Friday Filter: Movies Recently

First of all thank you to everyone for the kind words yesterday (and in days past). As I look to our future, it is very comforting to have all that support around us!

Anyhoo, Tom and I have been trying to make the most of our cable package so we have been recording a lot of movies instead of going out to them.

These are just some quick thoughts on the films we watched so far.

1. We’re the Millers– This comedy stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. It follows this eclectic group who try smuggling drugs across the border disguised as a loving family in an RV. They are not actual family; they all just happened to need something from each other when the idea was posed by Jason’s character. The whole movie is a slew of comedy stints and raunchy jokes. For what it was it wasn’t a bad movie. It was funny, but I probably won’t take the time to watch it again.

2. Captain Phillips– This is a film that is based on true events. Tom Hanks portrays Captain Phillips who commanded a cargo ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates. This movie was gripping from the first few seconds. The acting was spot on. They showed the way the crew worked together to provide distractions until military help was able to respond. It showed the immense courage that Captain Phillips had to keep the pirates from completing their mission. This was a great film, and both Tom and I enjoyed it. It deserved the Oscar nods it received, although I am surprised Tom Hanks didn’t at least get a nomination for Best Actor.

3. Gravity– This was another Oscar buzz film. This one starred Sandra Bullock (who is my favorite actress). Sandy was an astronaut who was the lone survivor of a disaster in space where their shuttle was destroyed. It went through all the emotions she went through as she accepted her fate and how she was going to possibly re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. There is a definite reason that this film was awarded the Oscar for Cinematography, Directing, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing, and Film Editing. Some of the moments were just crushing as we waited for the next movement. Absolutely breathtaking. I will say that for me it resembled the movie Cast Away just a little bit.

4. Schindler’s List– I have never sat down and watched this film until now. I know, I know, and I call myself a history major. This film tells the story of Oskar Schindler and how he helped save the lives of thousands of Jews during WWII. He started out as a business man intent on creating his success via “slave” labor. He started seeing that as he was profiting people were dying. So he decided to do something about it and used his business sense as a weapon to save some lives. This film is a masterpiece. It was carefully constructed to depict the harsh realities of the Holocaust. It is very harrowing. It is a must see for everyone. It’s no wonder it won 7 Academy Awards of the 12 that it was nominated for (including Best Picture).

I have also been making my way through the Harry Potter franchise again. I only have the last one to re-watch. Say hello to my Saturday! So good!


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Have you seen any of these movies?

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