Daphne-9 Months


Weight:  18 lbs. She feels so big this month. She isn’t my squishy little newborn anymore.

Health: She has been a little congested this month, but who hasn’t? I know I said last month that I thought she was teething, and I still feel that way. Other than a little fussiness with the congestion, she has been pretty good.


Diet: Amazingly, we are still going strong with the breastfeeding.  I nurse her in the morning and before bed. Then she has two breastmilk bottles and one formula bottle during the day while I am at work. On the weekends, for the most part we avoid the formula and nurse the whole time. She seems to fight me more on the weekends though and generally only nurses for 5 minutes. I know she is getting more regular food, so I am not super worried about it. However it does affect my supply when I go back to work on Mondays. I do still pump once before she goes to bed every day to kee up with the two 5 oz bottles she has during the week. Usually, she has oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, eggs and fruit for lunch, and then a sample of whatever we are having at dinner. She has tried all kinds of new things:  kiwi, nectarines, beans, yogurt, plums, peas, pepers, zucchini, meatballs, and puffs. Move over mashed potatoes, her favorite food is yogurt. We are doing a baby led weaning approach, but she does purees when we give her packets. She is a really good eater! She eats actual meals now, and often eats more than George does.


Clothes: I just put away 3-6 month clothes today to transition her up to 6 months. She is in a size 3 diaper, and size 2 shoe.

Sleeping:  This month she must be going through some sleep regression, or this teething has been hard if it’s that. She still does take two naps, but they are unpredictable in length. Sometimes they can be 2.5 hours, and other days they are only 30 minutes. Daph will go to bed around 8pm, and she has been waking up between 4 and 5 lately. This isn’t a huge deal on the weekend, but it severely affects me during the week. By the time I nurse her, I don’t have very much time before my alarm is supposed to go off. I am still getting about 6 hours, so in the scheme of baby parent sleep, it’s not so bad.


Likes:  She LOVES to eat. Her favorite toys are still the Dory pez dispenser and the oogaa teether. We had to buy her a new Dory because she broke the first one. She loves to bounce. She will do it while you are holding her, in her high chair, in her activity seat, basically anywhere. She is starting to like her walker a lot more too. She still only likes the green newborn pacies. She adores her brother. She also is facinated by hair and wants to pull it all the time. She loves to be tipped upside down. Some of the best giggles are this way!


Dislikes:  She does not like to sit still; this girl is always on the go. It is getting increasingly more difficult to take her picture. She is not really snuggly.  She does not like getting her nose/face wiped.


Milestones: She is very good at pulling up on things now. She can stand on her own very briefly. She can get from sitting to crawling on her own. She is saying “Mama.” (For the record, George said Mama first too!)


Nicknames: Stinkerbug, Daphie, Daffodil, and Daphie Girl. The two most common are Daph and Sister.


Quirks:  She is still pretty much unimpressed with most people. It will be interesting to watch this play out when she gets older. She likes to stick her thumb in the pacy and suck on both at the same time. She also whistles. I wish I could get it on camera, but of course she stops when I try.


We parents are:  in need of a vacation. Tom has been on evening shift, which is the absolute worst for us as a family. It will be nice to have him back here soon and reconnect. Since my promotion, I have been putting in extra time at work because I am practically in meetings all day. Now I understand why a lot of directors work from home some. There just isn’t enough time in the week to get it all done. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy about the promotion. I am enjoying the new responsibilities and seeing things from a different perspective, but hopefully, maybe, they will start to even out where I have time to follow up on things in my office. We are hiring a new staff member soon, so that will definitely help lessen the load a bit. We got a treadmill this month, which has been life changing as far as my workout routines go. I am one of those weird people that loves treadmills. Put on a TV show and just hammer it out. I am slowly decluttering different rooms in the house, which has been really freeing to get done.


George is:  such an amazing big brother. Most of the time he is really gentle with her, but he is getting a little bossy with her now that she is mobile. He is not so keen on her playing with whatever toy she can get her hands on which is usually one of his cars or little people. Normally he just starts tattling on her and tells me to move her away now. He still calls her his best friend and has to tuck her in at night, so I think the adoration is mutual. He is starting to pick out his own clothes, and dress himself completely. This is hilarious but also nails on the chalboard for me since they often don’t match and are put on the wrong way. Nothing tests your patience more than watching a toddler learn how to dress themselves…

The dogs are: loving the random days of warm weather. They just seem so much happier when they can get outside. They are also loving that Daph is eating more food. They are such good high chair cleaners!


She now has been out of the womb longer than she was in it.

Here is George at this age.

George-9 Months

9 months of this guy. How is this possible?

