George Turns Three

To the boy that made me a momma,

I have loved watching you grow this year., and I can’t believe how much you have changed in just 365 days. I feel like I am taking this birthday harder than I have the last two. It seems as though this time you really have outgrown being my baby. Maybe it is how you talk and play. Maybe it is because we have another baby in the house. Maybe it’s just what happens.


I have loved seeing your personality really develop this year into a sweet charismatic little boy. You are so fun, and you make me laugh every day.

You are so passionate and determined when you play. Your obsession with trucks and trains has only grown over the year. And you want to rescue every animal in sight, which lets me know how caring your heart is.


I see bits of both your dad and I in you.

You are so cautious when you meet new people, but once you get to know them-hold on. You love so hard and are very attached to your people.

Your eyes light up when you are able to work on a project with your daddy. You are very hands on and see the world in a way to build it up again.

You have no time for nonsense, and you want to make the most out of every ounce of the day. You are non-stop from the moment you wake up until the moment you go back to bed.


This is the year you have learned to pray, and I look forward to hearing what your are thankful for every day. (My favorite is that you still say thanks for Henry (Honey) and Arlo even though you haven’t seen these friends in months.) Talking about faith and prayer with you has not only grown me closer to you, but also to God.

While you still have your moments of Mr. Indepedence (aka Defiance), you are getting so much better at helping and being a good listener.


We have seen you learn new things like becoming a puzzle master and heard your vocabulary grow everyday. You are so very smart, and I know big things are in store for you.

You remind me each day to pay attention to the little things and soak up the moments where you ask me to “hold you” or for just one more kiss. I love seeing you get excited when you see train tracks or the fire house to wave to the firemen and say goodnight to the trucks when they aren’t out. I love how you have made a walk to the mailbox as exhilarating as a trip to the moon.


I know some days I am not the most patient with you, but you have taught me more about forgiveness and enduring love when you still want to snuggle even though we may have spent the afternoon both in tantrums.

One of my greatest joys however was watching you become a big brother this year. You are so sweet to your sister, and I can already tell that you are going to have a great bond. I have been so proud of you and how easy you have taken on this new role.


Over the last three years, I have watched you become you. It’s bittersweet for sure. I have watched you go from being a NICU baby to now being taller than every kid your age. It was exciting to see you take your first steps, but now it’s heartbreaking at times to see you run to play on your own. I remember the excitement hearing you gurgle for the first time, now we get to have actual conversations with each other and at times I am so overwhelmed by emotions I almost burst into tears from hearing your little sentences. I miss how little you were, but I am thrilled to see you continue to grow. I know that ultimately my job is to send you out into the world to make it a better place.

I have wanted to be a mommy my whole life, and God knew what he was doing when He gave me you first so we could go on this journey together. You have taught me how to be a mommy, and I am so thankful for every second of playing trains and reading a million books with you.

I pray for your future and I pray for God to give me the strength I need to let you go and grow.

I am so happy to be your mommy, and I have cherished these last three years with you so much. And even thought it’s not just us anymore and we have said goodbye to you being a baby, you will always be my first born and the one who stole my heart as a mommy. So no matter what changes or how crazy this world gets, my favorite thing is watching you become you.


To the one who made me a mommy,

I have been enamored by you since the day you came into this world three years ago. And my love grows bigger right along with you.

Happy Birthday Georgie Man.




To Remember About George at 2.5 Years

There are so many things I want to remember about this stage. I know there will come a time when I can hardly believe that he was this small (even though right now I think he is SO big), and I will have forgotten all the little quirky things that he does. I feel like I have forgotten all the infant stuff already. It goes by too fast!


So here is what I want to remember about George at 2 and a half years old.

I want to remember that he pronounces his friend’s name Henry like Honey.

I want to remember that he loves to sing Maroon Five. He also will sing when we are at choir practice at church. He likes to direct too.

I want to remember that he says “Hold You” when he in fact wants you to hold him.


Even though it can be aggravating, I want to remember him being demanding and telling me to “Stop It” or how he puts his finger on my mouth and says “No Talk Mommy.”

I want to remember that we have crossed the potty training bridge, and that we go through a week with less accidents than there are days.

I want to remember that he has claimed it as his chore to clear the table at dinner, and how Tom and I hold our breath that he doesn’t break any dishes when he throws them in the sink. He also has taken this task because he knows we will come play much sooner if we are done with dinner. Sometimes he tries to take our plates before we are actually done eating…

I want to remember that every morning on our drive into town I get a new story about the Paw Patrol gang as he reads to me from his favorite book about his puppy pals.

I want to remember that he knows the difference between plane tracks in the sky and actual clouds.

I want to remember how serious his face gets when he is playing hard or learning something new.

I want to remember that bedtime reading takes close to 45 minutes because while we start with two books (one that he picks out and one that I pick out) we end up reading at least 3 more books because “one more mommy.”


