Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Party

George’s birthday was a while ago, and yes I am just now getting to his pictures.

George loves anything that goes and has wheels, so this was the perfect theme for our three year old.

This was a pretty low key party, and it came together so nicely.

I got the invitation from this Etsy shop. (Those blue boxes are just covering up our personal info.)


We love doing our parties at our church because they have this full kitchen, so much space to play, all the tables and chairs we would ever need, and most of all, I don’t have to clean for visitors. Win all around.


The birthday sign I got from this shop. I didn’t get a close up of it I guess, but it has trains, planes, and automobiles on it. We also went really simple on the food. It was mostly snacks. I did not theme the food or have food labels.


We got these books from Usborne. They were one of George’s birthday presents from us. They are so very cool. Those are little wind up toys that drive on the pages of the books. So much fun!


These cupcake toppers are from this shop. We printed these off ourselves, cut them and taped them to toothpicks. Easy peasy. I opted for cupcakes this year over a cake, and it seemed so much easier. Hy-Vee (local grocery) for the win!


Our party give aways were train whistles. I got the whistles from Oriental Trading, and the tags came from this shop. They say, “Thanks for zooming by.” All the paper products, I ordered instant download and printed ourselves.

The table top decorations were all George’s toys. I love little personal and FREE touches like this. We had a couple tables of planes, trains, or cars.


Like I said, I love having it at the gym so there is space to play. We had a couple activities for the kids, and they seemed to love it.

We had a paper airplane station. I wish I would have gotten video of them competing for the best “flight.” It was so fun to see what they created.


We brought all of George’s wooden trains, and they built some awesome track scenes. George was in heaven.


My favorite part of the party was the car making station. This was so easy. I collected boxes from some friends who were moving (perfect timing), and just bought several packs of construction paper. We brought our markers and colored pencils and let the kids at it. It was the “mechanic shop.”

They built some really cool cars.


George had so much fun taking them all for a test drive.


I bought these little car candles off Wish.


We loved celebrating our little man, and it is the one time of the year that I become a Pinterest mom. Seriously though, this was a simple party because most of the stuff for decorations we already had or could easily print off. We had all the craft items, so that wasn’t an additional expense. Including food, I think I spent around $200 when all was said and done.


It was a great birthday for our THREE year old!

A Baseball First Birthday Party

For George’s birthday, I wanted to do a classic baseball theme. I found these signs at Hobby Lobby last fall (on sale), and that was what started my thought process of the party planning.

11915128_10100890814468031_3876643987451444464_oI have been collecting things over the past 6 months, and then the past month we made the last minute touches.

So here is a look at our celebration of George’s first year.

1495287_10100890815146671_6681852672207887605_oLet’s start with the decorations.

12002413_10100890814248471_7457861057421633721_oThese were our centerpieces. I was able to get a pound of peanuts for $2 at our local grocery store. A pound goes a loooong way. Real baseballs were expensive, so I bought these stress balls instead for super super cheap. I think I got 24 for less than I could get one real baseball. We also had sunflower seed bags and Big League Chew gum that people could take. And of course a little Royals flair had to show up.

12002421_10100890814333301_3635579347020662466_oI really wanted to emphasize how far George has come, so the month to month pictures with the NICU picture was a must. The tags say “Rookie Year.” We made these with our Cricut and a punch out device.

11922956_10100890815705551_1934204914936988137_oWe printed these large architecture prints at Staples for cheap. I took the first baseball one when he was a couple weeks old. The middle picture is one of our favorites, and he was 6 months then. The last one is from his invitation shoot when he was 11 months old. Tom and I made that dugout sign. When George graduates to a big boy bed, we are going to change his decor to a baseball theme, so this will eventually go in there. I will share how we did that later this week!

11894504_10100890815745471_8853660199750160468_oThat mitt is actually a pool floatie that my sister-in-law found online.

11935134_10100890814168631_24198640669325182_oI saw this autograph idea on Pinterest, and it was just too cute not to do. We made the sign using our Cricut and a pre-made scrapbooking sheet.

