Baby 2: Twenty-Seven Weeks

27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks and 1 day

Sex of Baby W: still girl I presume

Weight gain: I have gained a total of 5 pounds. Looking at the pictures from my last pregnancy, I definitely think I am bigger this time around. However, I feel much healthy this time.

Size of Baby W: fennec fox or a head of cauliflower

Maternity clothes: All the time. I also stand by that they should just make all pants elastic, maternity or not. This is great!

Baby items: I haven’t bought anything lately, but I have finished our registry. I ordered our baby shower invites this week. Let’s celebrate this little gal!

Stretch marks: I have a couple , but I don’t really care. I mean they aren’t great to have, but no one is going to see them, so I don’t need to worry about it.

Belly button in or out:  Well it’s like half and half. It’s kind of sticking out but it’s still flush with the rest of my belly.

Sleep: I get up at least one a night to pee. I have had some issues with stiffness and muscles cramping making it hard to get comfortable.

Best moment the past few weeks: Watching our house get framed has been pretty awesome.

Worst moment the past few weeks: Crosby got out of our fence last week. I spent more than an hour driving up and down our street with George trying to call for him. Then as I sobbed in the yard with Grace trying to find a hole in the fence (which there wasn’t), the little bugger just strolled down the driveway with the biggest doggy grin on his face. We have a temp fence in part of our yard with the construction. He had gone to the corner farthest from the house and peeled it back far enough to squeeze through, but it sprung back in place so I would never notice it in the dark. It was awful.

Miss anything: Sleeping through the night.

Cravings: Donuts. And not just any donuts, like Krispy Kreme kind. When I am not pregnant, I HATE Krispy Kreme. Also pretty much any food I see or hear talked about, I want it.

Movement: She moves the most at night. I keep trying to get George to feel her, but he won’t stay still long enough. DCW likes to sit right where her brother did, lopsided on the right side near my belly button. It makes my tummy look silly, but it’s fun to know where she is sitting.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I have had a lot of discomfort when I am sleeping like I said. There has been a little nausea this past week. The exhaustion has returned as well; I have fallen asleep on the couch at some point every day this past week. I am still getting my steps in most days though! I am trying to stay as active as I possibly can. Some things are getting harder and harder to do, like jumping jacks. My bladder can’t take all the jumping. It feels like it is going to explode when I try to run or jump. Who am I kidding, I need to pee all the time anyway.

Looking forward to: We have a doctor’s appointment this week, and it always brings me some piece of mind to hear the heartbeat and touch base with the doctor.


And yes we are still wearing Christmas jammies.


Here is George at 27 weeks. Again, I think the bump is bigger this time around.

Baby 2: Twenty-Four Weeks


How far along: 24 weeks and 1 day

Sex of Baby W: A little lady! Her initials are DCW, but we aren’t publicly sharing the name just yet.

Weight gain: I have gained a total of 3 pounds.

Size of Baby W: ear of corn or a puffin.

Maternity clothes: All the time. My last pair of regular pants this week decided to be too uncomfortable to make it work.

Baby items: I bought a pack of headbands. We have also gotten several hand-me downs from friends.

Stretch marks: I have a couple stretch marks on each of my hips. Bummer.

Belly button in or out:  It’s still in.

Sleep: Either I have to wake up to pee, or George starts stirring around 3 or 4 am. I generally don’t get back into a good sleep after that. We are adjusting George’s nap (he was still at 4 hour naps), and that seems to be helping with him snoozing a little later over night. I slept really well at my conference though!

Best moment the past few weeks: The conference I went to was really good, and it was really nice to have some time to myself before we become a family of four. We also started construction on our addition to our house.

Worst moment the past few weeks: I haven’t really had anything bad the past couple weeks.

Miss anything: Not really anything right now.

Cravings: I have been wanting chocolate baked goods. Bring on all the donuts, cake, and brownies.

Movement: She moves the most after dinner, but I am starting to feel her a lot more during the day. Tom has felt her several times, but George never stays on my belly long enough to feel her.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I have been feeling pretty good.  I did have a little morning sickness on the flight back from my conference.I have a lot of round ligament pain on my right side. I have had some cramping too. Thanks growing uterus.

Looking forward to: Seeing our addition get further along. I need to blog about how it all came together. We should be under roof here in the next couple weeks!


George knows that Sister is in my belly. We give her kisses and hugs every day.


Here is George at 24 weeks.

Baby 2: Twenty-One Weeks


How far along: 21 weeks and 1 day

Sex of Baby W: We know, but we aren’t sharing publicly yet.

Weight gain: I came back up to my initial weight and just a little more. I am at a 1 pound gain now.

