Feel Good Friday

Who doesn’t love a good Friday? It’s a great day to enjoy the simple things.

Here are some things that I am feeling good about this week.

  1. I have two students that I have been desperately trying to get into my office for the last two months to help them prepare for this semester. Finally, they both had appointments this week and have set up regular appointments!
  2. Most of my shows are back now after their winter hiatus. I am going to take advantage of George’s naps this weekend, and I am going to be a super slug on the couch catching up!
  3. George’s potty training is going really well! I am really proud of him. I will say that the three day method was not all that perfect as some make it out to be, meaning it was not just three days and then poof. However after two weeks, he has only had one or two accidents a day most days, and a couple accident free days. And he has been accident free overnight all week!
  4. I called Verizon today because I noticed that our plan wasn’t correct for this month, and I was able to get a discount applied so our bill is now lower every month.
  5. Tom got to feel the baby kick this week. I think that is always a big moment because so much is happening that I can sense and feel; I like he can be a part of it now. (Not that he wasn’t before, but you know what I mean I hope!)

What’s making you feel good today?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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