Slowing Down

IMG_0368 (2) (1024x683)The cool thing about being a parent is that you get to experience things for the first time through their eyes. I have been to tons of pumpkin patches before, but to see George hug a pumpkin for the first time was something I will never forget. I am soaking in all his joy as well. It has been a real treat to experience this fall season through his eyes.


Toddlerhood can also be a very trying time for parents because of all the firsts these kiddos are wanting to explore. (Like eating dog food or pulling the DVR box off the shelf because the light is cool and he needs a closer look).


They kind of do whatever they want in their attempt to take over the world one adult at a time.


But as I watch his face light up when he masters going up and down steps, I am reminded to slow myself down and be patient with him. He is just so excited that he can do it on his own that he needs to repeat it 100 times. And as mundane as it may seem to me, it means the world to him.


He only goes through this phase once. And it is his first time learning these things, so I need to be patient with him even with these simple tasks that I have been doing for years.


It reminds me how hard using a fork can really be and to appreciate the milestone with huge celebration that he was able to consume a few DIFFERENT bites ON HIS OWN with said fork.


It’s these things about parenthood that remind me to be joyful in these little moments. I want George to remember us celebrating and being happy instead of impatient and scornful.


I am by no means perfect at this. Just this weekend, I wanted to pull out my hair because for 30 minutes George threw every piece of food I cooked him on the floor. Even cheese! The horror!


But I am working on keeping prayer present, and Lord help me to be more joyful when little man is testy. He looks cute guys, but seriously he can try my patience. (And I know that it only gets heightened as he gets older, which is why I am trying to become more grounded now folks…)

IMG_0411 (1024x683)So toddlerhood is as much of a learning game for me as the parent as it is for George the toddler.

I want to cherish the moments and not wish this time was over. Let’s celebrate that he put just one toy away on his own after being asked, never mind that he then proceeded to take every other toy out of the box. Can I get an amen that he listened once?


A year ago today, I dropped George off at daycare as I started my first day at this job and our first day apart. I am reminded that it goes so fast and to be present for each first he experiences and all in between.


Because these firsts are magical. Being his mom is magical.

That face gets me every time, and I don’t want to miss it.


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