Bachelor Nick Week 4

This show is 15 years old…

That was the only season I didn’t watch. And now I have so many thoughts!

On to week four!

  • Vanessa is too good for Nick.
  • Nick you aren’t even being honest with yourself.
  • Seriously is all that Corinne does is sleep?
  • Corinne. Girl, you are privileged. And they are not obsessed with you. They were trying to give you a heads up to get your head out of your butt.
  • I don’t think Corinne goes home. I say she is here for another couple weeks.
  • Josephine got in with her song…serious side eye.
  • AHHH the suspense of this rose ceremony.
  • All the looks when he called Corinne’s name. This just got real…I could feel the whole room deflate.
  • I think Christen will be on Bachelor in Paradise.
  • Corinne’s fake speech while they celebrate with champagne gives me all the eye rolls.
  • Do they change the furniture in the main room? I don’t remember the couches being teal.
  • They are all so excited about Milwaukee. I mean I love the midwest, but they are all SOOOOO excited.
  • Where do they find these houses to stay in?
  • Nick’s parents give me the warm fuzzies. They are adorable.
  • It’s like these women have never fed ducks before…
  • Danielle seems really sweet.
  • This is so awkward with Nick’s ex girlfriend. But Amber is married/engaged, and she was really down to earth considering they have a past.
  • Nick is just telling Danielle all the places he fooled around with girls.
  • Danielle is me.
  • That is a large group date.
  • I love how these women dressed for the farm.
  • I mean if Corinne doesn’t want to shovel poop, I can’t really blame her. The whole thing isn’t really ideal.
  • That scrapbook from Vanessa’s students is precious.
  • Corinne approaching the women with that smile. And then Sara calling her out for her maturity.
  • Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan took naps?
  • It’s Corinne’s world and we are just living in it.
  • Corinne reacting to Kristina’s conversation was childish. She didn’t attack you Corinne. She told you how she’s sees it. I am not sure about the panic attack that she is claiming she had putting her in that peaceful slumber. I am not one to fool around with anxiety, but I don’t know how truthful that is.
  • Corinne, a relationship is more than just kissing. You are going to have to a lot of adult conversations if you get engaged.
  • I love when they show Bella, his sister, with Nick. They are so cute together.
  • Wow this is big that he chose Raven to meet his parents. I met Tom’s parents after a month dating, which is about the same time as this. However this is totally different circumstances. Big deal.
  • I LOVE ROLLERSKATING! Some of them are not taking it seriously with the rollerblades.
  • It is interesting that Raven had an experience with catching her ex cheating on her, but yet is going into this experience where she is dating someone who is dating 15 other people. Also this is very aggressive behavior. This stiletto business seems like a big alert.
  • Yes Corinne has said stuff behind people’s back to all of America. ALL OF AMERICA.
  • Taylor pulled the counselor on Corinne.
  • I also think Corinne will be on BIP.
  • UGH Seriously! Why are they keeping the rose ceremonies from me?
  • Also I agree with Alexis about Nicolas Cage. Seriously the worst.

Favorites:  Danielle, Rachel and Vanessa

Bachelor Nick Week 3

Here are my thoughts from this week’s craziness.

  • I think that it was a good move for Nick to be open to the women about the backstory with Liz.
  • However, isn’t Liz similar to how he came back for Kaitlyn? Just saying…
  • I just can’t watch Corinne. It’s great that she is so positive about her body and her sexuality, but I just feel like someday she will be embarrassed by this behavior.
  • I’m glad that Nick said he wanted to slow Corinne down a little.
  • Thank goodness Jasmine interrupted Corinne and Nick.
  • Really Corinne? You have to know that you were not going to be the center of attention the whole time you were in the house right? I think she has some self-esteem issues she needs to address. I feel for her in a way.
  • Is Corinne sleeping through the rose ceremony because she already has a rose?
  • I think my favorite part of this show is seeing all the formal wear. I would wear formal wear every day if it was appropriate (and affordable).
  • Oh Hailey, you are 23. You are still young. Don’t give up girl!
  • Ok I am an N’SYNC girl myself, but I would have loved the Back Street Boys date. I mean come on. I grew up in the 90s.
  • There is a mom dance?
  • Do you think they ever have people who don’t drink on this show?
  • Jasmine is so lucky to be on this date with her dance history.
  • Yes Corinne, you are upset that you are not the center of attention.
  • That is really awkward to have the women standing on the sideline as Danielle and Nick are solo dancing. And then kissing…
  • Am I alone in this, but does Jasmine remind anyone of Gabrielle Union? I think they have a similar voice.
  • I mean, I might be there with Corinne and all the sleeping. This whole thing has to be exhausting.
  • BAHHHHH, I am loving these reactions to Corinne’s nanny. I about fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. But seriously, how does she plan on taking care of someone else?
  • Everything about this…
  • The Zero Gravity plane. How do I get to do that? Tom would freak out if I got this for him.
  • Poor Vanessa. That seems awful to throw up on your first date. That’s the start of something real if he can still kiss her after she puked.
  • BAHHH I would have died to meet Allyson Felix.
  • This track and field date would be so fun.
  • Astrid getting that ring after the dash was so funny to watch.
  • Are they having this cocktail party in a Pier One? I don’t understand the set up of all that furniture and vases.
  • I love how they are supportive of each other getting the confidence and validation from Nick. Its funny, ironic and awesome all at the same time.
  • Yassss! Rachel!
  • What make up are these gals wearing to feel comfortable being around water?
  • This bouncy house scene is ridiculous.
  • Alexis is hilarious. She is that person who says what everyone is thinking.
  • Corinne is NAPPING AGAIN!
  • There is always one episode where everyone dogs on one person.
  • I think that it is fair that Vanessa kind of interrogated Nick. I mean what is he really wanting? She was honest and firm with how she felt. I think she nailed it.
  •  No ABC. You need to cut this crap out with not ending the episode with the rose ceremony.

