Bachelorette Rachel Week 9


Flush the format. She is changing things up and having the men meet the family earlier than normal.

  • Peter is up first.
  • I think he is the most realistic about a real relationship.
  • I love how he is getting into picking out these baby gifts.
  • So Peter got serious about his feelings now. Whew glad he got that out. And she is not shy about saying she is falling in love back.
  • Huh, Peter’s parents got married after a short time. I wonder why he is so reserved about this process.
  • Peter is just so chill about how he is explaining his feelings to her family.
  • I heard on the radio that her dad was actually there in the wings the whole time. Apparently there is something about him being a federal judge that he did not feel comfortable being on TV. So he did meet all the guys.
  • Rachel’s nephew is ADORBALE!
  • Ok so Eric and Bryan are talking about how Peter isn’t sure he would propose just yet. Why is Eric getting all up in arms about it when he doesn’t even know what love feels like. You are telling me that he is sure he is going to propose to her when he doesn’t know what love is? Huh.
  • Eric seems to be just spitting out buzzwords to her family. I don’t really feel like he knows what he wants.
  • Rachel’s mom is such a strong woman.
  • These guys are trash talking each other.
  • I think it says a lot that she is having Bryan meet her friends in addition to her friends. I think it means that she wants them to grill him.
  • I think that Rachel’s initial radar was correct with Bryan. I think he is a douchebag.
  • Rachel’s family is putting on the heat for Bryan.
  • Get it Mrs. Lindsay.
  • I do think they may have produced this and made some edit with how they are filming it to make it more uncomfortable to watch.
  • I am right there with Constance to be hesitant to trust Bryan.
  • I think Rachel’s mom appreciated that Peter wanted to slow it down.
  • Ugh yes! The fact that Bryan is trying to be so perfect with all the right answers…it raises red flags.
  • And now we are in Spain.
  • Eric keeps saying “You embody everything I would want.” The would part bothers me.
  • She doesn’t seem to react to Eric saying I love you. There was no glimmer in her eye. I know when Tom said I love you, I could hardly contain my excitement.
  • Oh this is fantasy date week!
  • The date with Eric was anti-climatic.
  • That little girl walking up to Rachel was a little awkward right?
  • Ugh gross. Grape stomping is disgusting guys.
  • I don’t understand why Rachel is so upset with what Peter is saying.
  • Y’all want the same thing, you are just saying it differently.

Bachelorette Rachel Week 8

Hometown week! Let’s see how dramatic they can make everyone’s family appear to be.

  • I love that Eric took her to his old stomping grounds.
  • Rachel is playing b-ball in heels. You get it girl.
  • Maybe I grew up in a different world, but I find it odd that this 30 year old man has never brought a girl home to his family. And it makes me wonder if he wasn’t in this production and signed a contract to do hometowns, would he bring Rachel home?
  • Does his family live in a hotel?
  • I would be so overwhelmed to meet that many people! And they are all talking at once!
  • I love Rachel so much! She is so smart and down to earth.
  • Eric’s mom seems to be a strong woman who has given Eric a good foundation.
  • Eric’s dad seems skeptical of everything.
  • Eric’s toast was super sweet. Love does change everything.
  • Domino Park? That sounds like so much fun, and what a good touch for Bryan to remember that about her. How cute are these men!
  • I did not see any of these things when I went to Miami. Granted I was only there for an afternoon, and my priority was the beach…
  • I’m totally going to be Bryan’s mom…I will cry all the time when I have to think about my babies leaving me!
  • Bahahaha Bryan’s mom is calling him out for dating “all” the girls. She is puts it all out there.
  • Who is the young woman at Bryan’s? Did I miss her tagline? He said he was an only child?
  • Seriously, this mom, all the emotions! My baby hormones are making me cry when she is crying.
  • Rachel like melted when he said I love you. He is definitely in the final two…
  • Haha there are people following Peter and Rachel in Madison. That has got to be weird.
  • I love that Peter included his friends in his hometown. I agree that is so important. Although I would have been so upset that he surprised me with that encounter. Do not surprise me!
  • Peter is being realistic with wanting to be sure about this decision. It is a pretty drastic thing to propose after the amount of time they are together.
  • I still think that Rachel likes Peter more than he likes her.
  • Oh Dean’s date…the previews don’t look promising.
  • I don’t understand why Dean chose to have his Dad as the hometown if it is this traumatic to see him. Why would you chose to do this to yourself after two years of not seeing each other, and on public TV.
  • I get why Dean is being so reserved. I have been in those shoes with strained relationships . It’s hard for outsiders to understand why you want to just leave it alone and stay away.
  • I don’t think he is being childish at all for keeping this down and trying to joke al the time.
  • I hope that we get to talk to his siblings a little to see their reactions to all this.
  • This is so uncomfortable to watch them argue. I don’t feel right watching this.
  • WHAT?! Rachel said she was falling in love with Dean!
  • This is real life kind of stuff for sure.
  • I am ok that not everyone said I love you. It’s ok because it is still so quick!
  • Oh Chris Harrison-you are such a wise sage.
  • Rachel, you have to be selfish in this process. That’s how you advocate for what you want in a relationship. I don’t know if selfish is the right word. You are fighting for your own heart.
  • I don’t understand. Why tell Dean that she was falling in love with him and then let him go?
  • I think Dean may be the next runner up for the Bachelor.
  • Guys! I think Raven and Dean should meet. Wouldn’t they be perfect for each other.
  • AHHH I just found that he will be on BIP, and so is Raven!!! Yes!

