Friday Filter-My TV Guide

So the seasons are starting their Winter hiatus. How did this become a thing?

Anyway, I figured I would give a brief update on where I am at with all of my TV shows.


  • Once Upon a Time-Still one of my favorites out there. I am having a hard time watching “Henry” in his “Pan” moments. I also kind of want Emma to be with Hook more than Neil.
  • Walking Dead-So glad the Governor is gone…or is he? Also, I may have teared up a bit when Hershel died.


  • Dancing with the Stars-My man Derek and his partner Amber Riley won! I have an obsession with Derek Hough and also Tristan MacManus. I want them both to be my dance partners, and I honestly watch the show more to see them than the “stars.” Maybe they will help me fulfill my 30 before 30 task of dance lessons.
  • Castle-My favorite show currently. I called it that Beckett would return to New York, which happened in either the third or forth episode of the season. If you do not watch this show and you are looking for something new, ADD THIS ONE!
  • Hart of Dixie-I watch this show at lunch every Tuesday. It is such a pick me up. I just love the quirkiness of the small town. I am glad Dr. Hart’s family has come around!


  • New Girl-I am really enjoying Nick and Jess together. Winston is my favorite. He generally makes or breaks every episode for me.
  • The Biggest Loser-I am in love with this season. I mistakenly tried watching this at lunch a few times, and ended up crying in the Union dining court. Whoops. I am rooting for all of them, but really mostly Rachel.
  • Awkward-I stopped watching consistently after the third episode. I have them all on the DVR ready to binge watch the Awkwardness. I just need to be in the right mood right now for teenage affairs.


  • Super Fun Night-I honestly forgot that I started watching this. My DVR stopped recording it for some reason, so I haven’t seen it for a few weeks. It isn’t a bad show, but I am obviously not missing it.
  • Nashville-I watch this every week live, and I am slowly getting Tom hooked. I really wish Rayna and Deacon would just be together though. Also, I am hoping that I see them on my excursions to Nashville. Real life right?


  • Grey’s Anatomy-I will go week’s without watching and then binge watch 3 episodes while Tom plays video games. I am apathetic about the show, but I am still hooked enough to come back to see what’s up. I am invested until the end.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland-I just wasn’t into this show. I stopped after the third episode I think. It was too Willy Wonka for me. There was not as much overlap into the original as I was hoping so I didn’t feel I was missing anything by not watching.
  • Crazy Ones-I really enjoy this show. It is ridiculous, but it is short enough and light so I will watch it when I need a quick pick me up. Robin Williams is totally worth it.
  • Parenthood-Max working with photography? Perfect. I see myself in Julia with her struggles of being a stay at home mom (except without the mom part obviously). I just love this show.
  • Glee-I stopped watching this show two episodes ago. I think it was the muppets episode that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am not sure what is going on but it has just gone way downhill for me. The music also doesn’t really call to me anymore, so there was no reason to keep watching the absurdity. I was really sad about it, which is why I held out as long as I did. The last couple just did me in.
  • Scandal-I am in a constant state of shock with this show. I have drug Tom into the goodness! I caught him up on the first couple seasons so he knew what was going on. If we weren’t married, Tom would want to work in CIA/Huck like jobs. Scary I know, but that’s what it is. So he loves it for that, and I just love it for all the OMG moments. I did not see last night coming!

Every Day

  • Ellen-this is the best part of my day. I watch it in small segment–a little before I go to work and right when I get home. And when I don’t get through it, I will binge watch that week’s episodes on Saturday mornings while Tom is sleeping in. I just love Ellen so much. She is great and fantastic, and a great role model for human beings. I want to dance with her/meet her/embarrass myself ridiculously for her. Also, when I am home alone, sometimes I think Tom is secretly in the house to video tape scare me like Ellen would do. He has gotten me more times than I would like to admit-no video yet, just lots of scaring and screaming. So I am in a constant state of panic because of Tom being inspired by her pranks. Thanks Ellen.

Not on right now

  • Pretty Little Liars- CAN.NOT.WAIT.
  • Switched at Birth-This comes back soon too. I love this show for so many silly reasons. One being that it is based in KC. They mentioned World of Fun (not the real Worlds of Fun) once. Although they are in KC, Kansas, and not Missouri. But I will forgive them for their ignorance when showing the KC, MO skyline. Here is your education on Kansas City. Yes it has Kansas in the name, but most of the city is actually in Missouri. All the sports teams are in Missouri, all the famous BBQ-Missouri, all the jazz history-Missouri, all the goodness-Missouri…haha JK (only kind of)

So there you have it. I only weeded out a couple shows. What can I say, I am TV junkie!

Friday Filter-TV Review Premiere Week 1

One of my favorite things about fall is all the shows coming back from their summer hiatus.

The next couple weeks shows are beginning again, so I figured I would do my initial reactions to the season openers.

Ellen Season 11

I adore Ellen. A life bucket list item is to get on her show (preferably the 12 day give away). She is truly a role model for life. I usually end up having a marathon every weekend to catch up on her daily shows. It is a constant reminder for me to laugh and live in the moment. She always has the greatest YouTube clips too! She has had some good guests the past two weeks. And like clockwork, I cry every episode and also bust a gut laughing so hard. My favorite story so far is the Homeless to Howard story. Look it up if you haven’t seen it. Just wonderful. I also am loving that she is doing different Deejays everyday. It really spices things up, although I do miss her daily razzing of Tony. I love the message that she ends with every day. “Be kind to one another.” I am so glad she is back!

Dancing With The Stars

This is my favorite reality show out there. I love love love this show. Every season I groan and mumble that I don’t really like the cast, and then opening night happens and I am hooked. To be honest though, I actually did have a lot of favorites before the season stated which is not typical. This will be a tight race because there were so many high marks that first night. I don’t think I can ever recall a 9 in the first night let alone how many 8s there were. I am interested to see how this new format will go with only having it one night. Now that I don’t have Monday night meetings, I can get to the voting apps much easier, but still, I am just not sure. Besides watching the stars out of their element, I come back each week for two reasons. One) I love dancing, and I secretly wish that I had done more of it when I was a kid instead of just choosing basketball. And Two) I love Derek Hough and Tristan Macmanus, who are two of the professional dancers. I have always swooned over Derek, but Tristan may be stealing his place…It must be the darker hair and accent. Also who wouldn’t love a show that Tom Bergeron hosts? So happy to see this back!

New Girl

Ok so I may just say that all these shows are my favorite…I really love this show though because the character Jess really resonates with me. She is a little dorky and awkward, which is basically my life. The season ended last spring with Nick and Jess finally getting together! So there was much anticipation to see what would happen to these two beloved and must be together characters. You are always nervous though to put two main characters together because you don’t want to curse your show and have reached the pivotal point to early. I honestly was not that engaged in the first episode. I think I may have anticipated too much. It was still funny, don’t get me wrong; I laughed. But I always expect a laughter that will make milk come out of your nose, and that just didn’t happen this week. Maybe I was having an off day. Work is hard; Tom was gone, who knows…Anyway, I only assume though that it will continue to get better in the wittiness. Hopefully Schmitt decides on a woman instead of dragging two women along on his journey of love. Winston just may be my favorite character, and he was awesome as usual with his puzzle masterpiece. So I still liked it, I just wasn’t as wowed as I hoped for this season premiere.

There are a whole bunch coming next week! Tom watch out! This lady is takng over the remote…or DVR!

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