Have you ever looked at prices for rocking chairs and nursery gliders? Absurd.

Normal people cannot afford those. Especially on top of everything else needed for a nursery.

We got this rocking chair from my grandparents. Instead of trying to purchase something way out of our price range, I decided that we would just make a chair cover for it and call it good.

Off to Pinterest I went looking for patterns and inspiration.

I cannot take credit for actually making this. My mom came to our rescue again. Off my pins, she made made up our own patterns to fit the chair.

I did help cut out the fabric!

We used two fabric patterns, foam cushioning, and 550 cord.

The 550 cord is for the piping on the side.


I really like that it is reversible. And I am obsessed with these colors…obviously.


She added orange ties to all the corners so it can be easily tied to the chair.


We also made this side pocket thing. I actually did do some of the sewing on this one. My mom had a pattern for this from a bedding set.

It is really helpful to have on the rocker. I have it stuffed with wipes, bibs, granola bars, and anything else that I may need during a feeding.


I think this helps pull together all the different patterns we have in the room.

The chair is pretty comfortable pretty comfortable! I may have fallen asleep in it a few times.

Here soon I will try to do a full tour of the nursery so you can see the full set up of everything. I may even attempt to do a video tour, but don’t hold your breath.

Have you done any furniture coverings or upholstery?

4 thoughts on “Rockaway

  1. The Rocker came out absolutely fabulous. I agree no need to spend ump-teen amounts of money on something when you can make your own or re-do something to make it work. Best of all your able to put your on twist on it. I love the side caddy, you and your mom did great!!!

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