Talks with Tom #14

This weekend, Tom actually watched the Clemson football game with me. I blame the loss on his viewing.

Anyway, this is some commentary from my husband. Talk about loss…

Tom-When I die, I want the funeral to be like a football game. There will be beer and a half time. On one side there would be people who like me, and the other side people who hate me. There would be arguments of which side is right. There would be a ref that came in and make a call that hurts the side that is winning for no reason.”

Long pause.

Tom-Who do you think would be my sponsors?

Tom-Evan Williams.

Tom-Nah it would probably be Iams.

Tom-I would think Jeep, but we would need to time travel to have it be the 1999 Jeep not today’s Jeep.

Long pause.

Tom- And you can do the Clemson chant 1234 1234 T-O-M-I-S-D-E-A-D.

Me-(my jaw on the floor)

The thing with being married to an infantryman is that they have no problem talking and poking fun at their mortality.

So yes this conversation happened, and actually continued with talks about John Stamos and treasure maps at the funeral. Yes part of my duties as the widow is to get Uncle Jesse at Tom’s funeral.

Also I want to note that my husband must really love me because he is making his funeral plans around my love for football since he hates the sport.

Yes this is morbid, but I take the sweet moments where I can get them.

Autumn on My Mind-Fall Collage


This is our last link up of this series. I can’t believe it’s been a full month since we started!

“Autumn on My Mind Collage”

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a link up to show in photos what you love about the season. We would love to see what fall looks like in your community!

Rules of the Link-up:

1. Do one entry or all! It’s up to you!

2. Add your entry’s link below, and be sure to put the button in your post!

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The leaves haven’t changed so much here. They all just have tinges of orange and yellow. I see it coming in the next few weeks, but that means that I haven’t been able to document fall in this area yet.

Since I don’t have pictures of true fall here, I have a compilation of photos that say what I love about fall.

fall views

October . Anne of Green Gables quote . pumpkin . by joystclaire, $15.00

football and Dabo

Bowman Field at Clemson University, South Carolina

The Friendship Tower at the University of Central Missouri

Marching Mules at my Alma mater (UCM)

one of our engagement photos

So what photos do you have that describe how you feel about fall? Link up below!

Check out my lovely partner! It has been great getting to know her through this link up!


Coach to Cure MD

I never was one to put famous stars pictures on my wall growing up. I didn’t watch Carson Daily or read Seventeen magazine. It never made sense to me to get all up in arms for these stars.

That is until I started crushing on a football coach. I swoon over Dabo Sweeney. I am all about putting his picture on my wall. He is my version of JT or Nick Lachey.

It is no secret that I am in love with Dabo Sweeney, and I get made fun of all the time for it. Whatevs. It may be a little odd, but I seriously love Dabo. I squealed like a teenage girl the TWO times I have met him (hugged him).


I practically jumped over tables to get to him for this picture.


I was shaking uncontrollably after this picture I was so nervous and thrilled since this was the first time I met him.

He started his career as head coach at Clemson during my first year in grad school. So it was fun to be there for his career rise. I think that he is a great person/coach from the few speeches I have been privileged to hear in person. And then just watching a couple, (several dozen), ESPN/YouTube clips with his compassion and coaching philosophy, how can you just not fall deeper in love with him? The obsession only rises each week.

Today, Dabo and Clemson, along with 624 other schools, are participating in Coach to Cure MD. You will see them wearing these patches today.

CTCMDlogo_2012email4I have talked about Duchenne a few times with the story of T.J. (here and here). It is so great to see so many rallying around these kids to find a way to help them have stronger and longer lives. I was unfamiliar with this until heard T.J.’s story, so I know that many others are unaware of Duchenne. So the more awareness and support the better!

Here are a few inspirational stories.

Coach to Cure MD


I am still in the process of fundraising for PPMD. My goal is to raise $900 by my next half marathon on Oct 19th. Please consider joining me and hundreds of coaches around the country today to Tackle Duchenne. Here is my personal fundraising page, and all donations go directly to PPMD and are tax deductible. Any amount is appreciated by me and the families experiencing Duchenne every day.

I hope you all are having a great Saturday watching your team of choice. Although, I wish I was there, I am enjoying the Clemson homecoming game!

Why I Love Fall Link Up

Today is the first day for Autumn on My Mind!


We have a pretty easy prompt for today!

“What I Love About Fall”

Link up with us to describe what you are excited about this autumn. We want to hear what you love about the fall season. That could be everything pumpkin flavored, the scarves galore or how the leaves get crunchy. Tell us what you “fall” for!

We have a few simple rules for this link up.

Rules of the Link-up:
1. Do one entry or all! It’s up to you!
2. Add your entry’s link below, and be sure to put the button in your post!
3. If you do link up, check out a couple fellow bloggers to see something new.
4. Your hosts (Elizabeth and Stephanie) would love a following on Bloglovin, but it is not required! We are just glad you stopped by for “Autumn on My Mind!”
I always think of this song when I think of fall. Plus it was one of my favorite marching shows I ever did because the saxophone part is pretty swell and just so upbeat and fun.