My favorite is Peter.

Bachelorette Rachel Week 7

I felt a little lost on my Monday night last week!

Here are my thoughts on the week before hometowns.

  • They are getting way too much into their heads. They are all freaking out about Bryan getting a one on one when they don’t even know if they have one later on in the week.
  • She is smitten with Bryan, but is it just physical?
  • Come on Dean.
  • Ok so what is this family dynamic that Dean is withholding?
  • Do you believe in the toothfairy? Dean, she is putting on the pressure. Cut out the wisecracks.
  • I feel like Rachel is in an adult role right now, and Dean is a 5 year old asking the most random questions about nonsense.
  • I think the one on ones were obvious picks.
  • Yes Dean! Thank you for opening up. I thought it was a lot worse than that. I am a little nervous about he reacted with what is your favorite dinosaur.
  • I think Peter is one of the final two.
  • There is so much pressure on the group date.
  • I don’t understand why she is kissing Matt as she is sending him home. This goodbye makes no sense. I am so confused by her emotions.
  • I don’t really have much to say on tonight’s episode.
  • I am not surprised by Adam. I don’t think he or Matt really stood out until this episode.

Favorites:  Dean and Peter

Here are some great breakdown videos.

With the first one, I actually really like Ashley I.’s commentary.

Are you watching? Who do like for the final two? What are your thoughts?

Bachelorette Rachel Week 5

The showdown continues. Two nights this week-so much drama to analyze.

  • Lee is acting like he doesn’t know why Kenny is confronting him. No one is buying your crap.
  • I cannot watch Bryan and Rachel kiss. It’s gross. I like him, but how they kiss is just too much.
  • Lee is trying to provoke Kenny. He is so slimy. You can tell he is just trying to aggravate him.
  • I wonder if the transitions are as awkward in real life as they make it out with what the produce.
  • Lee is admitted that he is just there to mess with everybody.
  • Jack Stone..Jack Stone. He just seems silly awkward.
  • Oh Shagging! One of my regrets from grad school is not taking Shag lessons.
  • She is going to dump Jack. And he doesn’t have a clue…
  • Lee is really ignorant. He is playing a game, and it is sickening.
  • Jack seems like a guy who is living in rainbows and sunshine, who is always happy and doesn’t see the bad side of life. Which I find interesting since he is a lawyer.
  • Holy Moly that black dress is stunning on her. I just can’t get over how beautiful she is.
  • They didn’t show the men’s reaction to Jack leaving like they normally do when someone leaves on a date. That means that he was not really entwined in the house dynamics.
  • Lee, you don’t like conflict? You are stirring the pot and making comments about you being there to mess with people. How is playing this game not conflict?
  • Sparks are going to fly on this date with Bryan.
  • I wonder if people notice them when they are in other countries. I mean there are cameras, but are they celebrities like they are here in the states?
  • They are obviously going to grow closer doing this repelling thing.
  • She is going to scare herself out of liking Bryan.
  • Anthony is very insightful with his conversation with Eric. It is about the trust.
  • Wow Bryan is throwing the L word out there. They have been there for only a month and spent maybe an hour together? Super fast!
  • Why is Dean wearing a cup on the outside of his outfit? And why are they in wrestler uniforms when the professional hand-ballers were in short sleeve shirts?
  • So do they allow the parents to talk to their kids? I don’t feel like we have seen that before that much. I thought they couldn’t have phones.
  • Lee is a douche. Lifting weights and writing toasts? Toasts for what? I don’t imagine you are invited to very many parties.
  • Josiah seems like another smooth talker. He doesn’t even let her finish a sentence before butter is coming out of his mouth.
  • How is her hair perfect after being in the hot tub with Peter. I would look like a frizzball!
  • Peter don’t worry and get in your head! Group date roses generally go to poeple who need validation. She was just making out with you in the hot tub, and after your conversation obviously she is into you.
  • What is Lee talking about? Unless there is a lot that the show is withholding, he is making up stories about Kenny’s dark side. Why doesn’t Rachel just ask the producers what happened?
  • Josiah-“No one in this house saw me leaving.” Rachel-“I did.”
  • NOOOO! I liked Anthony!
  • I like that Eric asked real questions. They don’t show that enough that they are actually talking about real life. He is super nerdy though, trying to act all cool. I don’t feel like he really went in depth about his past. It all seemed buszzwordy and surface level.
  • Tom and Morton. I love them.
  • I feel like a lot of these guys are just saying what they think she wants to hear.
  • I think Matt is in the friendzone.
  • Kenny needed to go home. Bye boo.
  • Why are the leads always surprised how emotional this process is?
  • Oh Will…this date is painfully awkward.
  • If you can’t be romantic at a castle, where can you?
  • I am sad to see Will go, but you could tell there was nothing happening between them.
  • Either Matt or Adam are going home at the end of the rose ceremony.
  • Huh. I did not think that Alex was in jeopardy at all.
  • On to another week!

