, here are my favorite workout channels on Youtube.

All of these channels have free videos that I have enjoyed. It can be hard to find the motivation to workout at home, but these videos make it a little easier. Having access to these still keeps me active and energized since there are so many options.

PopSugar Fitness

I really like this channel. There are all kinds of videos. You can do just 10 minutes which some days is all you have time for or full body workouts if you have some extra time. They also have short videos to show you one move or stretch. This channel does focus on full health with videos about food choices too. I would say these feel the most like you are in a workout class. The lead talks to you like you are in a classroom with jokes and motivation along the way. There is also a lot of modifications that they show you. This is my favorite video from this channel…I was dripping with sweat and felt this workout for a few days afterwords.

Jessica Smith TV

Jessica does some really good low-impact workouts. I found her for her barre workouts. While they aren’t true ballet workouts, they do have some influence. Even with the low impact, I still get a good sweat on with her videos. I usually do the ones that are 30 minutes, but she does have some shorter videos. I think I am going to do her power-walking challenge here soon.

Fitness Blender

This is a great channel. They give really good instructions so I always feel like I know what I am doing. There is also a timer on the side which I like. I love working out but I also like to know when it is going to be done so I can keep pushing myself. They have a wide range of videos so you can really diversify your workouts with this channel.

Millionaire Hoy

This guy is really energizing. I love his kickboxing videos. I really get into these. Most of his are HIIT inspired which I really enjoy. He loves what he does, and that shows through instruction. There is a double timer on these:  one for the total time and one for the move. He also has a preview box that shows you what is the next move. This is my favorite workout I have watched so far.


This is another all-encompassing healthy channel. There are workouts and videos on healthy eating. Jillian Michaels has several videos on this channel which is how I watched her 30 day shred series. I love all the options!

There are so many workout channels out there, but these are just a few that I have enjoyed and found benefits with.

Do you watch workout videos? What are your favorites?


Fit for Me 34/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-30 minute run. I can’t quite do my full training runs during the week because of some timing issues with George things, but a 30 minute run is still pretty good. I did it though downtown Columbia, which was cool to see different shops I hadn’t before but holy hills!

Tuesday-30 minute run/walk. This wasn’t exactly the run it should have been. I was just coming off a weekend being sick so my lungs weren’t really ready for the run. The weather was just too perfect though not to get out a little!

Impressed by:

Not really an impressive week, but coming back from sinus issues was a win.

Struggled with:

The weather changed dramatically this last week, and it had a really bad affect on my sinuses. I was not feeling too hot all weekend which knocked me out of some training workouts.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

My goal was to hit all three runs…welp that didn’t happen.

What is my goal for next week?

I am headed out of town this weekend with George. We are going to our old digs in Iowa. I want to revisit some of the trails I used to run while we are there.

Fitness Thoughts:

I think our bodies do a good job at giving us signals of when we need to relax, however I wish it wasn’t in the form of sinus headaches and chest colds. But hey, I caught up on Pretty Little Liars-soooo not what I was expecting! (And I am still confused, but that’s thoughts for another day.)


Fit for Me 32/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-32 minute training run. I ran during the workday, and I found the key to coming back to work without dying of heat is wearing a skirt. Apparently my legs needed to breathe. Also 2nd day hair.

Saturday-I did a race in town around a local lake. It was not a run; it was a hike. I ran what I could, but I walked a lot more than I planned since the terrain was a lot more treacherous than I remember from our excursions there before. There were small slat bridges, creek beds you had to run straight down then straight back up, and rocks jutting up everywhere. So instead of risking a sprained ankle, I walked a lot to get through it.

Tuesday-36 minute training run. This was was a huge struggle. I was having such a hard time meeting each of my time splits. As I was doing the cool-down, I realized that the incline was set on a 2 instead of the .5 I normally do. No wonder I was having trouble.

Impressed by:

I kept going through that trail run. There were parts where I wondered why I sign up for these things, but it is always great to cross the finish line.

Struggled with:

I need to do some other workouts besides running. I am starting to get in a rut with running, which always happens mid-training for me. So I need something to jazz it up for a a little bit.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did not meet my goal of running one of the trail miles at a 10 minute pace. It just wasn’t worth it on that path.

What is my goal for next week?

To do one workout that is not running.

Fitness Thoughts:

I never look good in the running photos…How do people do it? I always come out looking like I am going to puke or that I am taking it much more serious than I actually am. I mean look at the kid before me-having the time of his life in his little bandana.