I want to remember how emphatically he says tractor. He purses his lips and says it from his gut without moving his teeth. His love for these machines grows every day.

I want to remember how Tom and I cannot contain our laughing when George says bridge. It sounds like a bad 5 letter word…

I want to remember how he asks for “nuggles and cuddles.”

I want to remember his new favorite game is face planting on the couch. He stands at the end, and puts his arms to his sides while I put my arms up to signal him to get ready. Then we both count to 3 and scream go. Then when my hands go down he trust falls into a face plant on the couch. This kid.


I want to remember how he says chocolate=chalket.

I want to remember how he tries to be a helper…most of the time.

I want to remember how he cheers for himself when he is done with brushing his teeth, getting a puzzle done, or he successfully went on the potty. “YAY! I did it!”

I want to remember how he wants to inspect his “big ol’ poops” and how he is so proud of himself that he got it out.

Continuing with the potty theme, I want to remember that his poop time is always hilarious. Either he has to squat so he can bend over and watch it come out, or he has to hug me or Tom while he is squeezing the turd out and coaches himself through the process. “I trying. I do it.” He also likes to coach when Daddy and Mommy are on the potty too. He pulls up a stool, sits, and says “You go poop Mommy? You do it. I flush it.”

I want to remember that when I give him a bath he tries to give me mini heart attacks by actually laying face down and swimming in the water. He never does this when Tom gives him a bath…

I want to remember how he loves doing puzzles. We have a Thomas the Train one that we do no fewer than 5 times a day. He will get it all together, say “I did it,” then break it all up and start it over immediately. And the Thomas one has to be out all the time otherwise he panics, “Where Thomas?”

I want to remember how he protects the babies at his sitter’s house. He won’t let any of the other boys come near them.


I want to remember how he plays with my hair as I sing to him goodnight.

I want to remember how he kisses my belly to talk to his sister.

I want to remember that he is still sleeping in a crib. Why my crazy adventurous little man has never attempted to climb out of cribs is beyond me. But we will continue to take it for the next couple months before we move it to DC’s room and we transition him to his new big boy room.

I could keep going…There are so many things as I go through our days that I never want to forget. I know he won’t stay little forever ever, but this here will help me remember how sweet and fun this stage was. While we do have our challenging moments where we are both fighting for control of the situation, mostly he is a sweet sweet boy who loves to take the world in around him.

So happy half birthday my little booger. It’s hard to believe that it has only been 2.5 years since you entered this world, yet at the same time it’s like you have always been here. I love you more and more every day!


George-Two Years

Yesterday, I sat at our pinning convocation and watched parents say goodbye to their college students.

I had some tears rolling down my own face as I watched and thought about the fact that George was turning two today. It felt like he would be in those stands next week with all my students. Emotional wreck-party of mom.

How has two years gone by since this little nugget came into our lives?

George has no time for me to be sentimental…


Weight: 30 lbs? He is definitely starting to lean out and is getting much taller. We don’t have to lean over to hold his hand and walk anymore.


Health:  We haven’t had too many issues. We still think that he is working on his molars, so there have been some rough days of drool, and one day of a fever for no reason. But mostly these have been the healthiest two months we have had with George in a long time!


Diet: His diet is so unpredictable. There are days where he will barely eat anything, and then other days where he tries to eat everything in the fridge. He loves his cheerios, yogurt, raisins, and clementines (but not oranges). He loves jelly, and he will open a PB & J just to lick off the jelly. He does not like eating with kid silverware or eating with a tray on his seat. He needs to be doing everything that Tom and I are. Most of the time he will eat any spaghetti type of food or anything chicken. He has actually slowed down with his fervor for the food packets which is terrifying because that is the only way to get him to eat veggies. Although he will put some veggies on his fork…and then feed them to the dogs. That’s also how we know he is done because he starts feeding everything to Grace and Crosby and then throws his plate on the ground to share. Unfortunately he will do this even when the dogs aren’t around…


Clothes:  George is in 2T clothing mostly, but we are starting to get out 3T shirts. He is going to have a long torso like his mommy. He is still in size 5 diapers, but we do size 6 at night. He is in a size 7 shoe.


Sleeping:  He sleeps at night from 8pm-about 7:00 am. He sleeps through the night pretty regularly still. He goes down really easy at night. Naps are a little tricky. To be honest, we reverted back to using the pacy. One, he knows the word “pacy” so it is hard to say no to his manners when he asks for them. Also Tom and I made an agreement that we would cut him off once his molars came in. If he has a pacy at nap he goes to sleep within seconds, without it takes almost an hour. I will let him have the pacy for just a little longer, and he does put it away once he is done sleeping so I guess that is a win. He has yet to climb out of his crib, however I did catch him straddling the railing a couple weeks ago. He hasn’t done it since, but he may be in shock by my scream I let out when I walked in on him. Not.Ready.