Here is why I love fall.
1. The colors-I love the variety of hues you see. I love driving through the country and seeing the skyline just colors every day. I am really excited for my drive to work this fall since the trees are huge and glorious here.
2. Marching band. What can I say? I am a band geek at heart. I love cheering on my teams! I love hearing them practice in the morning on my way to work. Oh the memories…
47_506955809901_5676_n 49_508607829241_4112_n And nothing says fall like wool uniforms.
2744_520124010705_1516026_nI would try to learn the cheers too at every game. If I did any reality show, it would be like “MTV Made” where they make me a cheerleader/pommie. No lie…
3. School starts. Even though I am not in classes, I love the excitement of school starting and getting to learn new things. So many great things have happened at the beginning of the school year. I still feel the need to buy crayons and a Lisa Frank trapper keeper each year.
4. The fruit picking options: blueberries, blackberries, apples… I just love getting out there and getting my hands dirty!
5. Crunchy leaves. I will go out of my way to step on crunchy leaves.
6. Football. It probably started from watching the Chiefs every Sunday with my dad growing up. Then have my Friday nights, [then Saturdays] filled because of marching and having to pay attention and learn the game because of pep band. The infatuation for the game blossomed, and I love watching my teams each week. (Tom doesn’t so much appreciate the yelling and cheering that occurs, but oh well!) And thanks to my time at Clemson, I also was exposed to the best tailgating experience. Really no where can compare to the “Most Exciting 25 Seconds in Football.”

There really is something in those hills.
13937_575946826351_297321_nPart of my grad cohort after a Tiger game.
317_528071578731_3697_nWe tailgated before, and after, pretty much every game guaranteed.
I am really bummed that I will not be making it to either Central or Clemson to watch a game this year.
431763_965147984111_1018736824_nThis was my first tailgate at Central since I was always in the band. And it only came 5 years after I graduated! Go Mules!
7. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is the perfect holiday focused on family and service, without having to worry about gift giving. And really it is all about the food…Love me some cranberry salad, marshmallow yams, and stuffing with noodles.
8. Hoodies. Fall has the best weather for hoodies. If I could, I would live in hoodies. I own a hoodie for every school I work at, plus several from Worlds of Fun, my fraternity, and some just because. I have a giant stack of them in the closet. They are just so comfy. I do need to get one for Austin Peay though…
9. TV. shows return from the summer hiatus. I am a TV junkie, and I love fall premieres. One of my task list items this weekend is to set up the DVR for all my shows! Cannot wait to have some closure from all those season ending cliff hangers.
10. The weather isn’t awful. My husband is hot blooded so this weather is perfect for him, which means that he is much more likely to enjoy the outings that I put him through. Which then means, that I enjoy them more too! Yes outdoor date ideas! It’s also not just events for dates, but fun times with friends and family at things such as corn mazes and pumpkin patches. There is just so much fun stuff to do!
7432_572696500031_6925678_nWe went through a Corn Maze, and of course they had other fun stuff to play around with.
My family last year at a pumpkin festival. We were only missing Tom who was having a very different kind of fall in Afghanistan. Look at the Missouri Hills behind us! Glorious!
Tom said that he loves this season because all of his favorite hunting seasons are now. He said his mind always goes to a deer stand when he thinks of fall. He is trying to convince me right now that he needs a new bow….
So we all have our reasons for loving the season. Link up and show us your reasons!

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I am having trouble with my links today. Of course it worked when I did the test site, but not when it needs to go live. I am not sure why sometimes they show, and sometimes they don’t. Anyway, if you don’t see the graphic for the link, you can either click the first link shown above, and it will take you to a separate page, or you can go to Elizabeth’s page by clicking the image below.

Check out my collaboration partner!

I’m a Little Teacup

One of my favorite things is perusing thrift stores. My mom used to take my brother and I all the time as a kid, and it was always fun to see what treasures we could find. And usually I could find an elephant somewhere to add to my massive figurine collection.

I still love going even if I have no plan in mind of purchasing anything.

And lucky for me, there are scads of awesome thrift stores here in Clarksville. It makes sense though if you think about it with it being a college and military town, there are always people moving around and downsizing before loading up those moving trucks. This means that there are great finds everywhere.

And come to find out there is a thrift store on base. Tom and I had been driving past it for months, but we just realized that this random big white building next to the PX is a thrift store. So we went a couple weeks ago on our tour de thrift store Saturday.

I actually did have a project in mind. My partner, Lesle, in the Carabox exchange, loves tea, so I thought it would be cute to make something out of tea cups. I got this idea from my sister-in-law who made these last year. Thanks Em!

And apparently tea sets/china does not make the cut for moving lists. There were hundreds of tea cups at every store we went to. I got this cup and saucer for a couple dollars.


It’s too bad I didn’t know about this last year since I know several people who were searching all over for tea cups for party decorations.

This project is so simple, just super glue and some time.


Just glue the teacup to the saucer. Let it sit for the recommended time.


Then you have a sweet little jewerly holder/coin holder/candle holder/etc. Super easy, yet effective.

It’s too bad that I am not fond of tea, because I think tea sets are adorably sweet. And tea parties are super fun, and make you feel like you are a lot more sophisticated than you actually are. (Thanks Katy for hosting a beautiful one back in Iowa! You really are that sophisticated though!)

I also want to say thanks to the ladies who nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award over the past few weeks!

Elizabeth, Amanda, and Lauren, I really appreciate the shout out, and I love all of your blogs dearly! I am so glad to share this with you all!

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have a great surprise starting tomorrow so I hope you come back and visit!

For now I must finish watching my Clemson Tigers! CLEM in Cadence Count!

This will be my kids…