Devotional Review: Intersect

I love stories. Even more, I love connecting to other people’s stories. I have always thought listening to someone else share pieces of who they are, opens my eyes to more of this world, and more of myself too. Often times hearing someone else explain their situation puts words to things I have been feeling but didn’t understand. It’s through stories that we start seeing people’s guts and glory. It’s here that we find that we are all the same.

I was given this devotional study to review, and I must say that I really enjoyed it.


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Intersect is a DVD that has five brief snapshots of five individuals’ lives. Each section hits on a different topic in our walk with the Lord. It talks about what is holding us back and how to move forward.

Along with the DVD is a study guide or question prompt.

Now this study is probably more meant for a group setting, but I was able to glean a lot from it using it as my personal study for a week. Each day focuses on a specific passage and uses the video message to tie it into today’s times. I think we often struggle seeing how the Bible can relate to our world now and brush it off as old news. It allows you to dig a little deeper into the Word but through a contemporary lens.

Each video is about 7 minutes long. You hear a story from an ordinary person and their struggles they faced. I found all the stories to be relevant, and some were things I had grappled with personally. Then Rob or Chris summarize a passage and give you what I like to call a “pep talk” with the Word. Rob and Chris are the creators behind the video and both have pastoral backgrounds. Then you can use the study guide to provoke discussions in your group or for me to journal about on my own.

I think this would be great for Sunday School settings or if you have small groups. I do feel that it may connect more with young adults (20s-30s) with just the layout and some of the content of the stories. I think all in all though, any age group could get some worth out of it.

Here are some key points that I took from the study (paraphrased):

  • Real life isn’t a dream.
  • God can breath new life.
  • Run towards God.
  • In disappointment, we can learn more about ourselves and more about our faith.
  • Sometimes we are the only thing holding ourselves back, and God is the wind behind us pushing us forward.
  • Control is an allusion.

As a bonus, it is based out of London, so all the speakers in the video except Rob have a British accent.

I did receive this study complimentary from Litfuse Publicity Group for my review. These thoughts are my own.

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