Favorites:  Rachel and Vanessa

( I am calling it right now that one of them will be the next Bachelorette.)

I also just found these Bachelor Recap with the Ellen Staff. Whattt? I love Andy Z, and now I love Tracy.


Bachelor Nick Week 2

And the raunch-fest has begun. Here are my thoughts n this week’s episode and how Nick is doing.

  • What is with having the bridal theme dates? This is not the first time they have done that.
  • Corinne is ready to fight.
  • I think this bridal shoot is forcing these first kisses. And I feel like it ruins that moment of your first kiss.
  • Brittany in the top less outfit, and then Corinne’s response. You could tell she was drunk. That was so uncomfortable.
  • What Nick and Corinne had was not chemistry. It was awkward. And it looked/sounded like Nick was not sure what to do.
  • Of course no one has held your boobs like that. You did it forcefully in front of a large group of people, oh and America.
  • Raven interrupting the kiss. That would throw me off so much, but Raven handled it like a champ. I do love hearing her talk. She has the best accent.
  • Liz’s smile could not be more fake.
  • Why is Corinne mad that Taylor interrupted her back? You have already stole him several times…She is cray cray.
  • Corinne lecturing the group for being there for yourself-She is so drunk…
  • WHY DID NICK GIVE CORINNE THAT ROSE? Maybe he isn’t the Nick we saw in BIP.
  • “I was literally just the Corinne.” WTH.
  • Raven was blunt. “If Nick likes someone who leads with their sexuality, no wonder it’s his fourth time.” Bamm.
  • Christen has a normal reaction when Liz told her about their past. I still don’t know how genuine she [Liz] is.
  • Danielle seems really sweet and normal.
  • Nick is really awkward with Liz.
  • Do people really go to this break up museum? It just seems like a weird social event. [Edit:  My friend just went to Hollywood, and she reported that this is really the only thing to do on Hollywood Blvd. Also it is only $10, so I am sure that is a draw.]
  • Liz was ballsy having that conversation in front of everyone. She was really raw and challenged him.
  • I am loving Christen’s reactions.
  • Why is Liz looking so defensive when Nick approaches her?
  • Liz doesn’t make any sense. I agree with Nick. If she wanted to know more about him, why didn’t she call him?
  • I am glad Nick sent Liz home. I don’t think her motives were completely pure towards a relationship.
  • TO BE CONTINUED…Stop it Bachelor. These should not be allowed.

Favorites:  Christen, Danielle, Vanessa, Raven

Who are your favorites currently?

My Final Thoughts On The Final (Bachelor) Rose

And so another season has come to an end. I have been guessing Lauren gets the final rose forever! They were the most natural from the beginning.

Here are my thoughts about this final show.

