Watching Lately

My TV habits slow way down in the summer months, but I have a few shows I have been keeping up with.

So You Think You Can Dance

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This is one of my favorite shows. The talent and creativity shown is just inspiring. Many of the top 10 end up going on to Dancing With the Stars, so obviously I love the connection. I really like the new judging panel of Nigel, Paula Abdul, and Jason Derulo. Paula is really quirky, and she wears her emotions on her face or by the noises she makes. So you can tell right off the bat whether she likes something or not. I was really surprised by Jason’s dance knowledge, but come to find out he was classically trained in dance since he was really little (like 4 years old I think). And Nigel is just Nigel, the crusty old British judge. They are now done with the auditions, so next week we will see Vegas week. That week always makes me nervous because it really pushes people to their limits, and some prosper and some fail miserably. I do think this new format of street vs stage is interesting. I am not completely sure how it will play out yet, so I don’t know if I like it yet. I love the idea of the mentorship with Twitch and Travis. I think that will be a really cool dynamic to bring to the set. There have been some phenomenal dancers, so I can’t wait to see the numbers they come up with. I loved Jim the ballet dancer if you were curious.

The Bachelorette


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Oh. My. This season. I don’t even really know where to begin with my comments. Kaitlyn really does her own thing, which I can appreciate to an extent. I do agree with her that she does need to kiss people to see if there is that intimate connection, but I still am not sure how I feel about what happened Monday and how far she has gone. That isn’t a route I would go, but that’s apparently her prerogative so who am I to judge her choices. I also wouldn’t go on a reality TV show to find my husband, so there is that. I do not really like Nick being on the show in the first place. I was not the biggest fan of his when he was dating Andi, and I think he is still kind of a sleazeball. And I think there is something fishy about him waiting until the show actually started to reach out to her instead of when they were “talking” before the show began. I think it will be interesting to see how this talk with Shawn goes. I think Kaitlyn is going to blow her secret and the real drama will begin. Also I really liked Shawn until he started showing all the jealousy and got drunk off it. It kind of ruined him for me. You know what you are getting yourself into when you sign up for this show. She is dating 25 men AT THE SAME TIME. Anyway, that convo will be something. I really DO NOT like this new format of doing a cliff hanger every week with the rose ceremonies. It is driving me crazy that they are at the beginning of the episodes now.  Grrrr. My favorites after this week are Joe, Jared, Chris, and both Bens. Ben H. is my first choice for her. He seems like someone who can keep up with her wit but also keep her grounded.

Pretty Little Liars


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They said this season would be all about answers, but four episodes in I still only have questions! I honestly have no clue what is going on. But I guess that is the attraction to this show. I wonder if these girls will finally graduate? Also did you know that the actress who play Ali is only 19 in real life? That means she was super young when the show started. Anyway about the show, it is still packed with drama. I am skeptical of this new cop, but you are always skeptical of new characters on this show. I have no idea if Charles is alive or not, but obviously there is something surrounding his time in Radley. Initially I do think that he is alive, and he is taking his frustration out on Ali for living the life he should have, but that doesn’t explain why he hates the other girls. I also think there is something not right about Sara. She is creeping me out. I don’t have much more to say because I am so utterly lost when it comes to PLL.

The Whispers


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This is a new show on ABC. When I saw the commercials initially, I thought no way jose. It looked creepy and scary and not up my alley at all. But it comes on right after the Bachelorette, so I caught the first 5 minutes of the pilot, and I couldn’t help but get sucked in. It is really creepy, but I am hooked on the suspense. I don’t think I can really explain the plot because there are so many different variables that when I try to explain it becomes really confusing. But the premise is there is this entity that is speaking to children and getting them to play this game to do pretty awful things. The parents think this “Drill” is an imaginary friend. And all of the parents seem to have some high power/influenced job. I feel like the ultimate result is world domination through these awful acts these kids are doing (like making their mom fall out of a tree house). There are some other plot lines that are playing into it that I haven’t figured out, but it is only few episodes in. If you are looking for something with a little mystery and suspense this is a great show. It is a little more on the SciFy realm–a little. These kids are phenomenal actors too! This is not a show I can watch before bed (because I am like a child and will have legit nightmares).

The Astronaut Wives Club


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This is based on the book by Lily Koppel. I have had this book on my to-read list for a long time, and I have now since ordered it and will be my next book to read. I have only seen the pilot of this show since it just started last week. Naturally, I love a good period piece show, and this era is on of my favorites stylistically. I could just watch the show to see what the women are wearing and be just fine. So since this is based on a true story, and since I haven’t read the book yet, I was on the interwebs most of the episode to see how much of it was actually true. I would have to say for Hollywood standards, they did a pretty decent job (at least from my brief internet research). Some of the pictures they staged for the magazine, are exactly the ones they did in real life, wardrobe and all. This show is meant to show the side of the wives of the Mercury Seven, which was the space program for the first US man in space. These women became famous and model “homemakers” during this time thanks to a spread in Time Magazine. I am really fascinated by this, so I will definitely be tuning in for every episode. I do know that right now they have only guaranteed this as a summer 10 episode mini-series unless it does extremely well. Then they may come back for another season. From just the pilot alone, I think this would be a great summer investment! (Although, I may just record all the episodes knowing there are only 10, and wait until I finish the book to watch the rest.)

