We Deserve This

This has been a long time coming.


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Insert crazy spastic dancing here!

It has been stressful and tense watching these guys play.

But boy has it been exciting!!!!

It was heartbreaking last year to get so close, but not get that crown. We were determined this year to prove it.

Several times people didn’t give us the a second glance. Many people thought it was over before games were won in the final innings. (I am looking at you Governor of Texas.) But this has to be my favorite pre-mature move…


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Even last night, the announcers many times (until the 9th inning…sort of) were favoring the Mets and what Matt Harvey had accomplished with his pitching. And there are still people today saying that the Mets “should” have won.

But never count us out. We WILL win.

How many games have we been down in the final innings just to make amazing comebacks? The last two games being the most recent evidence of how we can rally. In seven of the eleven games we won during the post-season, we trailed by at least two runs during the game before earning our title of the “Comeback Kings.” In six of these games, we were losing going into the sixth inning. THE SIXTH INNING? Who does that?

The Royals, that’s who!

We do things like this play from Hosmer. We mean business. Never turn your back on us.

And watching this is making me cry all over again.


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All the feels for this team. While I was alive the last time they won, I was only five months old. So I have practically been waiting my entire life to remember these moments. It is so beautiful to witness this story.
It is truly the essence of what we hope for for great sports teams.


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This team is why I love this sport. They never gave up, and they never lost heart. I am getting goosebumps all over again.

It is a team that backs each other up. Every post-game interview I saw in this season the players talked about each other more than they talked about themselves. They really value what they have as a group and how each piece fits together. They are aggressive and scrappy. It’s like watching a Major League Sandlot.

And they will give credit where credit is due.


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They have become a family, which is evident in time of need. Not only as a team, but the city has adopted them as family as well. (I am as invested in the Zobrist pregnancy as if I was going to be the aunt to that baby. Just saying they could adopt me in to that family. I am creepily obsessed with this family. #resignBen #keeptheZobrists)

Let’s talk about how a rookie made his first major league appearance in a WORLDS SERIES GAME a few nights ago for the Royals. Or how Colon’s last at bat was 45 days ago, but yet he definitely made one of the best plays for the team last night.

This team just gels well together with every player. Everyone does their part when needed the most.

This team is special. They have the stuff that you can’t teach.

Our city is special. It has been so wonderful to see our town come together and be there for our guys in Blue.

It is about time that others see the magic as well.

KC Pride forever and always.

What a remarkable ending to the season!

It was exhilarating watching everything unfold last night. Well worth the little sleep and screaming with the chance of waking up a sleeping baby.

I just feel giddy! It still is a little surreal that it has finally happened! It was awesome to see my newsfeed light up with blue like the weather radar after the fireworks! I love seeing things like this and this again, again, and again!


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We love you Royals.

Way to take the Crown!

Well deserved.


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Did you watch the game last night? (Here is something for you if you didn’t.)

Have you cried from a sporting event?

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