Fit for Me 19/52

What I did last week:

Thursday-I was going to play volleyball, but it was cancelled. Since our cousin was watching George already, I took advantage of having some alone time with the dogs and took them for an hour walk.

Sunday-We had planned on going hiking as a family, but the rain spoiled that plan. We ended up doing a 30 minute stroll through our neighborhood.

Monday-20 minute ab workout as I was bawling through Monday’s episode of Dancing With the Stars. My emotions got a workout this night.

Tuesday-I have gotten cocky, and I attempted walking the dogs with George again. We did just over a mile. George doesn’t seem to mind; he just falls asleep in the wrap. The dogs get some attention they desperately need. And my whole body gets strained. So it’s a win for everyone I guess.

Impressed by:

I am just impressed that I am keeping up with this. I think this is the most motivated and consistent I have been with working out for a couple years. Go me!

Struggled with:

Nothing major this week. I was feeling pretty good about myself with my birthday and Mother’s Day. No time to struggle when everyone is celebrating you right?

Did I meet my goal from last week?

Well we sort of went on a hike. We still did a family walk which is essentially had the idea of my Mother’s Day tradition at heart. I do want to do some exploring in the area. There are some great nature trails and parks that we have to take advantage of!

What is my goal for next week?

I actually am going to do two challenges for the next month. I want to work on both my planks and push-ups. So I found two options on Pinterest that I am going to follow. They both seem to be manageable and start small and increase slowly each day. So my goal is to start it.

Fitness Thoughts:

Walking really can be a workout. I think people push it aside all too often to be easy, but man do I get winded sometimes walking those dogs!

28b18ab32e0ed70e64a5f927a330d870image via

Have you ever done a plank or push-up challenge?

6 thoughts on “Fit for Me 19/52

  1. I’m with you – I love a good walk! I need to get back to walking regularly like I did last year. Geronimo would sleep so soundly after long walks!

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