Bachelorette Rachel Week 3

And we finish out the “To Be Continued.”

Here are my thoughts for this week:

  • Demario is a cocky piece. “When I met you, my entire life changed.” Of course it did, you are on national television.
  • Rachel is giving it to him. She is not having any of his crap. She is looking for a man not a boy. Boom. I love her. Your time is not now Demario.
  • “He had nothing new to contribute besides begging.” Pretty much.
  • I hope the men take her seriously from now on. I love that she was strong about her convictions and didn’t let him sweet talk her.
  • So how did the Tickle Monster get those hands there? Don’t they only get one suitcase?
  • Lucas and Blake. They both need to go. I can’t do this bro drama.
  • Blake doesn’t eat carbs?
  • You both (Blake and Lucas) are trying to make each other look bad. You are both bitter and being crazy.
  • Tom called Lucas a scum bag.
  • Fred gets another week! Maybe she will get over the past behavior.
  • I bet Lucas goes to Paradise….gross. Speaking of…this cast list dropped this week.
  • Blake, buddy, you put yourself in the same category of that drama. Plus you can’t put yourself in the nice gentleman category when your first interview was about your sexual prowess.
  • I wish y’all could hear Tom’s reaction to this fight…I’m dying.
  • This started with straight shit talking then went to two grown men mocking each other with fart noises.
  • I think the Bachelorette seasons have more drama than the Bachelor seasons. Men try to act like they aren’t dramatic but they are just so silly.
  • YES TO ELLEN! I already saw the episode, but this is cool to see the backstory.
  • I don’t like that he called Rachel “sloppy seconds.” I hope she says something about that.
  • Alex is going at it with this dancing.
  • This is probably the one segment (strip dancing) of the Ellen show that I don’t like. I think it is a double standard of exploitation. No one would think this was ok if women were half naked strip dancing…
  • Never Have I Ever though…great game.
  • This has got to be weird to have them all talk about how many guys have kissed her.
  • Why is it awkward that Fred asked you to kiss him? People should get consent.
  • She is sending Fred home…She can’t get past him being a school kids.
  • Fred is going to be broken. You can just see it in his eyes that he is devastated.
  • Why did she take the rose with her to break up with Fred? That is like taunting him.
  • They are taking their horses into the stores? Is that real?
  • Why do they have to blur out the horse poop?
  • Anthony seems sweet and old school classy.
  • Tom thinks that Eric is stoned when he goes off on Iggy.
  • These men on this second group date…there are some I don’t feel like I have seen before.
  • This date in the party bus feels like a bachelorette party with all these women back.
  • Mud wrestling? Sometimes these shows are so sexist…
  • Well Rachel wanted to see all of them without their shirts on.
  • Kenny didn’t go easy on any of these people. He threw those men around. I thought he was going to break Lee. But seriously, Bryce won?
  • Wow Kenny used to be a Chippendale?
  • Rachel is not subtle at all. She tells everyone everything. Eric is going to blow his lid.
  • This conversation between Lee and Eric is interesting. Lee seems to be just saying whatever to be friends.
  • Everyone is coming at Eric.
  • I love Rachel’s formal coat. It is gorgeous. Her stylist really outdid themselves!
  • Man Rachel is not going to cut corners. I love how she is so blunt and forward.
  • Ugh I hate that they don’t do the rose ceremony at the end. I know we are continuing into next week, but at least give me some closure for this week.

My favorites:  Will and Dean.

And because I love the interviews I find on the Bachelor gossip, I wanted to share with you a couple.




Bachelorette Rachel Week 2

Now we are on to the real dates. Here are my thoughts for this week.

