Coach to Cure MD

I never was one to put famous stars pictures on my wall growing up. I didn’t watch Carson Daily or read Seventeen magazine. It never made sense to me to get all up in arms for these stars.

That is until I started crushing on a football coach. I swoon over Dabo Sweeney. I am all about putting his picture on my wall. He is my version of JT or Nick Lachey.

It is no secret that I am in love with Dabo Sweeney, and I get made fun of all the time for it. Whatevs. It may be a little odd, but I seriously love Dabo. I squealed like a teenage girl the TWO times I have met him (hugged him).


I practically jumped over tables to get to him for this picture.


I was shaking uncontrollably after this picture I was so nervous and thrilled since this was the first time I met him.

He started his career as head coach at Clemson during my first year in grad school. So it was fun to be there for his career rise. I think that he is a great person/coach from the few speeches I have been privileged to hear in person. And then just watching a couple, (several dozen), ESPN/YouTube clips with his compassion and coaching philosophy, how can you just not fall deeper in love with him? The obsession only rises each week.

Today, Dabo and Clemson, along with 624 other schools, are participating in Coach to Cure MD. You will see them wearing these patches today.

CTCMDlogo_2012email4I have talked about Duchenne a few times with the story of T.J. (here and here). It is so great to see so many rallying around these kids to find a way to help them have stronger and longer lives. I was unfamiliar with this until heard T.J.’s story, so I know that many others are unaware of Duchenne. So the more awareness and support the better!

Here are a few inspirational stories.

Coach to Cure MD


I am still in the process of fundraising for PPMD. My goal is to raise $900 by my next half marathon on Oct 19th. Please consider joining me and hundreds of coaches around the country today to Tackle Duchenne. Here is my personal fundraising page, and all donations go directly to PPMD and are tax deductible. Any amount is appreciated by me and the families experiencing Duchenne every day.

I hope you all are having a great Saturday watching your team of choice. Although, I wish I was there, I am enjoying the Clemson homecoming game!