Crafts I Want To Do…But Probably Never Will

When I started this blog, I was doing crafts ALL THE TIME. That definitely has not happened since George was born. Even crocheting has taken a little of a backseat.

Now that we are in the process of getting a new home, I have been on Pinterest non-stop. My crafting juices are just itching to get all the buttons and fabric out to make something. But we need the house first…

But let’s be real, it probably wont happen as much as I would like anyway.

So here are some projects that are on my to-do wishlist, but honestly will probably not happen.

This painting would be the perfect mix of Tom’s taste in flowers and my taste in modern art. And we want to do a light grayish living room, so really this would fit right in. And I am obsessed with YELLOW!


image via

We always have loose mail, papers, magazine. Seriously, we have no dining table because it is covered in crap. This would just be practical. And easy right?


image via

This is a project that I have all the supplies for but haven’t done yet. I want to do a bible verse though instead so it is a little more lengthy. I really want my Cricut set up to help me with making a letter template instead of cutting out the letters myself especially since it is much longer. Maybe someday…


image via

And this is another project that I have all the supplies for but have yet to do. Again, with my Cricut tucked nicely in it’s box, I am never motivated to do it. And I am not free handing that.


image via

I have been talking about doing this one for YEARS…


image via

I NEED this for my future craft room! Too bad the file cabinets didn’t make it in the last move…


image via

I really want this in our future mudroom with a shelf at the top too. Anyone have a big window they are giving away?


image via

Don’t even get me started on all the wreath’s I want to make…Honestly I would love to have one for every month. The idea of moving them though has held me back. So maybe with new storage and the thought of not moving again will make these wreaths actually happen.

What projects do you have on your to-do list?

10 thoughts on “Crafts I Want To Do…But Probably Never Will

    • We do have one! It is on our list to go explore once we have the house. No reason to stock pile stuff now and then have to move it. And the cricut is still in the box…whomp whomp.

  1. So many of these things I want to make as well! We actually have a globe tat is similar to that map… but I did order it out of laziness. It has a quote on it for Baby Cookie’s room! 🙂 I also am dying to find a window I can use to make one of those giant picture frames… if I ever saw one, I think I would die of happiness, haha! And the tree with hanging hearts I found on my search for one year anniversary gifts and fell in love. I like that idea so much but would totally do it myself too.

    Also, you touched on one of my biggest fears… I don’t want to stop crafting when our baby is born, but I KNOW it will take a backseat. Eek!

    • I will be honest I would probably craft more if I didn’t feel like we are in limbo with the move situation. I hate to make something new and then just add it to our packing list. Also I think if you are staying home with her you may find a little more time to do things like this. I just don’t have the energy or time after work and playing with George.

  2. This is why I’m not on Pinterest – every single thing would be on a “crafts I won’t to do but won’t” list. Haha! These are all great, though. I really like the first painting. That actually looks like something within my scope of limited abilities.

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