Likes: He loves the outdoors. He likes to ride his scooters (yes plural). He loves watching Daddy mow the lawn. He loves any big truck or tractor. He is obsessed with legos and his fire truck. He loves taking his shoes and socks off in the car. He loves his chores of dishes, laundry, and getting the dog food. Really the only one he actually does is the dog food. The other two he is working against me, but I am encouraging the help he believes he is giving. He LOVES Mickey. He gets so excited when he comes on with his clubhouse. George also loves watching Doug with Tom.  He loves to wave to Tom in the window when he goes to work, mostly because I let him stand on his bookcase..


Dislikes: Mornings. Other people playing with trucks and tractors. Eating at the table. Forcing him to stay still (example above).

Milestones: His speech is getting more recognizable. His word bank exploded these last two months, so it was hard to keep up with all the words he knows. He learned how to say tractor, and by golly it is the cutest thing. He also has a few sentences like I go and I do it. We think that he has no understanding of what “no” actually means because he says it after everything. He can point to most of his body parts, and he likes to pick our noses when we ask were the nose is. He can put on his clothes by himself now. It doesn’t look pretty but he can do it. We finished swim lessons, and it ended much better than it started. The last few classes George was jumping into the pool by himself!


Quirks: He is still super shy and doesn’t like big crowds. However, when he warms up to you, he loves really hard. When he is really investigating something, he lays flat on the floor to get a really close-up look. He is a very hands-on guy who loves to see every detail. He has started lining things up-crayons, cars, puzzle pieces. He just puts them all in a row. He is so sweet at our sitter’s house, he has to say goodbye to all the other little boys (who are all younger than him) and he gives them hugs. It makes me want to cry every day watching this sweetness come out. However he is an awkward hugger and keeps them in his embrace for a very long time. His run is the best. He hunches over and swings his whole body. Absolutely adorable.


Nicknames:  Boogie, Booger, Gdubs, Gman, Little man, Georgie, Georgieman, and Boogs. Tom calls him Lawson a lot, which is his middle name.


We parents are:  doing really well. The past few months have been fairly stress free, and we actually went out on a date…by ourselves. George loves us both hard in very different ways so that is cool to see how that is developing.

The dogs are: loving George with the extra food they get. He still tries to ride them. He also says goodnight to them and gives them kisses before we go to bed.


George it has been such a joy to watch you grow and become a little person. We are so happy to be on this journey of life with you as your parents.

Saying Goodbye to My Baby

I no longer have a baby. You almost forget how little they were.


It seems over night, George has grown into a little boy.

Gone are the days where he sits in one spot, now he is like flash across the room.

Gone are the days were he just coos, now he is speaking in sentences.

Gone are the days where I am the one doling out kisses, now he is giving some of his own.

Gone are the days where we lead him on wild adventures, now he takes our hands and pulls us where we need to go.

Gone are the days where his curiosity is just following us with his eyes, now his curiosity gets him in cabinets and on counter tops.

Gone are the days where we laid him in Grace’s lap to sleep, now he tries to ride her like a pony.

Gone are the days where we can complete a task without a shadow, now he attempts to do everything we do (including the dishes and watering flowers).

Gone are the days where I read him books, now he picks out his own and reads to himself.

Gone are the days where I was confident he was getting all his nutrition from me or his formula, now we have to make sure we have a balanced diet for a toddler appetite and he feeds himself with utensils.

Gone are the days of the sweet soft baby skin, now he has scraped knees, bruises, and mosquito bites from exploring the great outdoors.

Gone are the days where he sleeps soundly in my arms, now he climbs all over me expecting a piggy back ride.

Gone are the days of my baby, now he is building his personality and living it up as a toddler.

In a MONTH, George will be two, which he can count to now btw. Every day, I learn a little bit more about being a mom. We are growing together.

I love being his mom, but it is going too fast. However, I need to not spend too much time in the past and enjoy where he is now. Because soon he will be in school, and I will be missing his toddler sticky goodness and unruly hair.




George-22 Months


Weight: 29 lbs. He hasn’t really gained a lot of weight, but I feel like he has gotten a lot taller.


Health:  We continued the roller coaster of health issues these last two months. George got the worst case of Hand-Foot-Mouth that our doctor has ever seen. (Of course he did.) He has been over it for a few weeks, and you can still see scars from the blisters. It was awful. George seemed unaffected and was excited about the extra days at home that we had him quarantined. George underwent his first “surgery” last week and got tubes put in his ears. He did so great with being put under and didn’t even cry. Hopefully this will help keep the ear infections and other sickness at bay.