Size of Baby W: a carrot or a least weasel

Maternity clothes: I am fully embracing the maternity clothes, and people now realize that I am pregnant. The bump is full on now.

Baby items: We have gotten a few items for the room and a few newborn clothes. I am on the search for a good double stroller.

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free.

Belly button in or out:  It is flattening out, but it is still in.

Sleep: Prior to this week, the past couple weeks were rough. I was waking up to go pee around 3, and then I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. I also could not get comfortable thanks to two huge dogs. This week I changed up my tactics and basically baricadded myself with pillows to keep the dogs away, and also keep myself from laying on my back. It really helped to get some full nights of sleep.

Best moment the past few weeks: Finding out the sex of the baby and narrowing down a name. It’s so great to be able to use a name instead of “it.” It was also great to have Tom at the appointment where we found out. Baby is growing perfectly and right on schedule. Nothing bad to report!

Worst moment the past few weeks: The second day of potty training was the absolute worst. I felt like the worst mom and a huge failure. Plus cleaning up a million messes of pee is not an ideal way to spend a Saturday.

Miss anything: This week I have missed sushi and a feta covered gyro.

Cravings: I have been craving Mexican and beef. Bring me all the steak fajitas. Most vegetables are still hard for me to eat, but I try to even if it is begrudgingly.

Movement: Little baby is moving more and more now. Tom actually got to feel a kick this week. I can’t wait until George gets to experience that.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: The heartburn has gone away these past couple weeks, only to be replaced by severe bloating and cramps. I feel like my belly is a balloon that is about to pop. My legs also are cramping up a lot more and feel like heavy weights. I know I need to walk and stretch more to help with this though. Other than that, I am feeling really good. I wish the weather was a little better to do some walking outside because I have the energy now to do it!

Looking forward to: Nothing to do with baby, but I am traveling for a conference here in a couple weeks. While I have never been away from George for more than 24 hours, it is going to be great to have some me time and work on my professional self for a little bit. I’m also looking forward to sharing the name of this little nugget here soon!


You can read about George at 21 weeks here.

Baby 2-Eighteen Weeks


How far along: 18 weeks and 1 day

Sex of Baby W: We find out at the end of this month.

Weight gain: I am down to a total 5 pound loss. My doctor told me that I needed to start gaining weight, so it’s not for a lack of trying I promise.

Size of Baby W:  A bell pepper or a sugar glider

Maternity clothes: The belly really popped out this week, and it is much more obvious that I just didn’t eat too much mac and cheese at lunch. The maternity clothes are making a regular appearance now.

Baby items: We got a few baby clothes for Christmas. I also couldn’t help myself, and I bought a couple “punny” onsies I saw on Zulily.

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free.

Belly button in or out:  It is flattening out, but it is still in.

Sleep: Sleeping has been hard this past week. I get up at least once to pee. The dogs also practically push me off the bed almost every night. I have a hard enough time getting them to move when I don’t have a belly to keep in mind, so basically they own the bed. I have been having some vivid dreams, but they’re very different than the ones that I had with George. With George, I had really violent dreams. This time they are more like movies that you would find on the Disney Channel.

Best moment the past few weeks: This seems very trivial, but Tom FINALLY brought up an old Xbox to our living room. So now we can watch DVDs and Netflix upstairs instead of on my computer. It has been life-changing! One of my close friends from grad school visited us on NYE on their way back home after the holidays. I can’t believe we hadn’t seen each other for FOUR years! It was great to see her in person and for her to meet George.

Worst moment the past few weeks: Honestly, things have been pretty low-key these past few weeks. I guess if I had to pick a moment, it would have been this particular student who pretty much said what I do for my job was worthless. It’s hard to keep your emotions in check when you are pregnant.

Miss anything: Warm weather. I. Hate. The. Cold. I am so glad my maternity leave will coincide with the summer.

Cravings: Eggs. We have been eating sunny-side-up eggs almost every day for dinner. I also really want Taco Bell because of a commercial I saw…And in case you were wondering, I am still eating almost a whole jar of marinated mushrooms every day.

Movement: I started for sure feeling movement on Christmas Eve. I feel baby more when I am laying down. I haven’t really felt much during the day.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: Overall, I have been feeling a lot better. I have had heartburn really bad this go around. I never had it with George, so this is a new experience. I get light-headed a little bit each time I stand up. Just in the last week, I started breaking out a lot more. Why are there no pleasant symptoms?

Looking forward to: We will find out the sex of the baby before my next update. This big anatomy scan will be the first time Tom has seen the baby since it was 6 weeks old, and it will have been 7 weeks since I have seen it.


