Home To-Dos

We moved into our first home as official homeowners in July 2015.

We love to design, decorate, and DIY. We figured this would be a great place to make notes of the before and afters, and everything in between.

This is the list of things we would like to do listed out by space/room. As we go along, we will update our progress here with any links of how the project came together. .


  • stain deck
  • stain/seal house
  • design front deck roof
  • fill in front deck trench
  • put up a tree swing
  • fire pit
  • buy a nice patio set
  • remove creeper shed
  • put in flag poles
  • do something with back lower patio
  • fill in parking space by upper back patio
  • mulch around trees
  • lights on posts
  • pad and hose cart
  • landscaping for a brown thumb (easy flowers/bushes)


  • drywall and paint
  • storage shelving
  • craft room
  • gym
  • flooring

Basement Bathroom

  • Wall off awkward nook space to a closet

Living Room

  • paint front door
  • make faux fireplace
  • make coffee table and side tables
  • curtains


  • make coffee bar
  • make small kitchen table and thrift store chairs
  • trashcan holder
  • above cabinet decorations

Dining Room

  • put in window seat
  • curtains

Laundry Room

  • build cabinets and shelves

3rd Bedroom

  • Replace closet doors
  • large mirror

Our Bathroom

  • decide on window dressing

Kid/Guest Bathroom

  • decide on window dressing

George’s Room

  • Big Boy Update
  • replace closet doors

Our Bedroom

  • Wall Map
  • order large pictures
  • Replace closet doors


  • decorate

Garage/Tom’s Workshop

  • lights
  • bench
  • shelves
  • gas powered tool room
  • automotive cart
  • welding cart

We also do have plans to build another outbuilding and other possible additions, so once those come to fruition I will add those.

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