Bachelor Nick Week 3

Here are my thoughts from this week’s craziness.

  • I think that it was a good move for Nick to be open to the women about the backstory with Liz.
  • However, isn’t Liz similar to how he came back for Kaitlyn? Just saying…
  • I just can’t watch Corinne. It’s great that she is so positive about her body and her sexuality, but I just feel like someday she will be embarrassed by this behavior.
  • I’m glad that Nick said he wanted to slow Corinne down a little.
  • Thank goodness Jasmine interrupted Corinne and Nick.
  • Really Corinne? You have to know that you were not going to be the center of attention the whole time you were in the house right? I think she has some self-esteem issues she needs to address. I feel for her in a way.
  • Is Corinne sleeping through the rose ceremony because she already has a rose?
  • I think my favorite part of this show is seeing all the formal wear. I would wear formal wear every day if it was appropriate (and affordable).
  • Oh Hailey, you are 23. You are still young. Don’t give up girl!
  • Ok I am an N’SYNC girl myself, but I would have loved the Back Street Boys date. I mean come on. I grew up in the 90s.
  • There is a mom dance?
  • Do you think they ever have people who don’t drink on this show?
  • Jasmine is so lucky to be on this date with her dance history.
  • Yes Corinne, you are upset that you are not the center of attention.
  • That is really awkward to have the women standing on the sideline as Danielle and Nick are solo dancing. And then kissing…
  • Am I alone in this, but does Jasmine remind anyone of Gabrielle Union? I think they have a similar voice.
  • I mean, I might be there with Corinne and all the sleeping. This whole thing has to be exhausting.
  • BAHHHHH, I am loving these reactions to Corinne’s nanny. I about fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. But seriously, how does she plan on taking care of someone else?
  • Everything about this…
  • The Zero Gravity plane. How do I get to do that? Tom would freak out if I got this for him.
  • Poor Vanessa. That seems awful to throw up on your first date. That’s the start of something real if he can still kiss her after she puked.
  • BAHHH I would have died to meet Allyson Felix.
  • This track and field date would be so fun.
  • Astrid getting that ring after the dash was so funny to watch.
  • Are they having this cocktail party in a Pier One? I don’t understand the set up of all that furniture and vases.
  • I love how they are supportive of each other getting the confidence and validation from Nick. Its funny, ironic and awesome all at the same time.
  • Yassss! Rachel!
  • What make up are these gals wearing to feel comfortable being around water?
  • This bouncy house scene is ridiculous.
  • Alexis is hilarious. She is that person who says what everyone is thinking.
  • Corinne is NAPPING AGAIN!
  • There is always one episode where everyone dogs on one person.
  • I think that it is fair that Vanessa kind of interrogated Nick. I mean what is he really wanting? She was honest and firm with how she felt. I think she nailed it.
  •  No ABC. You need to cut this crap out with not ending the episode with the rose ceremony.

Favorites:  Rachel and Vanessa

( I am calling it right now that one of them will be the next Bachelorette.)

I also just found these Bachelor Recap with the Ellen Staff. Whattt? I love Andy Z, and now I love Tracy.


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