Bachelorette Rachel Week 8

Hometown week! Let’s see how dramatic they can make everyone’s family appear to be.

  • I love that Eric took her to his old stomping grounds.
  • Rachel is playing b-ball in heels. You get it girl.
  • Maybe I grew up in a different world, but I find it odd that this 30 year old man has never brought a girl home to his family. And it makes me wonder if he wasn’t in this production and signed a contract to do hometowns, would he bring Rachel home?
  • Does his family live in a hotel?
  • I would be so overwhelmed to meet that many people! And they are all talking at once!
  • I love Rachel so much! She is so smart and down to earth.
  • Eric’s mom seems to be a strong woman who has given Eric a good foundation.
  • Eric’s dad seems skeptical of everything.
  • Eric’s toast was super sweet. Love does change everything.
  • Domino Park? That sounds like so much fun, and what a good touch for Bryan to remember that about her. How cute are these men!
  • I did not see any of these things when I went to Miami. Granted I was only there for an afternoon, and my priority was the beach…
  • I’m totally going to be Bryan’s mom…I will cry all the time when I have to think about my babies leaving me!
  • Bahahaha Bryan’s mom is calling him out for dating “all” the girls. She is puts it all out there.
  • Who is the young woman at Bryan’s? Did I miss her tagline? He said he was an only child?
  • Seriously, this mom, all the emotions! My baby hormones are making me cry when she is crying.
  • Rachel like melted when he said I love you. He is definitely in the final two…
  • Haha there are people following Peter and Rachel in Madison. That has got to be weird.
  • I love that Peter included his friends in his hometown. I agree that is so important. Although I would have been so upset that he surprised me with that encounter. Do not surprise me!
  • Peter is being realistic with wanting to be sure about this decision. It is a pretty drastic thing to propose after the amount of time they are together.
  • I still think that Rachel likes Peter more than he likes her.
  • Oh Dean’s date…the previews don’t look promising.
  • I don’t understand why Dean chose to have his Dad as the hometown if it is this traumatic to see him. Why would you chose to do this to yourself after two years of not seeing each other, and on public TV.
  • I get why Dean is being so reserved. I have been in those shoes with strained relationships . It’s hard for outsiders to understand why you want to just leave it alone and stay away.
  • I don’t think he is being childish at all for keeping this down and trying to joke al the time.
  • I hope that we get to talk to his siblings a little to see their reactions to all this.
  • This is so uncomfortable to watch them argue. I don’t feel right watching this.
  • WHAT?! Rachel said she was falling in love with Dean!
  • This is real life kind of stuff for sure.
  • I am ok that not everyone said I love you. It’s ok because it is still so quick!
  • Oh Chris Harrison-you are such a wise sage.
  • Rachel, you have to be selfish in this process. That’s how you advocate for what you want in a relationship. I don’t know if selfish is the right word. You are fighting for your own heart.
  • I don’t understand. Why tell Dean that she was falling in love with him and then let him go?
  • I think Dean may be the next runner up for the Bachelor.
  • Guys! I think Raven and Dean should meet. Wouldn’t they be perfect for each other.
  • AHHH I just found that he will be on BIP, and so is Raven!!! Yes!

My favorite is Peter.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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