Baseball Cupcake Holder

I posted about George’s birthday a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to post the tutorial about the cupcake stand using baseball bats. Whoops.

Here is how we made this happen.

We bought a maple softball bat. Regulation wooden baseball bats have black handles, and that was not the look we were going for.

First step is to cut the bat into three somewhat equal pieces. It is a little tricky cutting the bat because it doesn’t lay evenly. It is better to have two people to stabilize while the cutting is happening. We used stacks of washers to level the bat out as much as possible.

0903152138After drilling pilot holes in the ends of the bat, you can screw in the double ended dowels.

0904152112aYou will need three circles out of high grade plywood. They will all be different sizes. We actually used a precut for the bottom largest size. It was a precut lazy susan. We weren’t able to find the other two precut, so Tom cut the other two. For the smallest, he used a circle cutter bit. For the middle circle, he cut it out with a jigsaw. He centered a bolt through the middle, and he put it on his drill press (pictured below) to sand the edges while it was spinning.

0903152114Then Tom painted all the circles white.

0903152114a 0903152125 0903152118Once the painting was done, we just pieced everything together with the dowel screws.

0904152112Tom used a lag bolt on the bottom to hold it together.

0904152116Then I used a paint pen and plates as my stencil to do the stitches.

10429494_10100890813759451_2016854847409029975_nThere you have it. It is perfect for desserts, but I am sure George will find other fun things to put on this stand when the time comes.


I am working on an update on our house to share what we have been up to around here. I am glad to be using our creative juices again! George’s birthday projects really sparked us to get our craft back on.

19 thoughts on “Baseball Cupcake Holder

  1. I need this for my husbands surprise birthday party (so I dont have him to help me make it) Can I buy this one from you???

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  3. My husband and I made this for our grandson’s 6th birthday party “Baseball Birthday Party”.It came out great and everyone loved it. Thank you !!!!!

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