Talks with Tom #8


Well night one with the dynamic boxer duo was a trip.

This was our conversation when it was time to go to bed. To be honest, this was after Tom and I laid in bed hoping for the best for a half hour as they dive bombed into the bed over and over again.

Tom-It’s like two six year olds at their first sleepover. I am trying to tell them to go to bed, and then I find them with flashlights, giggling and playing connect the dots.

Me-Connect the dots, huh? Is that a big sleepover game?

Tom-I’m half asleep. Just tell people I said the game was Operation.

They did eventually settle down. Grace is a big instigator and just wants to play. Crosby is just like, “I will play but then give me some space lady.” Typical. Crosby finally laid asleep in the closet while we bear hugged Grace to sleep in the bed. Then Crosby kept us up because he is a HUGE snorter. He sounds like a pig, so every 5 minutes or so we would hear this loud grunting, and then we would start busting up laughing. REM cycle never happened…

They are having a blast with each other though, so day 2 is going well. We really lucked out with these two. They are just playing so well together, and they don’t fight over food or attention we give each of them. It’s like they were made for each other.

And good news…Grace is not scared of the yard anymore! Yesss!

Here are some shots from this afternoon.


Grace is so intrigued from Crosby’s eliminations. She just follows him around until he goes.


Neighborhood watch. They stood here for a while ignoring me running around the yard trying to get them to play.


Right now they are burrowing underneath the couch cushions together. I feel like I am an intruder on their alone time….Just supervising kiddos.

Here Grace was giving Crosby a hug; I just caught it too late. Adorable.


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