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Today is the first day for Autumn on My Mind!


We have a pretty easy prompt for today!

“What I Love About Fall”

Link up with us to describe what you are excited about this autumn. We want to hear what you love about the fall season. That could be everything pumpkin flavored, the scarves galore or how the leaves get crunchy. Tell us what you “fall” for!

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I always think of this song when I think of fall. Plus it was one of my favorite marching shows I ever did because the saxophone part is pretty swell and just so upbeat and fun.

Here is why I love fall.
1. The colors-I love the variety of hues you see. I love driving through the country and seeing the skyline just colors every day. I am really excited for my drive to work this fall since the trees are huge and glorious here.
2. Marching band. What can I say? I am a band geek at heart. I love cheering on my teams! I love hearing them practice in the morning on my way to work. Oh the memories…
47_506955809901_5676_n 49_508607829241_4112_n And nothing says fall like wool uniforms.
2744_520124010705_1516026_nI would try to learn the cheers too at every game. If I did any reality show, it would be like “MTV Made” where they make me a cheerleader/pommie. No lie…
3. School starts. Even though I am not in classes, I love the excitement of school starting and getting to learn new things. So many great things have happened at the beginning of the school year. I still feel the need to buy crayons and a Lisa Frank trapper keeper each year.
4. The fruit picking options: blueberries, blackberries, apples… I just love getting out there and getting my hands dirty!
5. Crunchy leaves. I will go out of my way to step on crunchy leaves.
6. Football. It probably started from watching the Chiefs every Sunday with my dad growing up. Then have my Friday nights, [then Saturdays] filled because of marching and having to pay attention and learn the game because of pep band. The infatuation for the game blossomed, and I love watching my teams each week. (Tom doesn’t so much appreciate the yelling and cheering that occurs, but oh well!) And thanks to my time at Clemson, I also was exposed to the best tailgating experience. Really no where can compare to the “Most Exciting 25 Seconds in Football.”

There really is something in those hills.
13937_575946826351_297321_nPart of my grad cohort after a Tiger game.
317_528071578731_3697_nWe tailgated before, and after, pretty much every game guaranteed.
I am really bummed that I will not be making it to either Central or Clemson to watch a game this year.
431763_965147984111_1018736824_nThis was my first tailgate at Central since I was always in the band. And it only came 5 years after I graduated! Go Mules!
7. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is the perfect holiday focused on family and service, without having to worry about gift giving. And really it is all about the food…Love me some cranberry salad, marshmallow yams, and stuffing with noodles.
8. Hoodies. Fall has the best weather for hoodies. If I could, I would live in hoodies. I own a hoodie for every school I work at, plus several from Worlds of Fun, my fraternity, and some just because. I have a giant stack of them in the closet. They are just so comfy. I do need to get one for Austin Peay though…
9. TV. shows return from the summer hiatus. I am a TV junkie, and I love fall premieres. One of my task list items this weekend is to set up the DVR for all my shows! Cannot wait to have some closure from all those season ending cliff hangers.
10. The weather isn’t awful. My husband is hot blooded so this weather is perfect for him, which means that he is much more likely to enjoy the outings that I put him through. Which then means, that I enjoy them more too! Yes outdoor date ideas! It’s also not just events for dates, but fun times with friends and family at things such as corn mazes and pumpkin patches. There is just so much fun stuff to do!
7432_572696500031_6925678_nWe went through a Corn Maze, and of course they had other fun stuff to play around with.
My family last year at a pumpkin festival. We were only missing Tom who was having a very different kind of fall in Afghanistan. Look at the Missouri Hills behind us! Glorious!
Tom said that he loves this season because all of his favorite hunting seasons are now. He said his mind always goes to a deer stand when he thinks of fall. He is trying to convince me right now that he needs a new bow….
So we all have our reasons for loving the season. Link up and show us your reasons!

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