Bachelor Thoughts This Week

We are getting close to the end folks! Only a couple more weeks until we find out who Ben is more in love with. He did announce on GMA on Tuesday that he is indeed engaged, so all this hoopla of being in love with two people does actually end. (And yes I recorded GMA just so I could watch the Bachelor news….don’t judge.)


So here are my thoughts on this week’s episode.

  • Caila and Ben’s date:
    • This is really awkward. Caila can only think about the other two women instead of relaxing. Tom in response to the riverboat scene-“I can only think about pirannahs.” Yea I think I would be more concerned about the wildlife in that instance too…
    • As I have said for a couple weeks now, she is getting in her own head. But in all fairness she should be allowed to have a quiet day so it is unfortunate that at this pace that is deemed a bad quality. I have a quiet day at least a couple days a week so I am glad Tom sticks around.
  • Lauren’s date:
    • I mean turtles? Really? Just precious.
    • I have said it many times, but Lauren and Ben seem like the most natural couple.
    • BEN SAID I LOVE YOU BACK! My mouth was on the floor! I saw the commercials leading up to it, but it still was crazy to see since they hardly ever say those words back until the final ceremony. Honestly I don’t remember them every saying that! That complicates things so much. She is going to think that she “wins” now.
  • That has to be so hard to go from an overnight date in the morning straight into another date. Talk about messing with emotions. No wonder all these Bachelors and Bachelorettes end up crying.
  • Can the Bachelor please pay for Tom and I’s honeymoon? I mean these places are dreamy and perfect.
  • JoJo’s date:
    • JoJo’s reaction to Ben’s I love You was priceless. I also love that she calls him babe.
    • Which kind of means that Caila is going home right?
    • I hate to say it but I think JoJo’s family will keep them from being together in the end.
  • Watching Caila go through the condo was painful to watch. You just know she is walking into heartache.
  • As he walks her out that has got to be the longest walk ever. That was so hard to watch…EEEK.
  • Good for her to ask questions. And bless Ben trying to give her some peace, but telling her that he is in love with two other women may not be the way to go.
  • I am glad she didn’t have to go through a rose ceremony like Ben had originally planned.
  • Ben is a bleeding heart. He is second guessing leaving Caila because he hurt her. Get it together man.
  • I also think he is a little smarmy for telling both of these women he loves them. How can he not be thinking about those consequences?
  • So these last few rose ceremonies, what do you think the women talk about before Ben gets there. Do you think they stand there silent? They wouldn’t talk about their feelings at this point would they?
  • Bahaha Chris Harrison’s poker face when both women tell him that Ben said I love you back.
  • Ok so JoJo tries to talk to Lauren about feelings.
  • This toast is so awkward…


I think Lauren is going to be the final one. Bahhhh it’s going to be crazy!


This video is pretty funny if you are a Bachelor Fan, and probably if you aren’t…

6 thoughts on “Bachelor Thoughts This Week

  1. I completely agree with all of your points. I absolutely love Lauren and Ben together. I like JoJo too, but she doesn’t seem as fitting with Ben. I’m excited for the women tell all episode! I hadn’t seen that SNL skit before, but it’s so accurate! I love Ben, but at the same time I feel like he is a little “bland”.

  2. according to Emily Maynard’s book, they aren’t allowed to talk to each other. That is why I was SHOCKED when Lauren and Jojo spoke to one another. I felt like the producers encouraged that conversation.

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