Bachelor Nick Week 2

And the raunch-fest has begun. Here are my thoughts n this week’s episode and how Nick is doing.

  • What is with having the bridal theme dates? This is not the first time they have done that.
  • Corinne is ready to fight.
  • I think this bridal shoot is forcing these first kisses. And I feel like it ruins that moment of your first kiss.
  • Brittany in the top less outfit, and then Corinne’s response. You could tell she was drunk. That was so uncomfortable.
  • What Nick and Corinne had was not chemistry. It was awkward. And it looked/sounded like Nick was not sure what to do.
  • Of course no one has held your boobs like that. You did it forcefully in front of a large group of people, oh and America.
  • Raven interrupting the kiss. That would throw me off so much, but Raven handled it like a champ. I do love hearing her talk. She has the best accent.
  • Liz’s smile could not be more fake.
  • Why is Corinne mad that Taylor interrupted her back? You have already stole him several times…She is cray cray.
  • Corinne lecturing the group for being there for yourself-She is so drunk…
  • WHY DID NICK GIVE CORINNE THAT ROSE? Maybe he isn’t the Nick we saw in BIP.
  • “I was literally just the Corinne.” WTH.
  • Raven was blunt. “If Nick likes someone who leads with their sexuality, no wonder it’s his fourth time.” Bamm.
  • Christen has a normal reaction when Liz told her about their past. I still don’t know how genuine she [Liz] is.
  • Danielle seems really sweet and normal.
  • Nick is really awkward with Liz.
  • Do people really go to this break up museum? It just seems like a weird social event. [Edit:  My friend just went to Hollywood, and she reported that this is really the only thing to do on Hollywood Blvd. Also it is only $10, so I am sure that is a draw.]
  • Liz was ballsy having that conversation in front of everyone. She was really raw and challenged him.
  • I am loving Christen’s reactions.
  • Why is Liz looking so defensive when Nick approaches her?
  • Liz doesn’t make any sense. I agree with Nick. If she wanted to know more about him, why didn’t she call him?
  • I am glad Nick sent Liz home. I don’t think her motives were completely pure towards a relationship.
  • TO BE CONTINUED…Stop it Bachelor. These should not be allowed.

Favorites:  Christen, Danielle, Vanessa, Raven

Who are your favorites currently?

2 thoughts on “Bachelor Nick Week 2

  1. UGHHHHHH watching this show is torture sometimes. Corinne is so wacky and Liz LOL her face when Nick was dumping her. Glad she is gone, too. The first couple episodes are always horrible, then it usually gets better.

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