Bachelorette Rachel Week 7

I felt a little lost on my Monday night last week!

Here are my thoughts on the week before hometowns.

  • They are getting way too much into their heads. They are all freaking out about Bryan getting a one on one when they don’t even know if they have one later on in the week.
  • She is smitten with Bryan, but is it just physical?
  • Come on Dean.
  • Ok so what is this family dynamic that Dean is withholding?
  • Do you believe in the toothfairy? Dean, she is putting on the pressure. Cut out the wisecracks.
  • I feel like Rachel is in an adult role right now, and Dean is a 5 year old asking the most random questions about nonsense.
  • I think the one on ones were obvious picks.
  • Yes Dean! Thank you for opening up. I thought it was a lot worse than that. I am a little nervous about he reacted with what is your favorite dinosaur.
  • I think Peter is one of the final two.
  • There is so much pressure on the group date.
  • I don’t understand why she is kissing Matt as she is sending him home. This goodbye makes no sense. I am so confused by her emotions.
  • I don’t really have much to say on tonight’s episode.
  • I am not surprised by Adam. I don’t think he or Matt really stood out until this episode.

Favorites:  Dean and Peter

Here are some great breakdown videos.

With the first one, I actually really like Ashley I.’s commentary.

Are you watching? Who do like for the final two? What are your thoughts?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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