Diet: His diet is the worst. He will eat whatever the sitter gives him, but refuses to eat anything but cheerios, yogurt, and smoothies at home. We can sometimes get him to eat chicken and pasta, but it is never predictable. He will drink so much liquids throughout the day. He sucks juice, water, tea, and milk down like it’s his job. He is obsessed with condiments/dipping sauces. He will dip anything into ketchup (like his mama).  It is very frustrating to feed him. Tonight I had given up feeding him actual meals after how lunch and breakfast had gone (very poorly), but then he ate more chicken enchiladas than I did. Toddler taste buds are a mystery.


Clothes:  George is in 2T clothing for everything now. He is still in size 5 diapers, but we do size 6 at night. He is in a size 6 shoe. He is looking less babyish and more big kid.


Sleeping:  He sleeps at night from 8pm-about 6:30 am. He sleeps through the night pretty regularly still. He goes down really easy at night. Naps are a little tricky. Sometimes he goes down easy for naps, but if we throw his schedule off even a little bit, he will play in his crib for hours before falling asleep. He just sits in there playing with his stuffed animals, jumping, or reading books. He has yet to climb out of his crib, but I am thinking those days are numbered.


Likes: He loves the outdoors and Tom’s shop. He loves the UPS man. The other day he cried when he (UPS man) left the street, like big fat whopping tears. He is obsessed with legos and his fire truck. He loves taking his shoes and socks off in the car. He is still a big reader. He likes doing dishes with me. He pushes the chair over and actually tries scrubbing the dishes.


Dislikes: He hates mornings right now. He throws the largest tantrums when he gets up and refuses to not be held. He is not happy when we tell him no and try to keep him from doing dangerous things. He is a sassy pants when he doesn’t get to do what he wants right then. He despises getting his teeth brushed. (It’s also my least favorite part of the day…) He hates the deep end at the pool. He doesn’t mind pools as long as he can touch the bottom on his own. He even went down the slide at the no entry side. But for me to hold him in the deep end during swim lessons, no bueno. He has a death grip on us the whole class period.


Milestones: Gosh he talks a lot. Most of it is unrecognizable, but he is a chatty little guy. His new words are thank you, bite, good job, bubba (bubbles), juice, Grace, cheese, alright, green, blue, two, and mine. He knows a couple animal noises now. He can do a cow, sheep, and dog noises. It is so funny hearing him say bye to everyone. He screams it several times before leaving the house. He can get the milk and juice out of the fridge and put it on the counter. We started swim lessons, as a said above he does not appreciate this time. This last week he was a little better and tried blowing bubbles but he is definitely not a fan of this time. He is starting to really recognize folks that he hasn’t seen in awhile. We stopped potty training, which I guess is an un-milestone. He went on the potty for two weeks and then all of a sudden decided he would never do it again. So we pushed pause on it, and we have just gone back to asking if he needs to go and waiting for him to run to the bathroom. This is fine with us because the original plan wasn’t to start until well after he was 2, and to be honest closer to 3. He has “chores” now. He gets the dog food when the bowl is empty and helps load the washer and dryer with laundry. He takes these jobs very seriously. He smiles for the camera now, while saying cheese.


Quirks: He is super shy and doesn’t like big crowds. However, when he warms up to you, he loves really hard. When he is sad, a sure fire way to get him out a funk is to play hide and seek. His tantrums are pretty ridiculous. We think it comes from the fact that he really wants to do things on his own and be independent, even if he shouldn’t be doing it on his own. He also isn’t the best at communicating, so sometimes all this frustration comes out in a throw himself on the floor tantrum. When he is really investigating something, he lays flat on the floor to get a really close-up look. He is a very hands-on guy who loves to see every detail. While there are a lot of mentions of tantrums in this post, for the most part if he is exploring he is the happiest guy out there. I just love watching his face light up. He warms my heart.


Nicknames:  Booger, Gdubs, Gman, Little man, Georgie, Georgieman, and Boogs.

We parents are:  Our schedules are a little wild right now, so things have been weird at our house with a lot of rearranging of schedules. We are also ready for a month where George isn’t sick since that is super stressful on so many levels. George has been very clingly lately and is definitely becoming a momma’s boy. I have a love/hate relationship with this kind of attention. While I am loving that he wants my comfort and he finds safety from me, it does make it hard to walk alone, get something out of the fridge with two hands, eat a meal where he isn’t sitting in my lap…it can just be exhausting at times for him to want to be on my hip 24/7. The death grip hugs are nice though. Like I said, he loves hard. We also are looking forward to the day where we can go to a restaurant where someone doesn’t have to go “walk” George during the meal.


The dogs are: loving summer. George loves the dogs. He gets so excited to let them outside. He thinks trying to ride them is his job. Grace will let him do it, and is so patient with him. Crosby gets up and moves away the second George tries to get on him.


Don’t mind me, I will be over here wiping up my tears knowing that he will be 2 in two months. I will take one of those hard hugs now Gman.