Bachelor Nick Week 4

This show is 15 years old…

That was the only season I didn’t watch. And now I have so many thoughts!

On to week four!

  • Vanessa is too good for Nick.
  • Nick you aren’t even being honest with yourself.
  • Seriously is all that Corinne does is sleep?
  • Corinne. Girl, you are privileged. And they are not obsessed with you. They were trying to give you a heads up to get your head out of your butt.
  • I don’t think Corinne goes home. I say she is here for another couple weeks.
  • Josephine got in with her song…serious side eye.
  • AHHH the suspense of this rose ceremony.
  • All the looks when he called Corinne’s name. This just got real…I could feel the whole room deflate.
  • I think Christen will be on Bachelor in Paradise.
  • Corinne’s fake speech while they celebrate with champagne gives me all the eye rolls.
  • Do they change the furniture in the main room? I don’t remember the couches being teal.
  • They are all so excited about Milwaukee. I mean I love the midwest, but they are all SOOOOO excited.
  • Where do they find these houses to stay in?
  • Nick’s parents give me the warm fuzzies. They are adorable.
  • It’s like these women have never fed ducks before…
  • Danielle seems really sweet.
  • This is so awkward with Nick’s ex girlfriend. But Amber is married/engaged, and she was really down to earth considering they have a past.
  • Nick is just telling Danielle all the places he fooled around with girls.
  • Danielle is me.
  • That is a large group date.
  • I love how these women dressed for the farm.
  • I mean if Corinne doesn’t want to shovel poop, I can’t really blame her. The whole thing isn’t really ideal.
  • That scrapbook from Vanessa’s students is precious.
  • Corinne approaching the women with that smile. And then Sara calling her out for her maturity.
  • Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan took naps?
  • It’s Corinne’s world and we are just living in it.
  • Corinne reacting to Kristina’s conversation was childish. She didn’t attack you Corinne. She told you how she’s sees it. I am not sure about the panic attack that she is claiming she had putting her in that peaceful slumber. I am not one to fool around with anxiety, but I don’t know how truthful that is.
  • Corinne, a relationship is more than just kissing. You are going to have to a lot of adult conversations if you get engaged.
  • I love when they show Bella, his sister, with Nick. They are so cute together.
  • Wow this is big that he chose Raven to meet his parents. I met Tom’s parents after a month dating, which is about the same time as this. However this is totally different circumstances. Big deal.
  • I LOVE ROLLERSKATING! Some of them are not taking it seriously with the rollerblades.
  • It is interesting that Raven had an experience with catching her ex cheating on her, but yet is going into this experience where she is dating someone who is dating 15 other people. Also this is very aggressive behavior. This stiletto business seems like a big alert.
  • Yes Corinne has said stuff behind people’s back to all of America. ALL OF AMERICA.
  • Taylor pulled the counselor on Corinne.
  • I also think Corinne will be on BIP.
  • UGH Seriously! Why are they keeping the rose ceremonies from me?
  • Also I agree with Alexis about Nicolas Cage. Seriously the worst.

Favorites:  Danielle, Rachel and Vanessa

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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