10429494_10100890813759451_2016854847409029975_nThis is the cupcake stand. Tom made this, and I helped with the baseball stitches. I will share this soon too!

10699694_10100890814812341_800984713648129066_oThis scoreboard is another piece that will go in George’s room. It is a chalkboard sign, so eventually we see George playing with that as his imagination grows.

11999750_10100890814562841_2134369407922666121_oI found a picnic table cloth that looks like grass so we could do the cake smash on it easily instead of doing a high chair. My SIL got the idea to have a grandstand behind him once I told her about the grass. She found that wall hanging and the blow-up catcher on Zulily I believe.

For the food, we did hot dogs of course, but I wanted it to be pretty low key and easy to prepare. We also had popcorn, a fruit and veggie tray, cookies, Hostess cakes, ice cream, and cake pops.

11823033_10100890813894181_3897622861416448086_oWe made this sign to make it be a “concession” stand.

11922848_10100890814487991_2627504259060178010_oWe had it in our church gym, and the kitchen opens up nicely to add to the concession ambiance.

12002487_10100890814068831_4531515354860644404_oMy SIL has a cookie lady who does an AMAZING job decorating cookies. Seriously, look at those things! We also found Hostess baseball cakes which are on our nicely made baseball theme cupcake stand. My father-in-law found the KC Royals peanut bags at a local grocery store, so obviously we had to have those added! I found the Royals napkins at party store here, and there are also regular baseball ones.

12002621_10100890814847271_8820623049336009798_oMy SIL, the party planner, also has a cake pop lady, so yep these happened.

11953530_10100890815605751_1451344335719024023_oThese were our party favors. I just made balls that say, “Thanks for Coming! Hope You Had a Ball!” I made them in Publisher and printed them out myself. Easy peasy. I got a bulk box of them off Amazon for like 10 bucks.

Since there are a lot of kids in our family, we knew we had to have something for them to do to get all the sillies out. So we had inflatable balls and bats just thrown all over the gym. They had a “ball.”

11952796_10100890815670621_1129773986657203551_oMy SIL found these online in a 12 pack, which covered all the kiddos in case they didn’t want to share. And same with the baseball beach balls.

11936507_10100890815016931_2986832896686764566_o 11934968_10100890815121721_3675045106625245992_o 11928712_10100890815001961_7861883815618159264_oSo I bought this little bloomer outfit when George was like 4 months old, and let’s just say it’s a good thing he only wore if for a couple hours. It was a tad snug. 11226056_10100890815481001_294038128549587501_o 11227588_10100890815555851_6063895141694271798_o 11958050_10100890815426111_171671363350497930_oI mean this shirt was just calling my name. Especially when I got it for $4. He wore this after he dabbled in the icing.

12002358_10100890815406151_2526204293931605475_oTom made the baseball cake.

11227566_10100890815306351_580281061381427075_oDoesn’t the backdrop look awesome?

11937031_10100890815391181_3689082686254034623_oThe nice thing about doing it at the church was that it had an industrial kitchen with a big sink perfect for hosing George down.

10669051_10100890814108751_5408306421864629906_oThis is George’s great-grandma who is 96.

11823050_10100890814667631_8620753340258403849_oThese are George’s only first cousins, one from my side and one from Tom’s. I love that we were able to have them both there!

11947912_10100890814747471_8642003758167197522_oYes Tom is awesome for agreeing to match me in these baseball tees that were basically heat traps. Seriously so much sweat…

Tom and I love this little man. We are amazed by him every single day. We are so blessed, and we never knew how much our hearts would grow to let him in. I know George won’t remember this day, but this celebration was also to thank all of our family and friends for being there and supporting us in our first year as parents.

Can’t wait to see where year 2 takes us. We are oh so curious at what big things will happen.

Like talking. George said his first word this week. He said ‘mama!’

We had so much fun putting this baseball party together and celebrating George!

Crafts I Want To Do…But Probably Never Will

When I started this blog, I was doing crafts ALL THE TIME. That definitely has not happened since George was born. Even crocheting has taken a little of a backseat.