What are you watching this summer? Have you seen any of these shows?

Friday Filter-My TV Guide

So the seasons are starting their Winter hiatus. How did this become a thing?

Anyway, I figured I would give a brief update on where I am at with all of my TV shows.


  • Once Upon a Time-Still one of my favorites out there. I am having a hard time watching “Henry” in his “Pan” moments. I also kind of want Emma to be with Hook more than Neil.
  • Walking Dead-So glad the Governor is gone…or is he? Also, I may have teared up a bit when Hershel died.


  • Dancing with the Stars-My man Derek and his partner Amber Riley won! I have an obsession with Derek Hough and also Tristan MacManus. I want them both to be my dance partners, and I honestly watch the show more to see them than the “stars.” Maybe they will help me fulfill my 30 before 30 task of dance lessons.
  • Castle-My favorite show currently. I called it that Beckett would return to New York, which happened in either the third or forth episode of the season. If you do not watch this show and you are looking for something new, ADD THIS ONE!
  • Hart of Dixie-I watch this show at lunch every Tuesday. It is such a pick me up. I just love the quirkiness of the small town. I am glad Dr. Hart’s family has come around!


  • New Girl-I am really enjoying Nick and Jess together. Winston is my favorite. He generally makes or breaks every episode for me.
  • The Biggest Loser-I am in love with this season. I mistakenly tried watching this at lunch a few times, and ended up crying in the Union dining court. Whoops. I am rooting for all of them, but really mostly Rachel.
  • Awkward-I stopped watching consistently after the third episode. I have them all on the DVR ready to binge watch the Awkwardness. I just need to be in the right mood right now for teenage affairs.


  • Super Fun Night-I honestly forgot that I started watching this. My DVR stopped recording it for some reason, so I haven’t seen it for a few weeks. It isn’t a bad show, but I am obviously not missing it.
  • Nashville-I watch this every week live, and I am slowly getting Tom hooked. I really wish Rayna and Deacon would just be together though. Also, I am hoping that I see them on my excursions to Nashville. Real life right?


  • Grey’s Anatomy-I will go week’s without watching and then binge watch 3 episodes while Tom plays video games. I am apathetic about the show, but I am still hooked enough to come back to see what’s up. I am invested until the end.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland-I just wasn’t into this show. I stopped after the third episode I think. It was too Willy Wonka for me. There was not as much overlap into the original as I was hoping so I didn’t feel I was missing anything by not watching.
  • Crazy Ones-I really enjoy this show. It is ridiculous, but it is short enough and light so I will watch it when I need a quick pick me up. Robin Williams is totally worth it.
  • Parenthood-Max working with photography? Perfect. I see myself in Julia with her struggles of being a stay at home mom (except without the mom part obviously). I just love this show.
  • Glee-I stopped watching this show two episodes ago. I think it was the muppets episode that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am not sure what is going on but it has just gone way downhill for me. The music also doesn’t really call to me anymore, so there was no reason to keep watching the absurdity. I was really sad about it, which is why I held out as long as I did. The last couple just did me in.
  • Scandal-I am in a constant state of shock with this show. I have drug Tom into the goodness! I caught him up on the first couple seasons so he knew what was going on. If we weren’t married, Tom would want to work in CIA/Huck like jobs. Scary I know, but that’s what it is. So he loves it for that, and I just love it for all the OMG moments. I did not see last night coming!

Every Day

  • Ellen-this is the best part of my day. I watch it in small segment–a little before I go to work and right when I get home. And when I don’t get through it, I will binge watch that week’s episodes on Saturday mornings while Tom is sleeping in. I just love Ellen so much. She is great and fantastic, and a great role model for human beings. I want to dance with her/meet her/embarrass myself ridiculously for her. Also, when I am home alone, sometimes I think Tom is secretly in the house to video tape scare me like Ellen would do. He has gotten me more times than I would like to admit-no video yet, just lots of scaring and screaming. So I am in a constant state of panic because of Tom being inspired by her pranks. Thanks Ellen.

Not on right now

  • Pretty Little Liars- CAN.NOT.WAIT.
  • Switched at Birth-This comes back soon too. I love this show for so many silly reasons. One being that it is based in KC. They mentioned World of Fun (not the real Worlds of Fun) once. Although they are in KC, Kansas, and not Missouri. But I will forgive them for their ignorance when showing the KC, MO skyline. Here is your education on Kansas City. Yes it has Kansas in the name, but most of the city is actually in Missouri. All the sports teams are in Missouri, all the famous BBQ-Missouri, all the jazz history-Missouri, all the goodness-Missouri…haha JK (only kind of)

So there you have it. I only weeded out a couple shows. What can I say, I am TV junkie!

