Cara Box Exchange

This month I entered into a gift exchange where you are paired with two individuals who are in similar life situations as you:  25-29 married. You spend a few weeks getting to know each other, and then you send each other a gift with some encouragement.


This month I was paired with two lovely ladies, Amanda and Lesle.

Lesle and I chatted about our hubbys, our sweet little dogs (both rescues), and the love of tea and wine. I sent her a gift, so you can check out her blog for that package. I did make a lot of the stuff, so I will be highlighting it here in the upcoming weeks too for how-tos.

I also loved getting to know Amanda. She and I have similar personalities and both have husbands who are big goof balls. We have so much in common in was a little ridiculous reading her stuff at times!

It would be no surprise to me if I continue to chat with these ladies, for they are kindred spirits for sure. It was such a pleasure learning more about them!

And who doesn’t like creating and receiving gifts?

Amanda sent me this lovely box of things!


2013-08-30 08.02.39


2013-08-30 08.03.31

She was so thoughtful about getting things for my crafty side! And for my love of wine! I love the picture. I need to find a frame for it so I can hang it in my bathroom ASAP. Tom made fun of me for how giggly I was when the box showed up on our doorstep. So fun!

She also wrote me a lovely personal note, which may be my favorite part of the whole exchange.

It’s not every day that you are able to meet other women/wives randomly from across the country. So thank you to Kaitlyn, for putting this unique exchange together.

I will be sure to participate again in the future!

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