11813485_938101422894806_120917297985061843_nAre you race photogenic? How do you do it?

Fit for Me 30/52

What I did last week:

Friday-I ran laps in my yard. IN MY YARD. I did it for only 20 minutes instead of the 35 I was supposed to. It was super muggy that night and my yard is a little hillier than I had bargained for. The grass was also taller than it appeared so I was more or less hiking through the grass trying not to fall in a hole I wasn’t aware of. But it was still a great workout that I could just have the baby monitor out on the deck and run around at home. Sometimes you have to improvise. Plus the dogs chased me the whole time so they were tuckered out as well. Extra bonus.

Saturday-The BodyPump instructor that was subbing this week never showed, so I did 30 minutes on a bike and 10 minutes on a rowing machine.

Sunday-Again it was super hot, but I wanted to actually get some mileage in instead of waiting until dark to run around the yard again. Also our gym has the weirdest childcare hours on Sunday. They are pretty much worthless. So instead I decided to not actually run but to take George out in the stroller and explore the Katy Trail by our house. We walked on a gravel trail for an hour (which is 20 minutes longer than my run was supposed to be). I really pushed myself to stay in the 14-15 minute mile walking pace, which is pretty good pushing a stroller through gravel.

Tuesday-30 minute training run, and I did all my minutes.

Impressed by:

Friday night was I was exhausted from the week of moving. And the last thing I wanted to do was workout. But I am glad that I put in some time even if it was just in my yard. Also I love that I have a yard big enough that this is a viable back up plan. Not something I would do every day because of the rolling hills going on, but still awesome to have in my back pocket as an option.

Struggled with:

Working out in the heat is hard, so I obviously didn’t do as well with my runs this week. It was the first week I haven’t done the time as my plan states. But I also am not trying for anything special so I know that it isn’t good to push myself to the extreme just to get a certain time.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did get out to the Katy Trail. It is beautiful and should be easy to run if I don’t have to push a stroller.

What is my goal for next week?

I want to hit all my times for my runs. It is going to be a hard week with some of the times increasing dramatically off of last week. And did I mention it is HOT out there?

Fitness Thoughts:

It can be easier to want to work out in the heat when this is your view.

0726151447aAny advice running on gravel/sand?

Fit for Me 29/52

What I did last week:

Friday-40 minute training run. I actually ran over my lunch break to try to give myself some time back after work, but I was a HOT SWEATY mess when I came back that afternoon. I don’t know if I will be doing that again if I have student appointments…

Saturday-1 hour of BodyPump. I made it through every song without taking a break! Also I painted some rooms in our new house, which totally counts as a workout. Even more so since half of a room I did while baby wearing George because he is teething FOUR teeth and hates naps again.

Monday-40 minute training run.

Tuesday-30 minute training run.

Impressed by:

I am pretty proud of myself for managing to get in all of my training runs while packing up a house and moving. I kind of lucked out that in my training plan this week was a recovery week with smaller runs. But I still hit that pavement even though I didn’t want to.

Struggled with:

Not any big struggles this week. I am feeling pretty good about my runs, and I got a lot of cross training in with the move.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

My goal was to make it to two group classes this week. With some of our moving plans, the second class just wasn’t feasible. However, I did get in at least one!

What is my goal for next week?

Since we have moved to the country, our road is not the most runner friendly. There are no sidewalks and lots of curves which is not ideal if you are running on the road. (And never mind ever taking the dogs or stroller with me.) I want to find some new terrain close to our house that I can run on, perhaps exploring more of the Katy Trail.

Fitness Thoughts:

I am still debating cancelling our gym membership. It will be a 30 minute drive for me to go to my Saturday class, and I just don’t know if I have the motivation to do that. I would still use it a few times a week after work, but that is to run and not a class. And I can run anywhere. Does anyone know of a good online program or DVD set that does guided weightlifting? I want something that is 30-60 minutes and just weight lifting. I don’t want to print out a plan from Pinterest; I want a video. I know that I don’t do as well without watching someone do the moves. Does this exist, and without having me spend a bunch of money? Or maybe I should spend the money so that would be motivation to actually use it…

This is why working out during the work day is not exactly the best…

988839f1ce1b39951508c839a8c328b6How do you find new roads to run? Do you run from your front door, or do you drive to a running location? Do you work out during the work day?