Bachelor Nick Week 9

I feel like so much hype has been put into the fantasy suite episode. Here are my thoughts

  • Nick is so confused about Andi’s presence.
  • This conversation might call for some whiskey? What is happening?
  • Rachel’s green dress is a dream. That is a phenomenal color on her.
  • I think Andi is just here to chat and plump up her endorsement career, whatever that is.
  • Andi telling him to have intimate time if it feels right is interesting after how things went down on their After the Rose. I do think that she was right about him not letting that taint his experience now.
  • I think either Corinne or Rachel are going home.
  • I think my heart about stopped waiting for him to call Vanessa’s name.
  • Corinne’s cry seemed very forced.
  • Nick was very sweet and tender with his break up to Corinne.
  • Corinne, when did you ever kiss up to a man?
  • And in true Corinne fashion, she fell asleep in the limo.
  • I am so confused…Am I not remembering it correctly? Didn’t Raven say she was falling in love with him at the haunted house date? Why does she keep saying she hasn’t said I love you to anyone?
  • I think Nick is in love with Raven.
  • “I own a clothing store-I fold clothes all day.” Touche. Also did he forget that about her?
  • I really hate that the fantasy suite implies that you have to have sex. Raven, don’t make that decision unless you feel ready all that it means (good and bad). This seems to be pressure for them to have that experience even if in the “real world” that wouldn’t be a choice they would make at that time of the relationship. I don’t like it at all.
  • Raven telling Nick that she loves him was like a romcom script. It was really beautiful. And Nick’s reaction definitely makes me think even more that he is in love with her too.
  • Wait, they are only showing one fantasy suite this week? I need these producers to get it together.
  • What is Nick doing? He is no viking. And if he was really working out in the snow, why is he wearing jeans STILL?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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