Fit for Me 32/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-32 minute training run. I ran during the workday, and I found the key to coming back to work without dying of heat is wearing a skirt. Apparently my legs needed to breathe. Also 2nd day hair.

Saturday-I did a race in town around a local lake. It was not a run; it was a hike. I ran what I could, but I walked a lot more than I planned since the terrain was a lot more treacherous than I remember from our excursions there before. There were small slat bridges, creek beds you had to run straight down then straight back up, and rocks jutting up everywhere. So instead of risking a sprained ankle, I walked a lot to get through it.

Tuesday-36 minute training run. This was was a huge struggle. I was having such a hard time meeting each of my time splits. As I was doing the cool-down, I realized that the incline was set on a 2 instead of the .5 I normally do. No wonder I was having trouble.

Impressed by:

I kept going through that trail run. There were parts where I wondered why I sign up for these things, but it is always great to cross the finish line.

Struggled with:

I need to do some other workouts besides running. I am starting to get in a rut with running, which always happens mid-training for me. So I need something to jazz it up for a a little bit.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

I did not meet my goal of running one of the trail miles at a 10 minute pace. It just wasn’t worth it on that path.

What is my goal for next week?

To do one workout that is not running.

Fitness Thoughts:

I never look good in the running photos…How do people do it? I always come out looking like I am going to puke or that I am taking it much more serious than I actually am. I mean look at the kid before me-having the time of his life in his little bandana.

11813485_938101422894806_120917297985061843_nAre you race photogenic? How do you do it?

4 thoughts on “Fit for Me 32/52

    • Mine are seriously always awful. Even when I try to smile at the cameras and think this is the race…all come out serious or like I just puked. Every.Single.Time.

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