  • Oh I love Ashton and Mila are helping and are huge fans of the show. That’s awesome that they called the producers to be involved.
  • I would not let any of these men near my baby with how they are handling these fake babies.
  • Lucas is drowning his baby. How does that not disqualify him?
  • Ashton’s reaction to the Waboom was priceless.
  • So Blake now knows Lucas from before? I feel like he cannot focus on anything but Lucas.
  • I feel bad for Fred. She is just always going to come back to the camp thing.
  • Rachel just looks bored on this group date.
  • Lucas just sounds like he is drunk all the time. He slurs his speech, and he is just acting silly the whole time.
  • Dean. Oh Dean. Hubba hubba.
  • Kenny’s reaction to Lucas and Blake going at it-bahahaha. These men are definitely being ridiculous.
  • That kiss with Dean was so sweet. She looks so giddy.
  • I love that she brought her dog, Copper. That is definitely important to see if the dog likes the partner and vice versa.
  • This Barkfest looks like so much fun. This is a great date idea, like something that couples would actually do in real life. We could never bring our dogs to that though.
  • I love that Peter’s dad started watching the show to get to know Rachel.
  • I also love that Peter and Rachel are talking about therapy. Normalize counseling!
  • Peter and Rachel are so cute together. He seems super calm and would be a good balance for her.
  • I would forget about Rachel when Kareem walked out.
  • This basketball date is my kind of date!
  • Yes Demario is cocky.
  • It’s always funny to watch how men react on these sports dates. It’s like they have to prove their manhood more on these type of dates.
  • Oh this is the girlfriend off the show episode.
  • Demario is going to act like he doesn’t know Lexi…of course. Playah.
  • I think both Demario and Lexi are lying a little bit. Neither of them are making sense.
  • Keep it real Rachel. Get him out. You don’t need a man like that anyway.
  • Rachel is killing it in these dresses. She is looking so classy with these faux fur jackets.
  • Man Demario is ballsy for coming back.
  • Ugh I hate the “to be continued.”

My favorites:  Will, Josiah, Peter, and Dean.

Bachelorette Rachel Week 1

Yay my trash TV is back! Who is excited about Rachel being the one? Me.

It will be interesting to see how this season pans out since she has been put on this perfect pedestal.

I know tonight is the second week’s episode, but here are my thoughts on the first week.

  • Haha I love that she referenced “Clueless.”
  • I just spit out my drink when the granny said don’t sleep with any of them. Good advice!
  • I can’t wait to see the wardrobe they put her in. She is gorgeous!
  • I like Alex. Watching him with his mom during his bio was adorable.
  • They really upped their game in casting. They seem to all have real jobs.
  • Never mind…Waboom guy? Aspiring drummer?
  • Blake E is just going to talk about his penis. Awesome.
  • Diggy has 500 pairs of sneakers? Daphne can compete with that with the amount of moccassins I sorted yesterday…Also his dog is ADORABLE!
  • Josiah’s story…I’m weeping. I hope that he is the real deal.
  • Hmmm. It is interesting the women she had come back to give her a pep talk.
  • They gave her some really good advice.
  • I love Josiah’s suit. Snazzy!
  • There seems to be quite a few lawyers.
  • Demario is super confident…not sure how I feel about it.
  • Yes a marching band! Ohhh it’s the penis dude.
  • Fred is from her past. “He was a very bad kid!” That is crazy he had the yearbook.
  • Tickle Monster? Ok I guess they had to have some wild cards for the job titles.
  • What is with the Adam Jr. doll? So creepy.
  • So Rachel was Fred’s camp counselor. That does have to be hard to get past that experience of disciplining him.
  • Wow Bryan went in for the kill on the kiss!
  • Why did you get a $2000 suit for this? That is a lot of money?
  • These men are so hovering…
  • Blake is already challenging other men. I mean I would question Waboom guy too.
  • Oh I had high hopes for Mohit, but he got silly drunk.
  • I don’t trust Demario.
  • Really? You picked Lucas? I would like to hear the justification on that one.