Friday Filter-More TV Premieres

Thought we were done? I told you I am obsessed. But don’t worry, we still find time to do other things.

I believe this is the last one for awhile. And looking back my shows are all over the place theme-wise…

Hart of Dixie

This show is a gem. I love it’s light-hearted stories and silly drama. It is about a NY doctor who was transplanted to a small town in the deep south. Some of the things that she experiences are things I went through when I moved to SC, so it is pretty funny to watch. Although until I moved to SC, this Missourian never really thought of myself as a Northerner. My dad turned me onto this show, sweet huh? He says that he sees a lot of me in Dr. Hart, which is probably true. Except, I could never pull off her heels on a daily basis. There is a continuing love triangle between her, George and Wade. I think she should be with Wade, but I see a lot of Tom in him, so it makes sense why I like him more. There is a lot of hilarity in the small town of Bluebell. Small town traditions at its finest. My favorites are the antics of the Belles, which is the women’s social society, which were shook up in the first couple episodes when Lemon and AnnaBelle up and quit. The disgrace! This guide says that my personality matches that of North Carolina, so it seems only natural that I would love a show about the South.

The Biggest Loser

This show is a feel good reality show. These are people looking for a second chance to become healthier and more active. I become a sap and feel really connected to the people on the show. To me, it is really inspiring. For the past few years, I have moved my schedule around to watch this as I train so I can watch this show as I run on the treadmill. For someone who was not a runner a few years ago, this show was really inspiring to do something about my own inactivity. It was like the trainers were yelling at pushing me through the screen, and it was a huge motivator to keep going with my running. It is only the second week, so there is not a lot of drama yet and they seem to be working well together. There are some seasons that I feel that the contestants are super selfish and overly dramatic in a bad way. I haven’t seen that yet this time around. I love seeing what creative ways the trainers get the contestants moving. It has really showed me how to be creative with my own workouts and the important thing is your life style. I do like that they focus on changing the lifestyle, and it is not just about dieting. They seem to do a lot about educating about healthy foods and exercising so these people can go back home and succeed without the trainers. It’s just a feel good show that I love to watch!

Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this show last Christmas when Tom was deployed. It was exactly what I needed as a distraction. It is ridiculous and awesome. I usually have no idea what is going on, and they keep me guessing every episode. Just when I think I know who A is, my hypothesis is proven wrong. They are making you believe that Ezra is A right now, but I just can’t believe it. I still think there is someone else controlling the game. And big shocker this week on the Halloween episode, Allie is really alive! WHAT? How does this happen? In all seriousness, how does she look that good and not disheveled after a couple years in hiding? This show is silly and totally not realistic, but that is why I love it. It will suck you in with the mystery and how things are overlapped. The intricacies of the details are numerous, and often times I have to play an episode over again so I can see an important piece of the puzzle. You have to come back each week because you have to figure out A! I think this was just a Halloween special instead of a premiere, so we’ll have to wait a bit for another episode.


I really liked the first season this show. It was perfectly awkward. The last season, I wasn’t so keen on. As like many MTV things, there is now a lot of focus on teen sex. It still has some pretty good moments, but I am not as invested as the first season. I will probably come back just for Tamara. I love her quick witty remarks, and spastic abbreviations for everything. The first episode made me really disappointed in Jenna. I thought she was better than what they have made her. So we’ll see how this affair goes. This is a good show that just gets your mind off of things. Its so random and awkward in its teenage angst. And who doesn’t love watching awkwardness when it’s not you in it? I think we can all relate.

The Walking Dead

Ahhhh! This show makes me have a heart attack or puke almost every episode, and yet I am addicted. I have only watched the first episode, so some of my question may be answered once I get through this week’s episode. In the first episode, they came back after 6 months from the huge chaos that the Governor let out. It was nice for them to ease back into the storyline to show how they have progressed over the last 6 months. (They never show how they get through the winter in this show.) There really wasn’t anything crazy until the last 15 minutes, which I am ok with because I watched it by myself this time…ahhh! This show scares the daylights out of me. I have had so many zombie and ambush nightmares in the last month. I really want them to stay in this life that they have made for themselves at the prison, but with the last 5 minutes I know this won’t happen. So is the zombie stuff like a real disease now-airborne or passing through food? I think there was something between Violet the pig and Patrick. That will mess things up fast. This show is pretty raw, and besides the zombie action, I appreciate the realness of the emotion. It really pays homage to the spectrum that we as humans can possess on the emotional/compassionate scale. It has sparked some interesting conversations. It is fascinating to see how morals evolve through the season, or stay the same for some. It brings up a great debate on whether character and what moral fiber will last at the end of the world as we know it. I love these debates, and I love this show, as long as I can fast forward through the scary parts or Tom tells me when it is a jumpy moment…

So that is all of them, I think. I hope you enjoyed it.

Send good thoughts our way today! Tom is having minor outpatient surgery today, so positive thoughts in our direction is welcomed.

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