  • I don’t know how I feel about the wedding before they have had a chance to be a real couple. I hope they are just doing this as a bit, and there are no nuptials tonight.
  • What is with the cutoff jean underwear…I mean shorts?
  • I don’t think I ever had these types of conversations with Tom’s family. They get so emotional so fast!
  • I love that Lauren asked for advice on how to support Ben.
  • Ben told JoJo that he is ready to propose…but he still loves both gals.
  • It’s wierding me out that I am now looking at these from the mom’s perspective.
  • “I love them the same”…What?? You can’t love two girls the same.
  • Ok so what bad things did JoJo and Ben go through? Are they saying the family squabble was a bad thing? I don’t get it.
  • After Laurens 1/1 it seems like he is going to pick JoJo.
  • The thought of someone who is too perfect is weird to me. Which I guess is why Ben doesn’t know how to feel about it.
  • Yes JoJo, you do love him more than he loves you because he loves 2 people and you love just one.
  • JoJo in the bathroom..real honest conversation, but what did she expect going on a competition show? You will be competing until the show is over.
  • Ok I’ve switched. I think he will pick JoJo. He seems more open and relaxed around her.
  • Ben looks like he was going to throw up picking out rings…dude you are getting a Neil lane ring for free…
  • Also by the ring I think it is Lauren. Back to #teamlauren
  • Lauren dress is gorgeous…JoJo looks like cotton candy got glitterbombed. I also read that they got to keep these dresses. So there are stylists!
  • Oh no JoJo is first. She is going home.
  • I would throw up if I was JoJo.
  • Ben is adorable when he gets giddy emotional.
  • That is so sweet that he called Lauren’s dad.
  • Lauren’s face was awesome when he said he said he wanted to spend every day waking up to her.
  • JoJo and Ben are so civil. He seems to be handling this whole experience so eloquently. (well besides telling two women he loves them)
  • Ahhhh no wonder JoJo is so civil and kind…she is the next Bachelorette.
  • Well JoJo will find out how hard this process is. You knew she was going to be when Chris started prepping it and she was in the background.
  • Oh I am so glad that they didn’t do the wedding and said they wanted to really date for awhile.
  • Their families are precious.

I am pretty happy with these results. As always, I am looking forward to the next season. I feel like JoJo will have a little bit more drama. Did you know that she had been on a reality show before, and her brother also was on a reality show?

Who wants to come over and watch with me?

Bachelor Thoughts This Week

We are getting close to the end folks! Only a couple more weeks until we find out who Ben is more in love with. He did announce on GMA on Tuesday that he is indeed engaged, so all this hoopla of being in love with two people does actually end. (And yes I recorded GMA just so I could watch the Bachelor news….don’t judge.)


So here are my thoughts on this week’s episode.

  • Caila and Ben’s date:
    • This is really awkward. Caila can only think about the other two women instead of relaxing. Tom in response to the riverboat scene-“I can only think about pirannahs.” Yea I think I would be more concerned about the wildlife in that instance too…
    • As I have said for a couple weeks now, she is getting in her own head. But in all fairness she should be allowed to have a quiet day so it is unfortunate that at this pace that is deemed a bad quality. I have a quiet day at least a couple days a week so I am glad Tom sticks around.
  • Lauren’s date:
    • I mean turtles? Really? Just precious.
    • I have said it many times, but Lauren and Ben seem like the most natural couple.
    • BEN SAID I LOVE YOU BACK! My mouth was on the floor! I saw the commercials leading up to it, but it still was crazy to see since they hardly ever say those words back until the final ceremony. Honestly I don’t remember them every saying that! That complicates things so much. She is going to think that she “wins” now.
  • That has to be so hard to go from an overnight date in the morning straight into another date. Talk about messing with emotions. No wonder all these Bachelors and Bachelorettes end up crying.
  • Can the Bachelor please pay for Tom and I’s honeymoon? I mean these places are dreamy and perfect.
  • JoJo’s date:
    • JoJo’s reaction to Ben’s I love You was priceless. I also love that she calls him babe.
    • Which kind of means that Caila is going home right?
    • I hate to say it but I think JoJo’s family will keep them from being together in the end.
  • Watching Caila go through the condo was painful to watch. You just know she is walking into heartache.
  • As he walks her out that has got to be the longest walk ever. That was so hard to watch…EEEK.
  • Good for her to ask questions. And bless Ben trying to give her some peace, but telling her that he is in love with two other women may not be the way to go.
  • I am glad she didn’t have to go through a rose ceremony like Ben had originally planned.
  • Ben is a bleeding heart. He is second guessing leaving Caila because he hurt her. Get it together man.
  • I also think he is a little smarmy for telling both of these women he loves them. How can he not be thinking about those consequences?
  • So these last few rose ceremonies, what do you think the women talk about before Ben gets there. Do you think they stand there silent? They wouldn’t talk about their feelings at this point would they?
  • Bahaha Chris Harrison’s poker face when both women tell him that Ben said I love you back.
  • Ok so JoJo tries to talk to Lauren about feelings.
  • This toast is so awkward…


I think Lauren is going to be the final one. Bahhhh it’s going to be crazy!


This video is pretty funny if you are a Bachelor Fan, and probably if you aren’t…