Talks with Tom #31

Tonight is Game 7 of the World Series.

And my Royals are IN IT!

Last night was a fantastic game. It was the highest shutout since the 1985 series, uh when we were in it the last time. When we do something, we do it big and in style. Nothing like making records along the way!

And it is so beautiful that it will be ending in Kansas City.

We earned this even though so many thought it wasn’t possible…eh hem Joe Buck…

Today’s conversation with the husband happened during one of the amazing games we have been able to watch this last week. Talk about good baseball!

Tom- If I owned the Giants, I would only hire big dudes. That way I can say I actually have a team of Giants. And I would pay them with giant checks too, like the giant sweepstakes checks. 


Did you see last night’s game? Will you be watching game 7?


8 thoughts on “Talks with Tom #31

  1. Your husband made me giggle. I can see his point. I live in Northern California, but HATE the Giants. I cannot put in writing, what I am actually thinking, because I don’t want to jinx anything. 🙂 Enjoy Game 7.

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