You can read about George at 18 weeks here.


George-11 Months

I am trying to come to terms with the fact that in a month George will be one. What the heck?

IMG_9580 (1024x683)These pictures are going to be a little different because I attempted to do it by myself which was a horrible idea. Every time I would get him settled he would try to face dive off the rocker, so I had to improvise.

IMG_9721 (1024x683)Weight: Little stinker is 21.8 pounds. He looks like a little boy now. I just can’t handle how big he is, and neither can my hips or arms.

IMG_9664 (1024x683)Health:  This has been a pretty good month health wise. He is teething so that has been a little rough. He does not have a fever or an ear infection like he did with his first two teeth. With these new FOUR, he hasn’t been sleeping the best and is really clingy. But other than that, he has been good!

IMG_9858 (1024x683)Diet: This kid can pack the food away. I don’t know how he is eating the quantity that he eats. It’s really astounding. We get him his own kid’s meal now when we eat out, and he eats the whole thing. He is still at only three (4-6oz) formula bottles a day (morning, before afternoon nap, and right before bed), but we will be cutting the mid-day one here soon. He has three traditional meals a day, and several snacks throughout. His favorite foods are blueberries, bananas, pasta, and oatmeal. We have fully transitioned him to a sippy cup. When we moved, I packed all the baby bottles up! Ironically too, we have seen a little less spit up with moving to the sippies, but there are still days that he throws the whole thing back up. He drinks water and apple juice occasionally throughout the day as well.

IMG_9815 (1024x683)Clothes:  He is wearing 6-9 month and 9 month clothes. He is in size 3 diapers. I officially organized all his clothes that he can’t wear into tubs to put down in storage.

IMG_9636 (1024x683)Sleeping:  Sleep has been an anomaly this month. Teething is hard. We had one tooth break through this week, but there are three others you can see right under the surface, so poor thing has to be hurting. Naps have been hit or miss. He usually has one good nap a day, and the other one is kind of a crapshoot depending on the day. We have had to rock him to sleep a lot more this month, but even then he will scream like a bandshee when you first put him in his crib. He just doesn’t want to be alone. He also throws his stuffed animals out of the crib and then gets mad that he has nothing to snuggle with, so again screams his head off. For the most part, he is sleeping from 7:30/8pm until 5am, give or take some minutes. He has started scratching himself when he sleeps, so he always looks like he got attacked by a cat.

IMG_9837 (1024x683)Likes: Food is still the closest to his heart. Now that we have all wood floors and more open space, he is loving his Jeep walker. He can whip it around pretty fast. He loves to dig in his laundry basket and throw all the clothes out. He also loves the dog bones and plastic hangers. He loves to be tickled. He loves being outside watching the dogs run. He also loves to feed the dogs and thinks it is really funny. He loves snaps, buttons, buckles…they are all interesting.

IMG_9695 (1024x683)Dislikes: He is not liking hearing “no.” He is not fond of being in his carseat, which is super since we have a longer commute now.

IMG_9777 (1024x683)Milestones: Well the big one is obviously that he started walking just a week ago!! He does this shuffle that is just too darn adorable.We aren’t talking in human language yet, but he apparently has his own language he likes to yammer on with.

IMG_9690 (1024x683)Quirks: He has started banging his hands on the table. When we pick him up from the sitter’s, he just gets so excited and starts squealing and crawling as fast as he can to get to you.When we ask for a high five he pulls our hand over his own face. He also likes to put his pacy in our mouths. He thinks it is a fun game.

IMG_9725 (1024x683)We parents are:  tired. This has been a very little sleeping month with George’s teething and the move. But we are excited to be in our new house and watch George flourish here. Another thing, why did no one tell me about these awful baby hairs that would take over my head? I hardly ever have a good hair day because these crazy wisps of hair are every where and wont stay down partly due to humidity and partly due to the nature of baby hairs. I need them to get control of themselves.

IMG_9684 (1024x683)The dogs are: LOVING the new house. They just love to be in our yard and RUN. We also have some great windows that they are just having the time of their life watching out of. Things are going to be getting a little more interesting around here with all three of them walking around now. We all took a tumble the other day in the yard because the dogs have no breaks, and George has no balance (and mom was not fast enough). I am loving watching them grow together.

IMG_9710 (1024x683)You can see him developing his own personality. He is going to be a firecracker that is for sure. For the most part, he is really really happy (except when he isn’t getting is way.)

IMG_9680 (1024x683)My heart is just so full from being his mom.

IMG_9885 (683x1024)IMG_9820 (1024x683)IMG_9879 (683x1024)