Grace is no longer an only child!

After watching shelter pages for months and several applications, tonight we brought home this guy!


We had some bumps in the road to our adoption, and honestly we didn’t even go to the shelter to meet this slobbery mess initially.

Much like Grace’s adoption, we went to a shelter to meet another little dude. After looking at the most adorable 9 week old boxer puppy, we decided we definitely did not want to potty train. Plus, there were 3 other families who were interested in getting the puppy so we decided he was not our new little brother for Grace.

I knew there were several other boxers at the shelter so we asked the past history of the other dogs to see if there was one that fit our true need for a rescue.

Then they brought us our little big man. He warmed our hearts as soon as he walked through the doors.

He had been brought in as a stray so they are not completely sure of his past. He had been adopted through the shelter once, but the previous adopters brought him back when their small dog got snippy with him. He wasn’t even there for two weeks.

So after being a stray and a surrender, and seeing the visible scars on his body, we knew we were going to take him home. He is a smaller boxer like Grace, and obviously they have the same brindle coats. They guesstimated that he is about 3 years old, but are not completely sure. Since Grace is almost 3, we figured we could make their birthdays the same day.

He crawled up in my lap within seconds and licked my face all over. Seriously in love with this guy!

We brought him home tonight, which was such a perfect ending to our wonderful Labor Day weekend. We have named him Crosby. We named Grace after the iconic Grace Kelly, so it seemed appropriate to name our new bundle of joy after someone in the same realm, so Bing Crosby it is.

Here are Grace and Crosby meeting for the first time!

Then this is the first time in the backyard together. And per usual, I catch a dump in action.

We have done research on how to integrate a new dog to the house, and we know that it is a process that goes beyond today’s activities. However, if anyone does have advice or recommendations, we would love to hear it!

They are doing a really good job right now. They play for a second, then lay down for a bit, then back at it. They are pretty evenly matched and seem to really like each other. So hopefully it continues to go well!

Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

2013-09-02 19.09.15

Grace sniffing for approval.

2013-09-02 19.10.35

Crosby loves to be out the window. It made me a little nervous!

2013-09-02 19.20.29

Grace staring at Crosby in awe…


Crosby loves to lay down while he eats.


They both love the peanut butter.


I love how Grace looks like an alien.


Love these two!


“Are you two sure about this guy?”-Grace



They are too funny!

Thank you for all the encouraging words through this process. We are excited that our little family was able to expand this weekend. We are so greatful that we are in a position to offer a loving home to these two homeless pups.

We can’t wait to see where this adventure leads us with Grace and Crosby!

8 thoughts on “Grace is no longer an only child!

  1. Awww! What a cutie! And great name! Stephen and I have no plans to get another dog any time soon, but we constantly talk about possible dog names. (If we got a girl, she’d be Mrs. Nesbitt. If we got a boy, he’d be Jean Valjean. Yeah, we’re crazy.)

    I’m glad that they sound like they are taking to each other!

  2. We rescued a 6 month old puppy from a shelter last May and I’m so glad we did. Although we are still working to socialize him, it’s been rewarding and he’s now our baby 🙂

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