Daphne-10 Months

It is so cliche to say, but how in the world is this girl two months away from being one?


Weight:  19lbs. At her 9 month check up she went from the 7% to the 46%, so food has been good to her.


Health: This month her health has been fine until today. Tonight, she is working through a stomach bug. She has been barfing about every 30 minutes for a few hours now. Not sure what is going on, but hopefully she is almost done! She is working on FOUR teeth, possibly SIX. There are 4 coming in on the top, and it looks like there may be others coming soon after. They are taking their sweet time coming out though.


Diet: Y’all I am still breastfeeding! I never would have imagined making it this far after my experience with George. Our routine hasn’t changed a lot this month, but I can tell that the more actual food she eats the less she wants to nurse. During the week, I nurse her in the morning and before bed. Her morning nursing is the best that she does all day. She wasn’t finishing her three bottles during the day, so we cut back to two breastmilk bottles while I am at work. Some days, I do not make enough for two, and she will have one formula bottle. Depending on how well she nurses at night, she may get a 2-4 oz formula bottle before bed as well. On the weekends, for the most part we avoid the formula and nurse the whole time. She isn’t super interested in nursing on the weekends, and will generally still only last for 5 minutes. I can tell my supply is dipping because of her increased interest in real food. I do still pump once before she goes to bed every day to keep up with the two 5 oz bottles she has during the week. Actually she isn’t really interested in drinking anything. She will sip at a formula bottle for awhile too. She would just rather be eating than drinking. Usually, she has oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, eggs and fruit for lunch, and then a sample of whatever we are having at dinner. She has tried all kinds of new things:  sloppy joes, mac and cheese, pork, olives, crackers, cucumbers, salmon patties, and oranges. She is a really good eater! She often eats all of her food plus whatever George doesn’t eat.


Clothes: She is in 6 month and some 6-9 month. She is in a size 4 diaper, and size 2 shoe.


Sleeping:  Teething has been rough on her sleep. It is all over the place. She still does have two naps, but you never know how long she will stay down. They can vary from 30 mins to 2-3 hours. She goes to bed around 8pm. She will wake up anywhere between 3am-6am. I will nurse her then put her back down until I am ready to leave for work. Usually that does the trick.


Likes:  She is getting a little more adventurous, and is really into pulling things down like all the things on the fridge or the kitchen chairs to the floor. She is more into music and loves dancing. She is very intrigued by my in-laws cat, Albert. This girl thinks it is hilarious when I high kick-the best giggle fits ever!


Dislikes:  Public changing tables. She is not a fan of most people unless you are in your immediate circle. (She did let my best friend hold her this weekend which is a miracle.) She is either standing up or trying to stand up, so this girl doesn’t like being kept down. She hates when I leave the room-definite mama’s girl and is going through severe separation anxiety when I don’t have her.


Milestones: She can get to a seated position on her own. She has said Buba (in reference to George). She started clapping this month. We have started giving her a real sippy cup to drink water in. We are just skipping over the soft tops, which I am ok with.

Nicknames: Stinkerbug, Daphie, and Daphie Girl. The two most common are Daph and Sister.


Quirks:  She pulls at her hair when she nurses. This girl is so fast crawling. I don’t know if she will walk anytime soon because she knows she can get there so much faster by crawling.


We parents are: trying to make more time for each other. In the past we have both done our own things at nights, which can be nice, but we have so many weeks out of the year when Tom isn’t home at night, so we really needed to make a better effort when he is home to be Tom and Steph and not just Mom and Dad. We started a marriage devotional, and we are attempting to go on more dates. It can be hard, especially with breastfeeding, but it is important for us to make the time.


George is:  just the best little boy. He just takes my breath away every day. He is just the sweetest and has such great enthusiasm for every day. However, he has less and less patience for Daphne these days. She is fast and likes to put everything in her mouth, which George does not approve of. On the other hand, he does love her and tries to take care of her when she is crying. Or he just alerts us that we need to deal with it…


The dogs are: needing spring to be here. They bark at every moving thing outside, so I need the weather to warm up so they can stay out there for extended amounts of time and run their little hearts out. They do love Daphne and her passion for food. Other than feeding time, they don’t really pay attention to each other.


This girl has us wrapped around her pinky.

Here is George at 10 months.

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