Most Popular Posts of 2017

This year the blog took a backseat to our every day life. And while I do miss the writing and sharing, I am not upset that I am being present with my family. I am not leaving this space, but I know that it is not a priority as much as it used to be.


So thank you for coming back to my blog when I do write!

Here are my most popular posts this year.

  1. Baseball Cupcake Holder-I wrote this actually in 2015 for something we made for George’s first birthday. Pinterest has made this post widely popular.
  2. Heyyyy, Hey Baby!-No surprise here. This is when we announced our baby two news.
  3. Oh Hey Friends-I wrote about how it is hard for me to maintain friendships when you have small children.
  4. How We Found Out-I am really trying to keep up with sharing about all things baby. I love that I have all that for George, so I want to make sure I share things like how we realized we were pregnant with number two.
  5. If These Hospital Walls Could Talk-It’s hard to believe that George’s hospital stay was this year. It seems like so much has happened in the time since. This post made me cry all over again.
  6. The Phone Call I Don’t Want-This was a really difficult post to write because of so many things.
  7. Start Spreading the News-I was so excited about this post. I still watch these videos of telling our family we are pregnant again.
  8. Not Every Day is a Good Day-I was really proud of this post. It was giving me permission to not be perfect. “Parenting is beautiful yet messy, complicated yet natural, lovely yet trying, empowering yet terrifying, and oh so humbling.”
  9. Baby 2-Twelve Weeks-Everyone loves a good baby update apparently.
  10. George-22 Months-HIS HAIR! I miss those curls. This is the last update before he turned TWO!

This time of year is a great time to reflect on the year. These are just a glimpse at things that happened, but they were all pretty big moments or realizations for us this year.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing these moments with us!

2 thoughts on “Most Popular Posts of 2017

  1. I look forward to you new posts! It is so hard to make time for it these days. I posted ONCE in November. What the heck? But, you’re right, it is more important to be present with your family instead of thinking…”How can I blog about this? That’s why I am doing more book reviews rather than Jimmie posts. Happy New Year!

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