IMG_4810 (683x1024)Weight: 18 lbs and 3 oz. Not sure of his height or head measurement. I feel like he really grew a lot this past month. I can definitely feel it when I pick him up. (all those carbs…)

Health:  Earlier this month, he had a really bad cough. He sounded like a rattle can when he was breathing. I took him to the doctor because I was afraid of stuff settling in his lungs. She said it was a good thing that we did because he had a really bad ear infection. George however was not showing any of the typical signs of being bothered by an ear infection. On the plus side there was no mucus in his lungs. He actually liked the antibiotics this time around.

George @ 9Diet: We are no longer feeding him purees at home. He still does purees at the babysitter’s purely because we have so many left over from people giving us food. I know it is easier for her to do purees to while we get him a little more used to real food at home. We are down to 5 bottles a day. Most are 4 oz, except the last bottle of the day is 6 oz. He is really good with feeding himself, so we just put something on his tray and let him have at it. He has pretty much mastered putting food into his mouth on his own. Although, he forgets when he has things in his right hand. He predominantly eats with his left hand. This month he has tried a lot of carbs:  bagel, pancakes, beef, fish, peppers, watermelon, toast, angelfood cake, icing, corn on the cob, nectarine, ravioli, baked beans, banana bread, and alfredo. He pitches a full out fit after every meal is over. It is the worst when pasta is involved. (Which makes sense because Tom and I are both pasta lovers, so he got that 100%.) If you follow me on Instagram, I post some of the after-meal aftermaths.

IMG_4741 (1024x683)Clothes:  I just put away all the 3-6 month clothes this weekend. He still is ok in the 6 month stuff, but I did get out the 6-9 month stuff. He is filling those out nicely. He is in size 3 diapers.

Sleeping:  I wrote the other day that he is a through the night sleeper! He will start out on his back, but within a half hour of being put down he moves to his stomach. He stays face down most of the night. This is terrifying for me because he likes to smash his face straight down. Fortunately though, he has gotten my sleeping traits for this month, and I can go in and move him so he isn’t breathing in mattress.  He does not like to be rocked much anymore. It was a little sad to part with that routine, but we are getting snuggles elsewhere. Also I love to take pictures of him sleeping.

IMG_4800 (683x1024)Likes: Food. Phones. Dancing; he loves to watch us dance goofy. He also loves to dance with you. We are already practicing our mother/son dance. He is enamored by straws, which is awesome at restaurants. He would rather play with the tags on toys than the actual toy. If you are wearing a watch, George will be your new best friend. He loves to be tipped upside down. He thinks it is the greatest game. Another great game is Peek-A-Boo. So much fun. Food. 

IMG_4888 (683x1024)Dislikes: Meal time ending. You eating food in front of him that he is not getting. Sleeping in on weekends. Not having the controller that you are holding. That above is his displeased face.

g @ 9Milestones: We got a new carseat, and he is sitting in the front of the stroller now. No more infant seat! He started reaching for us to hold him. Best feeling ever to date. He did have a few big milestones this month. He got up on all fours! He just rocks back and forth, and when he tries to move his legs or arms forward he falls down. I still am convinced we may have a walker before we have a crawler. He stood on his own a little bit this weekend, and he does really well standing when he has something to hold on to like a bench or couch. He also officially has teeth! Two sprouted up right after turning 8 months. It looks like he may get ear infections along with the teeth, but honestly he has been super mellow considering all the teething horrors we have heard.

IMG_4721 (1024x683)Quirks: He is ticklish! I just love his tickle giggles. He makes all sorts of noises and squeals. I feel like there is a new one each day. We are his jungle gym. He likes to crawl all over and pull up on us. He definitely remembers people now, and you get some pretty good smiles when you come back in a room. But he also gets sad if you are out of his eye-sight for too long. He also loves to twist around and belly up when his diaper is being changed or putting on his pajamas. It’s like a wrestling match trying to get his butt covered.

IMG_4690 (1024x683)We parents are:  doing pretty good. We have had a lot going on this month so this last weekend was pretty nice to both have some extra time off at the same time. We have been getting more serious about house hunting, so keep good thoughts for us. That whole process is nerve wracking.

IMG_4615 (1024x683)The dogs are: still being a pain in the butt. Grace has stopped going potty outside. I will have just let them out or walked them, and then she will come back in and crap under the dining room table. We created a new schedule for them to hopefully help her out. God bless her. Tom also thinks a lot of it is because we have carpet and she has made certain spots “her” spot. George loves them though. He pets them and grabs for them. When he sits with Grace, he uses her ears as a chew toy. It’s adorable. She sits and takes it because she knows that he will eventually have something she can lick up. He also likes playing with Crosby’s paws and his toenails. It looks like they are holding hands all the time.

IMG_4758 (1024x683)I just love him. He is such a happy boy, and he is definitely blossoming as he continues learning new things every day.