My favorites: Peter and Dean.

And for those of you who follow the Bach in Paradise story:


Bachelorette Rachel Week 4

My Monday night last week was so empty! Here are my thoughts after the hiatus.

  • I mean I get Eric being mad, but I also think that he is being a little dramatic about how he is confronting the other men.
  • Lee is definitely an instigator! He just seems to be a little slimy.
  • Oh no Dean…don’t get pulled into the Lee drama.
  • Bryan is charming.
  • Chris Harrison- “I can facilitate anything.” He really has a fun job where he doesn’t really do much but does everything at the same time.
  • When Rachel walks out to hand out roses, they all look like they have their tails between their legs.
  • Tickle monster stays???
  • Diggy is out and Lee is in? Is this part of the producer magic? Just why? And she is putting him on blast on social media, so there has got to be something coming.
  • Yes South Carolina!
  • I predict, Kenny and Lee will be on a 2 on one.
  • Riding in a blimp would be pretty cool. They were super cute up there.
  • Why are they all clapping for Jack getting the 1:1? Then Lee’s comments about the one one one. Why would he say that?
  • I miss the south and their trees!
  • Why is 25 too young to get married? Tom and I met at 22, and got married at 26.
  • Whew, I am glad the age didn’t get in her way. I am glad Dean opened up.
  • It would be so awkward to dance in front everyone like they did at that concert. I felt a little weird dancing at our wedding with all those eyes on you.
  • Look at all those phones recording them dancing. Nothing is sacred any more.
  • Nothing says trouble like a group of men vying for one girl all stuck on a boat.
  • A push-up contest? Josiah seems to be really full of himself. I am liking him a little less after this date.
  • BHAHAHAHA. They all look terrified to do the spelling bee. This seems like a horrible dream.
  • I love that they picked out three young ladies to “judge” the spelling bee. #girlpower
  • Eric went way off with facade. That was awful! That was the worst one.
  • Ok Josiah, just because you could spell a couple words doesn’t mean that you are the smartest one. And this conversation with the trophy is weird.
  • Peter seems to be hesitant about moving to Texas, and she seems more open to moving to Wisconsin.
  • Iggy do you have a good relationship with anyone? You and Lee both like to stir the pot.
  • WHAT? Iggy you are making stuff up, unless they are not showing parts of Rachel’s words. She did not ask specifically about tension with Josiah.
  • Eric handled that well talking about the energy of the room shifting. Amen.
  • Oh my goodness. These men are horrible gossipers. Lee is gross and an instigator.
  • Lee, why are you surprised that Kenny is confronting you with your ridiculousness?

My favorites:  Will, Peter, and Dean.