Now that we are in the process of getting a new home, I have been on Pinterest non-stop. My crafting juices are just itching to get all the buttons and fabric out to make something. But we need the house first…

But let’s be real, it probably wont happen as much as I would like anyway.

So here are some projects that are on my to-do wishlist, but honestly will probably not happen.

This painting would be the perfect mix of Tom’s taste in flowers and my taste in modern art. And we want to do a light grayish living room, so really this would fit right in. And I am obsessed with YELLOW!


image via

We always have loose mail, papers, magazine. Seriously, we have no dining table because it is covered in crap. This would just be practical. And easy right?


image via

This is a project that I have all the supplies for but haven’t done yet. I want to do a bible verse though instead so it is a little more lengthy. I really want my Cricut set up to help me with making a letter template instead of cutting out the letters myself especially since it is much longer. Maybe someday…


image via

And this is another project that I have all the supplies for but have yet to do. Again, with my Cricut tucked nicely in it’s box, I am never motivated to do it. And I am not free handing that.


image via

I have been talking about doing this one for YEARS…


image via

I NEED this for my future craft room! Too bad the file cabinets didn’t make it in the last move…


image via

I really want this in our future mudroom with a shelf at the top too. Anyone have a big window they are giving away?


image via

Don’t even get me started on all the wreath’s I want to make…Honestly I would love to have one for every month. The idea of moving them though has held me back. So maybe with new storage and the thought of not moving again will make these wreaths actually happen.

What projects do you have on your to-do list?


Have you ever looked at prices for rocking chairs and nursery gliders? Absurd.

Normal people cannot afford those. Especially on top of everything else needed for a nursery.

We got this rocking chair from my grandparents. Instead of trying to purchase something way out of our price range, I decided that we would just make a chair cover for it and call it good.

Off to Pinterest I went looking for patterns and inspiration.

I cannot take credit for actually making this. My mom came to our rescue again. Off my pins, she made made up our own patterns to fit the chair.

I did help cut out the fabric!

We used two fabric patterns, foam cushioning, and 550 cord.

The 550 cord is for the piping on the side.


I really like that it is reversible. And I am obsessed with these colors…obviously.


She added orange ties to all the corners so it can be easily tied to the chair.


We also made this side pocket thing. I actually did do some of the sewing on this one. My mom had a pattern for this from a bedding set.

It is really helpful to have on the rocker. I have it stuffed with wipes, bibs, granola bars, and anything else that I may need during a feeding.


I think this helps pull together all the different patterns we have in the room.

The chair is pretty comfortable pretty comfortable! I may have fallen asleep in it a few times.

Here soon I will try to do a full tour of the nursery so you can see the full set up of everything. I may even attempt to do a video tour, but don’t hold your breath.

Have you done any furniture coverings or upholstery?

The Elephant in the Room

When we started thinking about how to decorate George’s room, I knew that I wanted something simple but also unique and personal to us. Most of our art in our house is homemade, and I wanted the same for George’s nursery.

I saw a few things on Pinterest, and then thought about our wedding guest book and combined the ideas.


We thought it would be cute to do something similar with our kids and the baby showers.

So I tried my hand at drawing and painting.

2014-06-14 16.34.20 2014-06-14 16.34.33

I made a stencil for the elephant.

2014-06-14 16.34.46 2014-06-14 17.02.04

I tried doing the potato stamp for the balloons, but it did not work. I resorted to making an oval stencil and traced balloons all over. As I painted in the ovals, I added the little balloon knot with the paint brush. I kind of randomly alternated the blue and orange.

2014-06-14 17.27.48

My mom then helped with the strings. We just used a thin point sharpie to make the strings and the features on the elephant.


We had silver and black sharpies for the shower guests to sign a little note for George. In hindsight, I wish we would have only used one color of sharpie, but it still is great none the less.


Once George was born, my mom painted the date and his name on it. She has a much steadier hand than I do.


Now this hangs over his crib.


I really love how it turned out. It is super easy, and I love the personal messages.

Have you made art for your home?