My favorites:  Josiah, Alex and Bryan


Bachelor Nick Week 9

I feel like so much hype has been put into the fantasy suite episode. Here are my thoughts

  • Nick is so confused about Andi’s presence.
  • This conversation might call for some whiskey? What is happening?
  • Rachel’s green dress is a dream. That is a phenomenal color on her.
  • I think Andi is just here to chat and plump up her endorsement career, whatever that is.
  • Andi telling him to have intimate time if it feels right is interesting after how things went down on their After the Rose. I do think that she was right about him not letting that taint his experience now.
  • I think either Corinne or Rachel are going home.
  • I think my heart about stopped waiting for him to call Vanessa’s name.
  • Corinne’s cry seemed very forced.
  • Nick was very sweet and tender with his break up to Corinne.
  • Corinne, when did you ever kiss up to a man?
  • And in true Corinne fashion, she fell asleep in the limo.
  • I am so confused…Am I not remembering it correctly? Didn’t Raven say she was falling in love with him at the haunted house date? Why does she keep saying she hasn’t said I love you to anyone?
  • I think Nick is in love with Raven.
  • “I own a clothing store-I fold clothes all day.” Touche. Also did he forget that about her?
  • I really hate that the fantasy suite implies that you have to have sex. Raven, don’t make that decision unless you feel ready all that it means (good and bad). This seems to be pressure for them to have that experience even if in the “real world” that wouldn’t be a choice they would make at that time of the relationship. I don’t like it at all.
  • Raven telling Nick that she loves him was like a romcom script. It was really beautiful. And Nick’s reaction definitely makes me think even more that he is in love with her too.
  • Wait, they are only showing one fantasy suite this week? I need these producers to get it together.
  • What is Nick doing? He is no viking. And if he was really working out in the snow, why is he wearing jeans STILL?

Bachelor Nick Week 8

Oh the hometown week…

  • Nick does not play by the traditional Bachelor rules.
  • Raven, you already told Nick that you were in love with him.
  • Yea I don’t think you ever quite know what you are getting with Raven.
  • What a special moment that Nick got to be a part of Raven’s dad telling her he is cancer free. Tear alert.
  • That was such an awkward goodbye between Raven and Nick.
  • What moment Raven? You have already said I love you.
  • Nick does not look comfortable in that church initially.
  • Nick said “I grew up in church,” but he doesn’t seem to mean that he goes now. However, I think that what he said about wanting to grow with Rachel on faith seems genuine. But I can’t get over the fact that she is the next Bachelorette. What happens?
  • Rachel’s family is bringing the fire.
  • They seem like they are really fun.
  • I think the producers rigged Corinne staying on so we could all experience Corinne’s hometown.
  • Shopping where there is champagne?
  • I could not imagine spending $3000 on one outfit. I didn’t even spend that much on my wedding dress.
  • Corinne saying “I love you” was sweet.
  • I want those olives.
  • I mean I kind of love Raquel too.
  • Corinne could not think of what Nick’s job would be. Shouldn’t this be something they talk about?
  • I loved watching Vanessa with her classroom. It made me really miss my time with Special Olympics.
  • I really appreciate that Vanessa is showing what it means to have divorced family. Having to split your time is hard for others to get used to. It is still hard for us sometimes.
  • I agree that Nick and Vanessa should have the conversation about what life would be after the Bachelor. How have none of them had this conversation?
  • Vanessa’s family is intense and so very protective.
  • Vanessa’s brother was so sweet.
  • Ha I love dads. How are you respecting my daughter when you are dating 3 other women?
  • So did Nick only ask Raven and Vanessa’s dads for their blessings? Did I miss him asking Rachel and Corinne’s family?
  • I think Vanessa’s family is going to scare Nick away.
  • Do these women really forget that this is a competition and there are other women involved?
  • Vanessa isn’t going to say anything about her feelings?
  • This season is the worst at cliff hangers. WHYYYYY?
  • Andy is the one who knocked on the door? WHAT DOES SHE WANT?

Favorites:    Vanessa, but now I am thinking Raven may win.