My Final Thoughts On The Final (Bachelor) Rose

And so another season has come to an end. I have been guessing Lauren gets the final rose forever! They were the most natural from the beginning.

Here are my thoughts about this final show.

  • I don’t know how I feel about the wedding before they have had a chance to be a real couple. I hope they are just doing this as a bit, and there are no nuptials tonight.
  • What is with the cutoff jean underwear…I mean shorts?
  • I don’t think I ever had these types of conversations with Tom’s family. They get so emotional so fast!
  • I love that Lauren asked for advice on how to support Ben.
  • Ben told JoJo that he is ready to propose…but he still loves both gals.
  • It’s wierding me out that I am now looking at these from the mom’s perspective.
  • “I love them the same”…What?? You can’t love two girls the same.
  • Ok so what bad things did JoJo and Ben go through? Are they saying the family squabble was a bad thing? I don’t get it.
  • After Laurens 1/1 it seems like he is going to pick JoJo.
  • The thought of someone who is too perfect is weird to me. Which I guess is why Ben doesn’t know how to feel about it.
  • Yes JoJo, you do love him more than he loves you because he loves 2 people and you love just one.
  • JoJo in the bathroom..real honest conversation, but what did she expect going on a competition show? You will be competing until the show is over.
  • Ok I’ve switched. I think he will pick JoJo. He seems more open and relaxed around her.
  • Ben looks like he was going to throw up picking out rings…dude you are getting a Neil lane ring for free…
  • Also by the ring I think it is Lauren. Back to #teamlauren
  • Lauren dress is gorgeous…JoJo looks like cotton candy got glitterbombed. I also read that they got to keep these dresses. So there are stylists!
  • Oh no JoJo is first. She is going home.
  • I would throw up if I was JoJo.
  • Ben is adorable when he gets giddy emotional.
  • That is so sweet that he called Lauren’s dad.
  • Lauren’s face was awesome when he said he said he wanted to spend every day waking up to her.
  • JoJo and Ben are so civil. He seems to be handling this whole experience so eloquently. (well besides telling two women he loves them)
  • Ahhhh no wonder JoJo is so civil and kind…she is the next Bachelorette.
  • Well JoJo will find out how hard this process is. You knew she was going to be when Chris started prepping it and she was in the background.
  • Oh I am so glad that they didn’t do the wedding and said they wanted to really date for awhile.
  • Their families are precious.

I am pretty happy with these results. As always, I am looking forward to the next season. I feel like JoJo will have a little bit more drama. Did you know that she had been on a reality show before, and her brother also was on a reality show?

Who wants to come over and watch with me?

6 thoughts on “My Final Thoughts On The Final (Bachelor) Rose

  1. I agree this was Lauren’s season from the beginning. It’s rare that you can spot the clear winner from the get-go, but those two just made sense. The producers definitely tried to make us think he was going to pick JoJo on the final episode though! I think she will make a great Bachelorette and was the most obvious choice. Can’t wait to watch!

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